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    Project M: Rewriting the Marvel Universe
    • The Marvel Universe has a rich and wonderful history. But there are some things it’s fans are not to fond of. You know, the civil wars and the one more days. Those kind of things. But what if it were all to be rewritten? You interested? Well then, allow me to show you…

      Project M: Rewriting the Marvel Universe

      High-security Dungeon,

      Loki sat in his cell, feeling dejected as usual. After another dramatic battle with Thor, in which his brother hammed it up, as usual, he was back in a cell. It was honestly so boring and repetitive. Break out, fight thor, get thrown back in a cell, wash rinse repeat. Loki wanted to change it up. He wanted to play a new game. Maybe Thor could let him win for a change. No, that wouldn't happen. His brother was such a sore loser. Maybe… ooooh… that might be interesting.

      Maybe he could play the hero for once. But where to do it. He could never measure up against any of Asgard’s monsters. But maybe… Midgard. Surely his brother’s stories of the superheroes of Midgard were an exaggeration. There was no way such an insignificant realm could have such powerful guardians. He smiled. Clearly, there was a need for heroes there, and Loki was happy to oblige.

      The Arctic

      Deep in the Arctic of the Earth, a small team of Hydra Agents is drilling their way through the ice. Why are they drilling, you may ask. To that the answer is simple. They are drilling for the one thing they lack: a leader. They had one long ago. And now they wanted him back.

      It was simpler, in their minds, to spend exorbitant sums of money on an expedition to the Arctic to dig up a madman who was more likely dead than alive to get a leader than simply electing another leader. This isn’t even accounting for the fact that there was no guarantee they’d find the guy in the first place, thus wasting all the money they spent on the expedition as well as the men sent on the expedition because they simply could not return home without what they were looking for. But, to each their own and in spite of, or because of, their cult-like dedication, they actually succeeded.

      They breached the ice at approximately 2:05. An hour later (3:05) they had drilled a big enough hole that they could actually see what was under the ice. And believe it or not it was a red hand. Now a hilarious twist of fate would be that actually being the glove-clad hand of Captain America, but unfortunately, this is not the universe in which hilarious twists of fate happen to the bad guys and the hand was indeed the hand of who they were looking for as Captain America had been dug up 2 years ago.

      “Hey, we found something.” A Hydra Agent called to the drill operator.

      The drill operator turned the drill off and marched over to the hole he had dug. “Could it be?” He asked in wonder. He bent down and brushed the snow away. He gasped. The man’s face was indeed any he had ever seen before. There was no mistaking it.

      “It’s him.” The Hydra agent said. He was unaware of something moving under him “It’s him! The Red Skull shall rise ag- aaahhhkkk!” The agent was cut short by a red hand wrapped around his throat, strangling him.

      “Indeed.” The Red Skull said, tossing aside the Hydra Agent as he stepped out of the pit. “I shall rise.”

      Author’s Note: Hello, hello. Welcome to the prologue where I show off the first two threats of the fic. As you can see my version of Loki is a but more of a manchild who thinks this is all a game and my version of red skull is… exactly as sociopathic as the original. Also he has energy drain powers which is why he choked that Hydra Agent (well, the other reason why he choked that Hydra Agent. The first reason was that, again, he’s a sociopath.). I do not own Marvel and anyone who thinks I do is wrong and also quite gullible.

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    • Chapter 1: Fight as One
      Chapter 1A: Lost From When we Wake

      Steve Roger’s Apartment,

      Knock, knock, knock

      “Come in!” Steve called. “It’s unlocked!” Steve Rogers had been living in an apartment in Brooklyn ever since he had woken up from the ice. He had done his part and gave the allies a fighting chance. With the Red Skull’s bombing plane out of commision on the bottom of the Arctic Ocean, the war had been won. Now he wanted to just sit back and enjoy his retirement.

      The door opened and Steve recognized the heavy footsteps of those boot clad feet. He turned around and saluted the man. “Director Fury!” He said, always one to be formal.

      “At ease Captain Rogers.” Nick Fury said in replied.

      Steve put his hand down at his side. “Not anymore. It’s just Steve now.”

      “Look-” Fury began but steve cut him off.

      “I know what your going to ask me, sir. The answer is no. I’m retired.”

      “I know that Steve. But-”

      “No buts Sir. I’m retired and that is final.”

      “The Red Skull is back.” Fury cut in before Steve could cut him off again.

      Steve was stunned. But the Red Skull was dead, wasn’t he? But then again, so was Steve but he was still alive. “No.” He breathed.

      “Unfortunately, yes.” Fury replied. “I brought something for you.” Fury took something out of the satchel at his side. A round, red, white, and blue something.

      “My shield.” Steve said. He reached out and touched it.

      “So, will you reconsider my offer?”

      “Yes.” Steve said. He reached out and grabbed the shield. The world needed Captain America again, and there was only one man for the job. Captain Steve Rogers was coming out of retirement.

      Chapter 1B: I'm Standing on My Own

      Stark Tower,
      New York

      Anthony “Tony” Stark had not been the same since he was kidnapped by terrorists. He became reclusive, not at all like his former playboy self. There were rumors he was having PTSD. Those rumors were true. But that wasn’t the only reason he was being reclusive. He had a purpose now.

