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    • Welcome to the Creators Index!

      This is a thread for all of you creative types to make a profile letting us know what you do, leave us a link us to your thread (as well as any other places you post), and post your info if you take commissions, requests, trades or anything else of the sort so people can contact you!

      Some ideas of what to put in your profile:
      • A short introduction
      • Links to where you post
      • Your commission/request/trade/etc status
      • Some samples of your work
      • Your rates, & how best to contact you!
      If you like, you can copy and paste this template! It's a little easier to edit if you click the little square icon at the top left of the textbox and back again to switch between WYSIWYG and raw text editing.
      Post Template

      Source Code

      1. [center](Introduction)
      2. [url=(Link 1)](link text)[/url] | [url=(Link 2)](link text)[/url] | etc
      3. [/center]
      4. [b][size=18]Status[/size][/b]
      5. [table]
      6. [tr] [td]Requests[/td] [td] **STATUS HERE** [/td][/tr]
      7. [tr] [td]Commissions[/td] [td] **STATUS HERE** [/td][/tr]
      8. [tr] [td]Trades[/td] [td] **STATUS HERE** [/td][/tr]
      9. [tr] [td]Collaborations[/td] [td] **STATUS HERE** [/td][/tr]
      10. [tr] [td]Gifts[/td] [td] **STATUS HERE** [/td][/tr]
      11. [/table]
      12. [b][size=18]Samples[/size][/b]
      13. [spoiler=My Work!]Cool creations here![/spoiler]
      14. [b][size=18]Rates[/size][/b]
      15. (I recommend using a table here, such as:)
      16. [table]
      17. [tr] [td][b]Type[/b][/td] [td][b]Price[/b][/td] [td][b]Slots[/b][/td]
      18. [/tr]
      19. [tr] [td]Sketch[/td] [td]£20-£30[/td] [td]2/5 Filled[/td]
      20. [/tr]
      21. [tr] [td]Colour[/td] [td]£30-£40[/td] [td]1/2 Filled[/td][/tr]
      22. [/table]
      23. [b][size=18]Contact[/size][/b]
      24. (if you list your email here, make sure to write the @ as an [at] so you dont get spam! like: handle[at]website[dot]com)
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      Status Key:
      Open | Closed | On Hold | Ask Me | Friends Only | I don't do them!

      Code for copy & paste:
      [color=#CC1DA5][b]On Hold[/b][/color]
      [color=#FF8C00][b]Ask Me[/b][/color]
      [color=#00FFFF][b]Friends Only[/b][/color]
      [b]I don't do them![/b]

      Also just a little bonus, if you've never taken commissions before or aren't sure how best to price them, here's an old guide I wrote! It's focused on visual media, but it'll work no matter what you do ^w^
      How to price your commissions
      First and foremost, no matter what your target is, you shouldn't charge less than the minimum wage! Your time is valuable, you are worth so much more than pennies! Look up the minimum wage in your country, and don't go below that.

      1. Set a monthly target.

      How much do you want to earn in a month? Lets say you want to earn £800. Base this on your bills and living expenses, things you’re saving up for, etc.
      With there being about four weeks in a month, that means each week you want to earn roughly £200.

      (monthly target) / (four weeks) = [Weekly Target]
      £800 / 4 = £200

      2. Determine how much time you are going to devote to commissions per week

      Studies have shown our productivity is at its best when we work for 6 hours a day at most, after the 6th hour we start to lose energy and get sloppy. So! I would recommend working for at most 30 hours a week if this is your main source of income, 6 hours a day for 5 days.

      But if you have another job, I'd decide on how many hours you want to work based on that and go from there. You can find your daily hours with this formula:

      (hours per week) / (5 days) = [Daily Hours]

      For this example, I'll be using 20 hours to keep the maths simple! So our daily hours would be 4 hours a day. I recommend dividing these hours up using the pomodoro technique :^)

      Remember to give yourself time off! It's easy to fall into the crunch mindset - but it's incredibly unhealthy and winds up with you getting ill from stress and overwork. Look after yourself :heart:

      3. Calculate your hourly rate

      To earn £200 in 20 hours, you need to earn £10 an hour.

      (weekly target) / (number of hours) = [Hourly Rate]
      £200 / 20hrs = £10

      4. Calculate how long you spend working on a piece.

      this includes time spent researching, anything like getting used to a character’s design to finding references is labour that the commissioner is paying for, not just the final piece!
      If you’re a digital artist, you can use Cash Clock to help with this!
      it will track how long you are focused on windows you choose, and stop counting if you’re idle for a set amount of time. It’ll also do the next step for you.

      for this example lets say you spent roughly two hours researching, doing practice sketches, etc., and then 6 hours on the final piece. (8 hours total)

      5. Calculate your price quote

      (hourly rate) x (time spent) = [price per commission]

      (monthly target) / (price per commission) = [number of commissions]

      for our example this is £10 x 8 hours = £80 per commission.
      to reach the goal of £800 a month thats 10 commissions a month!

