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    Creator of the Month - Realmwings

    • R E A L M \ W I N G S

      Congratulations to our June Creator of the Month!

      You may recognize the user Realmwings, since it just so happens that he was our ZU'er of the month for May! We believe his hard work and dedication to bettering his craft should be honored. For those who may not know, Realm specializes in making logos of all different types and subjects. His work is quite original, creating flags, symbols, avatars, sigs, and all other types of digital work. His style is quite clean and distincitve, and since he has made his art thread his work just keeps improving. Everytime I see a new post of his I get excited to see the next thing he has come up with, and I am really impressed with the technical finesse he puts into all of his work. And I LOVE his Zelda concepts! Aside from logos, Realm also experiments with drawings, which you can also find in his art thread. Overall, he is a dedicated creator, also giving his opinions and being open to collaborating and making imagery for other members. If you want to see his awesome thread, click here!

      Keep up the great work @RealmWings We love watching you create!

      So remember, this month is all about asking Realm about his work and process and getting to know him a little more personally. I know I have some questions about how he approaches his art. <3

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    • Congrats Realm! You make some really great stuff and are a great graphic artist. Your great talent is why I wanted you to do the art for our newbie chat and why I've waited as long as I have for it to be done. I'm super looking forward to that btw. I hope you enjoy your month here cause you deserve it!

      Also @Lady Sunshine the thread title doesn't say RealmWings.

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    • Oh my god!!! You guys are too much! This is such an honor, and I really can't properly express just how meaningful this is to me, that other people enjoy my art. Recently I've been feeling a little apathetic towards everything, and a little meaningless, but this community honestly is one of my biggest motivators to just keep pushing myself, not just in art but in academics and in just not feeling hopeless. I hope to improve my art skills here for some time to come!

      By the way, Tru, you won't be disappointed! Though this is by far the longest and most complicated thing I've ever done, I'm finally feeling like it's coming together in a way I am proud of.
    • 1) About four years, I basically started in earnest in fifth grade.

      2) I love paintings, particularly more classical ones, I think they're really interesting to look at.

      3) I really like, regardless of medium, minimalism, since I think it's really interesting to try to reduce things down to their most basic and critical elements.

      4) Usually I'll just sketch with a pencil to find things/ideas I like, before fleshing them out digitally.