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    • Cool, a Steven Universe thread. I first watched the show about a week after it came out and didn't think too much of it at the time, so I didn't bother watching past Gem Glow / Laser Light Canon. After about a year or so I was urged to give it another shot (being Canadian and Cartoon Network having a thing against Canada, watching new episodes legit is something of an impossibility for me) and liked it.

      @Setras Your spoiler tags are broken. Thank you for ruining the twist for me. =/

      KIDDING. I saw the episode moments after it aired! But, just, you know, you left your spoilers hanging out.

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      I thought the RQ=PD reveal was okay. I mean, they only have so many ways of doing it, but what I appreciate most about the episode is the show-don't-tell manner in which they explored the character that is Pearl, who has always been somewhat of a mystery. I mean, before this we knew she had loved Rose, but now we can see that it was also kind of unhealthy and that Rose-Diamond took advantage of that sometimes (see: her coercing Pearl to go through with the plan) and tended to disregard her feelings before acting ("She can't have a BABY!? What will I do when she disappears!?").

      I think we're only now just beginning to get insight into Pearl and I look forward to exploring her as a character more. That said, I think the next fusion with Steven will be with Garnet after they settle the fallout from this big revelation. I'm also curious to see if PD's 'No one can know' order still holds up after Steven leaked it.
    • Jason wrote:

      And they're not dropping this at the end of the show, they're dropping it in the middle.

      I wasn't referring to the 11th hour of the show, just the Pink Diamond mystery specifically. Again, the reveal hinged on a detail we have never been made privy to that was only revealed at the very end to solve the mystery, and that's just bad writing if you're trying to leave a breadcrumb trail. Having only a few scenes of Gemstones shifting position would have neatly closed that hole, but again, we were always shown the opposite, so the "twist" basically itself hinges on a twist, and that's not really very satisfying.

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      While this is definitely true, this new context gets me excited about multiple rewatchings. Pearl isn't the defector, Rose is. This explains why Pearl is so organized and devoted if she's supposedly defective; she isn't. This has been a long-running mystery of the show ("What's so broken about Pearl if all she talks about is organizing and servitude?") and it's nice to see it end up in a logical place. So I don't think this ruins the dynamic of Rose and Pearl at all, if anything it reaffirms what was one of the main pieces of evidence that Rose was a diamond in the first place: Pearl's strange, unwavering loyalty, bordering on obsession, to Rose.

      Eh, I don't know. To me, this revelation suddenly gives Pearl's loyalty a gross undertone to it rather than enhancing their dynamic. To me, she was a lot stronger going against her station than perpetuating it.

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      In my opinion, they really should have went with another route that was staring everybody in the face arguably even more than Rose being Pink Diamond, that one being that our Pearl belonged to White Diamond, and shattered Pink on her orders (likely for similar reason as given in the show, i.e. her love of organics) and took on Rose's shape to avoid suspicion. This would've nicely tied everything together- Pearl's Gem placement and color would match, it'd explain why White is so theoretically important and yet constantly staying out of sight (in the Trial especially), it would've been a lot more consistent with Blue Zircon's findings, it would've really driven home that White is not someone to mess with, it would've nicely explained Pearl's defection- the list goes on. And thematically, it would have ended up with Steven- someone who has spent his whole life without his mother and in her shadow until he fought his way out, going up against essentially a "mother" who destroyed her own "daughter".

      I think it would've turned out a lot stronger than what we got.

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      Really, this ruins the dynamic between Rose and everyone except Pearl. The characters have never acted stupid or oblivious, but if Rose managed to keep this under their noses for five thousand years that definitely changes what I thought of their collective perceptiveness. For literally the entirety of the show, we've been under the assumption that all of the Crystal Gems know everything about Steven's past and are keeping it from him. But that wasn't true, and now puts Garnet and Amethyst in with Steven as "clueless children" metaphors.

      Well, to their credit, Rose looked the part of a Quartz soldier right down to her Gem's face (as we saw in "That Will Be All") so unless she was poofed at some point (which we are never given any indication that she was), they'd have no reason to doubt her nor way of knowing otherwise.
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      So I just watched 3 gems and a baby. During the episode pearl says something along the line of "She wanted this so much" when she was about to try to pull the gem out of Steven. So while she might have been worried about hurting Steven, we now know that, if Rose did reform she probably would have been able to just heal Steven before there was and permanent damage done. So maybe when she said that she meant Rose wanted to keep the information that she was Pink Diamond a secret. Just an idea.

      Also Lapis's song is so good! I'm sad that lapis fled though. I hope she comes back soon, but we'll probably have to wait a while.

      And lastly I know some people are mad about the RQ=PD, but really Steven Universe is the kind of show where everything is so planned and amazing it was just pure amazement when I found out.
    • ^

      ...They explained Lion. "Buddy's Book" indicated that Rose had a pack of (at least) seven tame lions, and "Lars' Head" established that (pretty sure this is common knowledge now, but just in case) Rose could resurrect the dead, as Steven did for Lars. They even have access to the same pocket dimension.

      Though granted, it does need to be explained why Rose only apparently did this once. There should be hordes of pink people and animals running around if she really cared for organics to that degree and had that power.
    • My thoughts on the StevenBomb:

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      Now We’re Only Falling Apart
      • I love how this episode takes place right after the reveal, like to humanize Pink’s actions.
      • It’s really clever how in the ending, it’s the Answer from Pearl’s perspective.

      What’s Your Problem?
      • Amethyst really is the most mature out of the Crystal Gems. She’s trying to comfort Steven while the other gems break down in front of him, making him feel burdened.
      • Amethyst’s smol form tho
      • That pizza almost made me lose my appetite for pizza.
      • Steven and Amethyst’s relationship is so heartwarming, they’re basically siblings.