      Do this for each type of commission you offer! Lets say a sketch takes you an hour of research + 3 hours of drawing. That’s £40 a piece (16 sketches to reach your goal). Knowing how many commissions you need to take to reach your quota helps you decide on how many slots you should have


      - when you finish timing yourself working, add on an extra hour so you have some buffer time to polish and fix things. You'll almost certainly be working on characters you are unfamiliar with, sometimes with minimal references, and you’re likely to be spending longer on your paid work - so account for that!

      - You ever notice how your first few doodles aren’t as good as what you draw after you’ve scrapped a few?
      Keep that momentum, when you’ve finished sketching a piece, even if it’s not a sketch commission stop and continue on to sketch a different commission. Get into a flow of doing batches of work in stages and you'll create more consistent, quality work :^)

      - don’t be afraid to ask for tips!
      Why not include a link to your or Some people might not be able to commission you, but they might still have some money to spare and want to support you anyway!

      And that's it! Feel free to add as much or as little information to your profile as you like :^)

      Blog | Twitter | Art Thread
      this post was brought you by a 100% authentic human being and definitely NOT a bear

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    • Hello! I'm Harrie, I create all kinds of things from 2d art to 3d models! I love trying something new so I'm always exploring new medias ^w^


      RequestsI don't do them!
      CommissionsOn Hold
      TradesFriends Only
      CollaborationsAsk Me

      My Work!
      Pixel Art (Gif warning!)

      28x28 Roll20 Icons:

      Full sprites:

      Some little friends:

      SketchTBDOn hold
      ColourTBDOn hold
      Pixel ArtTBDOn hold
      3DTBDOn hold

      I'm opening commissions up again very soon, so keep an eye out if you're interested! ^w^


      The best way to contact me is harriescom[at]gmail[dot]com, but you can also PM me on here! You can also message me on tumblr or twitter, but if it's about work neither is super archival so you're better off emailing me!

      Blog | Twitter | Art Thread
      this post was brought you by a 100% authentic human being and definitely NOT a bear

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    • Hi! I'm Sami Nornal! I'm mostly a writer, but I've been trying to get into drawing and other mediums lately. At some point I do want to improve enough I could do commissions, but I'm not really there yet : P
      |Short Story Thread|

      Requests Don't Do Them
      CommissionsDon't Do Them
      TradesDon't Do Them
      CollaborationsDon't Do Them
      GiftsDon't Do Them



      I can be contacted here, on Discord as sam.nornal#5764, on my Tumblr blog MostlyNornal, here on ZU, or at my email address sam.nornal[at]gmail[dot]com. I don't do commissions or anything like that yet, but if I do, email's probably the best way to go about contacting me.
    • Oh hey folks. I'm Foo, an amateur game designer and developer.

      I used to do game development in a somewhat official capacity here on ZU as a community leader and member of the "Mail-Order Brides", the group charged with developing and overseeing Mafia events in ZU community central section. Despite that, I've never really inhabited a community of artists before - and I'm old and untrendy - so I don't have blogs or twitters to share. A lot of my design work ends up scribbled in notebooks never to be seen again.

      Mostly, I'm happy to widdle away on my projects without much feedback or discourse. I do like to see my games played, but it's not a critical part of my process by any means. I'm excited, though, about the opportunity for collaboration this new section presents, which is why I'm hanging out. Hope to see you around!


      CommissionsI don't do them!
      TradesAsk Me
      GiftsAsk Me

      By and large, I've become active in this section hoping to join in on some larger projects so I'm definitely looking for collaboration. Beyond that, I'm always happy to consult on your in-progress game design - I've got a lot of experience in that area. I don't know what "trading" or "gifting" design work really looks like, but if you have something in mind I'm almost certainly game.


      You can check out Mafia XV (hub, game thread) to see me at my most ambitious. That was a 25 player game played over the course of 2 weeks here on ZU in the summer of 2015. It encompassed about 4000 posts (close to 300 a day) across about 15 different discussion threads with regular timed events every 12 hours at maximum. It was hell, at the time, but I'm quite proud of the design work even if it was ultimately a less thrilling event than some of my other games.