      Up in Stark Tower, he was working on his most ambitious project yet. The Iron Man Armor mark 2. Mark 1 had, of course, been the one he used to escape the terrorists. Tony intended to use that armor to be a hero. To stop what happened to him from happening to others.

      The suit was almost done. Just a few adjustments needed to be made. Minor adjustments that would keep things like, his arms being burned beyond repair, from happening.

      “Mr. Stark you have a visitor.” Pepper Potts, Tony’s secretary, said over the holographic intercom. Pepper had been hired due to her intelligence, intuition, and quickness. Her hiring had nothing to do with Tony fancying her. Not at all.

      “Tell them I’m busy.” Tony replied.

      “Sir, they’re quite persistent-” Pepper was cut off by Nick Fury shoving himself into the hologram.

      “Stark! This is important! Let me up, now!”

      Tony sighed, he had no choice. “Send him up.”

      “Yes sir.” Pepper said.

      Tony connected a few wires and closed a panel on what he was working on. He powered it up. The elevator door opened. Heavy footsteps, like from boots. Tony turned around and aimed his repulsor gauntlet at his guest.

      “Don’t take another step.”

      Nick Fury, director of SHIELD stood calmly in the face of this. “Tony Stark. Put that thing away. I have a job for you. If you’ll accept it.”

      “I already told you Fury, I will! Not! Mass produce! Power suits! for your agents!”

      “I don’t want the power suits. Just you.”

      “What do you want me for.”

      “The Avengers Initiative.”

      Tony was taken aback. The Avengers initiative? He had to be kidding. He wanted him for a team of superheroes that were joining together as part of a failed project from the sixties? Seriously?

      Tony narrowed his eyes. “What’s in it for me?”

      “How about government funding for your next project.” Fury replied, knowing he’d won.

      “Hmmm…” Tony said. He pressed the intercom button. “Pepper, hold my calls and clear my schedule. I have some heroing to do.”

      Here we see some hostilities between Tony Stark and Nick Fury. Tony's going through his "Maybe making weapons is a bad thing" stage so there's at least some justification for hating Fury. He's public as Iron Man, though because keeping a secret identity is hard. Also, here we see the Silver Mark 2 armor instead of the classic red and gold. Also also we get some avengers history. Apparently there was an Avengers Initiative in the sixties that failed.

      Chapter 1C: Too Small to Turn the Tide

      Pym Tech,
      San Francisco

      Bootsteps. Heavy bootsteps. Bootsteps Hank Pym knew well.

      “Who let you in Fury?” Hank asked, not even bothering to look away from the ants he was experimenting with.

      “Your wife, actually.” Fury replied.

      Hank sighed. “Janet.” He said, annoyed.

      His wife walked into the room. Janet Van Dyne, possibly the prettiest person Hank had ever met. And the one he loved the most.

      “Look,” She said, planting a kiss on Hank’s cheek. “I know you two have have had a rocky relationship in the past-”

      “Rocky is an understatement!” Hank replied. “He wanted too much out of me. So I quit.”

      “Yes, I realize that.” Janet said with a sigh. “But he has something really important to say and I think we should hear him out.”

      Hank sighed. He turned around, an impatient expression on his face. “Fine.” He said. “But make it quick.”

      “We need you to become Ant Man again.” Fury said.

      “Nope, nuh-uh, not happening!” Hanks said, making cutting motions with his arms. “Thank you for your time please leave now!”



      “Hank, it’s the Red Skull.”

      “Oh that’s even worse! You want me to fight a Nazi Leader!”

      “Not just you. A team. The Avengers.”

      “No. That is my final answer. I don't care about your Avengers bullcrap. Just get out.”

      Janet went to Hanks side. She had a sympathetic look on her face. Then it changed. It was a determined one. One Hank knew well. She wasn’t going to-

      “I’d like to join the Avengers Initiative!” She said.

      No! She did it!

      Nick fury turned in his heels. “Well then, Welcome aboard, er…”

      “Wasp.” Janet said.

      “Welcome aboard Wasp.”

      Hank has a super surprised look on his face. “Janet? You can’t be serious?”

      “I am, Hank.” Janet replied. “They need someone small. So if you won’t do it I will.”

      Hank sighed. “Fine. I’ll come. But only for scientific support.”

      “Oh good.” Fury said. “Because we really need a level headed scientist.”

      Oh boy. This was going to be hard. And frustrating. So much was going to go down and it was going to be bad. Of that, Hank was sure.

      Apparently Nick Fury is very good at making scientists angry at him. The title of this sub chapter originally referrred to ant-man but since Hank pym wasn't becoming any-man and Wasp's line in the song didn't quite make sense, I instead made this wasps chapter title.

      I'll be updating this one in chunks. The sub chapter titles will be the lyrics of the opening theme for the Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes. Each Lyric refers to a hero that was part of the Avengers roster in that show. For example: Chapter 1A is titled Lost from When we Wake which refers to Captain America, who is recruited in this chapter. Despite doing this I never really got into this show, preferring the more merchandies driven Avengers Assemble. Guess It's just me being a kid. Though, now I have a weird sort of nostalgia for this show. Huh.

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