      The Question
      • Is it just me or is Ruby the cutest in this episode?
      • I wonder how Greg took it so lightly, is it for the same reason as Amethyst (they weren’t there)?
      • This ol’ Ruby Rider
      • Ruby’s proposal is one of the best scenes in the entire show. Yes, show.

      Made of Honor
      • I know all of us who saw the leaks saw it coming, but the scene where Steven goes to the Burning Room to unbubble Bismuth is so powerful.
      • So the monster we see in Gem Hunt and Crack the Whip was Biggs Jasper?
      • More Bismuth puns! I’m not sure whether to feel happy or sad or both.
      • That scene in the Forge was the best in this episode.
      • Ruby, Sapphire, Pearl, and Bismuth were so adorable in the ending.
      • The new song is now in my Top 5 SU songs.
      • It’s a nice touch how Greg plays Stronger Than You on guitar.
      • Ruby and Sapphire’s speeches were so heartwarming.
      • This’ll go down in cartoon history, since it’s the first lesbian wedding.
      • I’m glad the Cluster was involved in this episode. I felt like Gem Drill was sorta anti-climatic, so it’s nice to see the Cluster have proper closure.
      • I now like Lapis again. I felt like she never had enough character development, but here, she’s facing her fears head-on, and even becomes a proper Crystal Gem. She even uses her depression as a power against Blue Diamond.
      • That group shot with the Crystal Gems tho
      • Since Peri and Lapis got poofed, does that mean they’ll reform with stars?
      • The way Yellow and Blue realize that Steven/Rose is Pink was a powerful scene.

      And a Bonus Theory!
      So you know how in the promo, Blue says that they thought that every single gem was obliterated? This assumes that she doesn’t know about corruption. As we know, the Diamond launched the Corruption attack, and Rose reflected it with her shield. So here’s my theory:
      What if, the Diamonds meant to shatter every gem, but Rose’s shield’s reflection caused them to become corrupted instead?

      Here’s what I think the Diamonds’ powers are, as we see in the show.

      White = Gemstone
      Yellow = Physical Form
      Blue = Emotional Form
      Pink = Mental Form

      White, Yellow, and Blue’s powers were enough to shatter a gem, but if we add Pink, it looks like they become corrupted. Maybe that’s why Rose wanted to cure corruption so much? Not only because she wanted to save her allies, but also because she felt like it was her fault?

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    • This bomb was exactly what I needed to get back into the show. I still think the big twist was unnecessary and poorly executed, but "Now We're Only Falling Apart" went a long way toward addressing the issues that came with it, and each subsequent episode kept the momentum going.

      I'm slightly worried about how the Diamonds will be handled, though. Right now, it seems like Blue and Yellow are being given a bit of a redemption arc, with White presumably serving as our final boss. And while I don't hate that, well, they and by extension all of Gemkind have still destroyed many planets and life forms over their history, and sweeping that under the rug would be a bit much. Hopefully we'll get a nuanced response to that.
    • SU Headcanon (Reunited Spoilers!)

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      What if the reason we never see White Diamond is because she only exists in the astral plane seen in Reunited? It looks like only Diamonds can get into the astral plane, and when Steven tries to tell the truth, Blue and Yellow know he's there and immediately attack him.

      Maybe White Diamond exists in the astral plane, and barely anybody hears from her. Maybe she's not a leader of government like Yellow, Blue, and Pink, but rather the gem overseer, the one who's organizing everything. Maybe she only gets out if the situation calls for it, like the Diamond Attack.
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      Honestly I loved the new episodes, and I want to see more from the diamonds. I don't think they'll be redeemed in the traditional sense - I mean they were trying to fucking shatter everything on Earth and really I think they only care about Pink and by extension, Steven. While I don't think that will make them good guys per see, I do think it makes them allies since their main interest line up quite nicely with the Crystal Gems even if their motivations are completely different.

      Even if the diamonds don't care if the gems were corrupted (I think Blue might), the fact Steven/Pink does and would ask for help would cause them to try to fix the problem. Because I don't think they want to push away Pink again. So they're going to listen to her this time around. Like I think if they realize the full extent of their actions, it's going to take a LONG time. And I think reworking Homeworld society would take even longer. But I really enjoy how the show takes its time to go through things.

      Also yessss to Lapis being back.

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    • @Twilit,

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      I doubt it. The Diamonds are, at bottom, Gems just like their subjects, and Gems consist of a hardlight hologram emanating from a physical Gemstone. There's no real reason to assume White is any different, especially after we see her physical arm in "Your Mother and Mine."

      Besides, the place where Steven talked with the Diamonds was more of a representation of the subconscious than an actual "astral plane". It's just like when he spoke with Lapis in "Chile Tid"- they weren't actually talking in a sitcom dimension or the hidden domain of Dogcopter, their minds were simply linked together and using Steven's dreams to provide a backdrop (until Malachite's consciousness overrided them, of course, but even then, the locale was more illustrative than literal).
    • @_Twilit_

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      That's a interesting take on the power of each Diamond, and is quite close to what a friend and I were thinking, but with a little change to Pink and White. We were thinking:

      White = Mind
      Yellow = Physical
      Blue = Emotions
      Pink = Soul (or whatever is the gem equivalent)

      This being why the obliteration strike failed. White was able to destroy them mentally, Yellow poofed them, and Blue caused their emotions to go haywire, but like Pink wasn't there, the "soul" couldn't be destroy. This would mean that the being that is the gem, that being is still there, they weren't fully destroyed. But because of the damage caused by White and Blue they cannot reshape normally, and so they take this more moustrous and feral state. Which would lead to what we know as corruption.