      You can find homebrew work I've done for 5e Dungeons and Dragons on the local DnD form (Here's a class concept! Here's some crunch!). My current project is a Zelda-themed Magic: the Gathering set design which is about 3/4 finished. Should be wrapping up in the next week or so.


      Due to my current life circumstances, you legally couldn't pay me for work even if you wanted to. ^^


      PM is best! I'm also on a number of ZU related chat services and I actually try to answer DMs faster than PMs so you can hit me up on discord or Slack if we share a server.
      Although postsocratics like St. Augustine and Judith Butler explored a diverse set of ethical and metaphysical ideas, their unifying feature as a movement was a principled refusal to speculate upon which of the four elements the world was made out of.

      boxes is the best human and I am going to get her a kitten or 2 kittens

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    • Hiya! It's me, Realm! Wait, you don't know who I am? Allow me to explain. Besides art, I do a fair bit of writing. I do mainly fiction, being some short stories and longer works. I do, however, do some nonfiction. I enjoy debating politics and movies. Art wise, I do mainly graphic design-y stuff. I do flags and logos, and I'll also make sigs and avatars!

      RequestsWhenever you want!
      CommisionsI don't do them
      TradesIf you'd like! I don't need you to do that for me, though.
      CollabsPM me!

      *Im somewhat unsure of what these mean, but I'd be happy to try them out!


      My writing thread (not much here): here
      My design thread: here

      I only do free stuff

      Contact Me
      A good ol' PM will do the trick!

      BI Banner by the wonderful TruEdge67!
      Join today! All welcome!

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    • Hi, I'm EzloSpirit, though most people around these parts (or otherwise "in the know") call me Ezlo. My friends call me Eden, seeing as that's my name. Aaaaaaaaanyway, I write stuff, primarily short fiction. I've dabbled in a wide variety of genres since 2008, over the course of which I've published more than twenty short stories to the Web. I love writing speculative fiction—sci-fi, fantasy, and supernatural stuff—the most, as that's what I enjoy reading the most, but I have expanded my horizons over time. I very, very rarely write fan fiction; the only one I've ever finished was a short, three-part Pokémon M/M slash fic—exclusively available on my blog, though you'll have to search for "Green x Red," since it's not listed anywhere because only a very small part of me is proud of that story—that I started while bored in AP Statistics my last year of high school. I also do not write long-form fiction at this time; I've started 30+ novels since 2007, and the most chapters I've ever written of one is nine, and that was an outlier. (The median is about four.)

      I've been active in ZU's writing-related boards—Art & Writing > Writing > Creative Corner—for almost ten years, and I was one of the "Muses" (teachers/mentors/senpai) when we had a Writing School forum in 2011(?). I currently oversee the current incarnation of the Creative Corner as one of its moderators. What I'm trying to say here is that if you have any questions or concerns about the Creative Corner, I welcome anyhatemailthing you'd like to ask or share! And if you have any questions about writing, or if you want me to look over something for you, please don't hesitate to ask. (I will warn you that my ability to follow through hinges on my availability.)

      Short Stories thread
      Blog (Tumblr)
      Web Portal (Tumblr) (includes master list of my short stories)
      "Duck Season"

      RequestsI don't do them!
      Commissions Open
      TradesI don't do them!
      CollaborationsAsk Me
      GiftsAsk Me

      I've never taken commissions before, but I've been considering getting into them for a while. Seeing as I'll have some spare time this summer, why not start now! Anyway, for now, I'll have different rates on a case-by-case basis until I know what I'm doing. Sorry I can't be more upfront yet!

      You can contact me on ZU, Tumblr (ezlospirit), or via email (ezlospirit[at]gmail[dot]com), though if you use either of the latter two, please mention you're from ZU. (ZU and email are your best bets.)
    • Hey I'm Ruki and I'm pretty much a writer. For those who are more familiar with me and who I am know that I actually do write for a living as a reporter at a small town newspaper. I'm mostly active in the RPG - especially the Dungeons and Dragons board - but I've been trying to get more active around here as of late. The major two stories (which are in my signature) that are on here are The Time Lost which I've been co-writing with Shrub which is a Zelda fan fiction taking place during the seven years Link is asleep in Ocarina of Time. In that the Agni family and the events which surround them is my writing. I'm also writing a Digimon Tamers AU titled "The Rumors We Believe" which plays with the idea of rumors coming to life.

      I'm mostly interested and well known for fantasy type stories, as well as urban fantasy and mythology. I love the idea of exploring concepts and ideas, as well as playing with different tropes.

      Mostly I write fan fiction it seems - though that's because I get so wrapped up the creation of my original worlds it's easier to simply write when I have a base to go off on. When I'm not doing that, I'm roleplaying or pecking away at the Dungeon and Dragon's world I'm creating.

      RequestsAsk Me
      CommissionsAsk Me
      TradesFriends Only
      GiftsFriends Only

      My Work!
      Work Examples:
      Just a drill: First responders train for active shooter at Medina High School
      Fear of the unknown: Immigrants have long faced challenges in the United States
      Twenty-one Shelby landowners sue town over ‘a violation of rights’
      Remembering the Spanish Flu 100 years after outbreak

      Ruki's Lair - My tumblr where I post pretty much post my Digimon fan fictions. It's pretty sparse right now.
      Enchanted Discussion - A discussion for my DnD campaign which is pretty much a work in progress, but you can see my world building in work.


      I have never been covered for a commission for writing before that isn't me being paid hourly for work, but for anyone who commissions me, we'll work out what would be a fair price after we talk about it.

      You can either contact me on here or at mediefenbach[at]hotmail[dot]com.

      :heart: Rinn “Arwyn” Nailo drawn by Liah :heart:
      Rakshael: if I know one thing about Ruki, it's that she'll prove you wrong just for the sake of saying she did it
      Characters | The Time Lost | The Rumors We Believe | Ruki's Reviews
    • Hey, I'm Thal1989, also known on other sites by the name Dragonrand100. I mainly enjoy writing, drama, and making soundscape videos (although, life has drawn me away from that a bit, and I'm focusing on just one project at the moment).

      I am trying to get into Voice Acting and hope to get into a role on a Zelda fan project. However, my own project is taking priority at the moment, and it has been very time consuming. I'm currently converting my 430, 000 word novelisaiton of Ocarina of Time into an audiobook, with the help of a cast of voice actors.

      Rquests: Don't do them.

      Comissions: Don't do them.

      Trades: Don't do them.

      Collaborations: Don't do them.

      Gifts: Don't do them.


      Soundscapes: DragonRand100

      Fan project profile: DragonRand100 Audiobooks

      Author profile:


      I don't usually do paid projects.


      You can contact me on Discord (DragonRand100#3598)
      "This is the tale of an ancient land of lush forests and verdant meadows. A land blessed by the Goddesses where the powers of light and shadow exist in perfect balance. This is the story of the kingdom of Hyrule, of a king who sought to control the power of the gods, and of a boy without a fairy. A boy whose struggle against the shadow became a legend, riding upon the Winds of Time..."

      A novelization of The Legend of Zelda- Ocarina of Time (Complete & Revised)

      Click here for the audiobook edition.

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    • I'm Violetlight, both here and on my main writing site, (yes, I know). I usually write fanfiction, but I've been attempting to begin work on an original science fiction story, using my old Star Wars fanfics as a scaffolding. It's a work in progress. I went on a bit of a hiatus when my son was born (babies are MAJOR timesinks!), but I've been slowly but surely trying to get back into it.


      RequestsAsk Me
      CommissionsAsk Me
      TradesAsk Me
      CollaborationsAsk Me
      GiftsAsk Me


      My Work!
      Zelda's Redemption - my ongoing BotW story, and my first attempt at fan fiction since my son's birth.

      The Staircase Leading Up - an original story, and my first published work! Now that the rights have reverted back to me, I'm considering self-publishing it on Amazon.

      My Page - if you'd like to see examples of my other fics/fandoms.


      I've never been paid for fan fiction (and I'm pretty sure it borders on illegal unless it's for personal use), so I don't really know what to put here, but I can work something out.

      For original fiction, PM me.

      I'm also an aspiring Editor with years of experience (including a small press urban fantasy anthology!). I'll edit or "beta read" fan fiction for free. For original fiction, or other genres like academic or business editing, again, PM me!


      PM me!

      BotW Zelda in her purple Hylian Gear, by my husband, D4rkSilver

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    • Hello everyone! I'm Lady Sunshine, and I'm a photographer specializing in surreal and conceptual work. I also shoot weddings and love Iphone landscape photography.
      I graduated with a BFA and an MPS in Digital Photography, and am a Canon shooter. I do also love film shooting and know 35mm cameras and darkroom techniques.
      Aside from photography, I dabble a little in drawing and painting for fun.

      I've also been a musician for 20+ years, and was in a music conservatory for Opera singing before I decided to drop out XD
      I play piano and am working on making a separate music thread here on ZU, and once that's completed I will update this post
      with more information about that. Now that I've posted a professional resume.... -___-


      RequestsAsk Me
      GiftsAsk Me



      I have commissioned work for the last two years, but since the works are so varied, so are my commission prices.
      I also sell pieces directly, so if you do see anything you like on my art page here on ZU or through my other social media accounts, please feel free to contact me about them.
      I mostly do digital photograph prints, though I also take commissions for special lightbox pieces, and those would be discussed privately.


      You can always PM me!

      My e-mail address for ZU-related activities is missykitty116[at]gmail[dot]com

      I also have an Instagram account where you can view all of my landscapes :)

      And here is the link to my art page here on ZU.

      "Defense against the dark farts, am I right?" -Pennington
      | This spot reserved for Dark Link Reigns |

      Hi all, I am >:3 a varied artist doing masterpieces ranging from traditional sketches/drawings, handcraft making, cosplay prop making, digital illustration and 2D animation (in GIF form), 3D modelling, photography and sometimes poetry. My last community artwork was for a Metal Gear Solid Christmas Event several years ago and after that I slowed down on creativity production due to other commitments irl. Other than that, I participate in cosplay events and anime conventions. Nowadays I still draw sometimes if I can find the time and mood to do so.

      My creative threads in ZU:
      Community Project: ZU Members Adventures | Oh noes, what is this | ZUers faces: doodle etc. | Avatar and Signatures made by me, etc | !? total expression of mind and heart

      Other places:
      Artwork, photography, 3D art

      RequestsOn Hold
      CommissionsAsk Me
      TradesAsk Me
      CollaborationsAsk Me
      GiftsAsk Me


      Depends on the complexity of the request.

      Just PM me in ZU or on my Page (link above).
    • Hi! I'm Chibi and I'm an anime style character artist. Most of the stuff I do is commission work for people's Dungeons & Dragons characters but I also used to do a lot of RP characters and OCs that people create.
      At the moment I focus on doing digital art but I can also create custom stickers and magnets of some of the character work I do. Soon I'll be offering custom character / tarot cards and pins, but those are still in the prototype stage. Fun times ahead!

      Art Thread

      BespokeCC | Facebook | Tumblr | Instagram | DeviantArt | Twitter


      RequestsFriends Only
      CommissionsAsk Me
      TradesI don't do them!
      CollaborationsI don't do them!
      GiftsFriends Only


      My Work!

      Mini Chibi


      Anime Half Body

      Anime Full Body

      Concept Art Half Body

      Concept Art Full Body

      Prices are subject to change depending on complexity but these are my current base prices.

      Mini Chibi$25 AUD
      Chibi$30 AUD
      Anime Half Body$75 AUD
      Anime Full Body$125 AUD
      Concept Art Half Body$170 AUD
      Concept Art Full Body$225 AUD


      Send me an email or contact me through any of my social media linked at the top of the post :)
      Email: hitokirichibi[at]bespokecc[dot]

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    • Hi! I'm pyu, and i'm a student animator and (mostly) fanartist! I love drawing about The Legend of Zelda, Fire Emblem, sometimes Marvel (i love silk) and more nintendo stuff. I also love drawing about The Dragon Prince! I'm currently working on a botw comic for a uni assignement which i'll hopefully expand on after turning it in! It's about a BOTW au and follows the adventures of Link and my ocs!
      Twitter | Instagram


      Requests CLOSED
      Commissions CLOSED / Might reopen soon
      Trades CLOSED
      Collaborations CLOSED
      Gifts Only for friends!



      Any social media is ok!! But i'm also avaiable at pyucommissions[at]gmail[dot]com !!
    • Hello there! I'm Mr. Dreamcast. I am a writer and a voice actor. I mostly write stories in one multiverse but I do occasionally write one offs when I get in the mood. I'm also a voice actor who mainly works on Casting Call Club, but I'd love to help people on here who needs a voice or two in their projects. I am currently working on a bunch of roles for different casting calls, and also writing short stories for my thread which are linked below.
      My Casting Call Page | My Short Stories Thread


      RequestsFriends Only
      CommissionsAsk Me
      TradesI don't do them!
      CollaborationsAsk Me
      GiftsAsk Me


      Some Stuff I Voice(d) as
      Voice of Ralsei and Kid Asriel for Clockwork Comic TV:

      Voice of Chester for StelerSteel's Dubbed Shovel Knight: Shovel of Hope:



      Voice Work
      Depends on the work. DM me.


      If you need to contact me for writing, please use either my Discord name: Mr. Dreamcast#0650 , the PMs here, or my email: thedjgamers4[at]gmail[dot]com

      If you need to contact me for voice work, please use the methods above and my Casting Call page: (linked above)
      Hello there! I'm Mr. Dreamcast, an aspiring voice actor. If you need to contact me, use my Discord: Mr. Dreamcast#0650, and my twitter: