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    Which of the three CD-i Zelda games is your favorite?
    • Okami Takahashi wrote:

      Edit: The Multiquote feature flubbed up for this post. Part of Evran's quote is outside its quotebox as if I wrote it myself.

      {Twi} wrote:

      I actually thought of an idea a while ago to rework the CDi games into regular 2D Zeldas, and retool the story to be more serious.
      Easily Wand of Gamelon. That game has a real plot and the setting is actually pretty interesting. I'm planning to write a novelization of that game, some day, eventually. Faces of Evil is kind of dull in comparison. I like the idea of Koridai within the larger setting of Hyrule and the Light World, but for an entire game, it leaves a lot to be desired. Both of them also have some really nice background art.

      Evran_Speer wrote:

      I couldn't even make it through watching a speedrun of Zelda's Adventure, let alone playing the game or getting invested in it.

      Note that I haven't played any of the three.
      Twi and Evran, you've got my attention; I had similar ideas for retools or novelizations, but they were just fleeting ideas. Great minds think alike, I suppose. It's my personal belief that something questionable in the Zelda franchise and lore can be reworked into something that's actually good and suits the series.
      For example, take the plot of the Nintendo Power comic. While there are some pieces of the comic that are more cheesy and cartoon-esque, for the most part, the comic has an actual story arc. The basic plot of this story arc was taken by Pure ZC member Mitsukara and worked into a quest for Zelda Classic. You've probably seen me babble about this before, but it's all for good reason. This wasn't just your average run-of-the-mill quest for ZC that feels more like a rom hack. This game had backbone. While the story was told in a minimal fashion and the basic plot of the comic was used, the sheer amount of effort put into this semi-adaptation of the comic was tremendous! New team gameplay elements, a balance of Zelda I and II styled gameplay (and the ZII gameplay feels a lot more natural!), plus integration of your mouse (acting as the SNES mouse) for some gameplay elements, using Sprite from the cartoon to cure bubble curses and the like! AND, on top of it all, you have TWO overworldsto explore, and they're huge! Playing through Calatia and North Hyrule was a blast. Though there was a third planned that was scrapped, and you can't really fully explore the puny ZI hyrule in it (only small sections). It felt like a true Zelda game to me. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to get another Zelda fix.

      I will admit though there are some non-Zelda elements in this. Often the music is recycled from other games (there's a lot of non-Zelda music in this, i.e. Calatia's overworld theme is from Legacy of the Wizard, though the music still fits, doesn't feel TOO out of place), and there's a silly post game area you unlock that's just there for laughs), but overall, it feels very much like an actual entry in the franchise. And if someone could take the comic plot and make it a game, I've got no doubt there are others willing to do the same or other kinds of reworks for the other terrible things in the franchise too.
      Wow, that's actually pretty nice! I also made some ideas for the hypothetical reimaginings.

      • Maybe the gameplay's like Link's Awakening, where it's mainly top-down, but it also has some side-scrolling segments.
      • Maybe it should be like the Oracle games, where they're a linked game, and there's also a bonus epilogue after beating both games.
      • I'll add stuff from future Zelda games. Like maybe some of the NPCs are Gorons, River Zoras, or Gerudo.
      • Maybe I should establish them to be a few years after the original duology? (Link in THF is 12, in TAoL he's 16, maybe here he's 18?)
      • I should retool the plot of the Faces of Evil to actually have a story, like TWoG.
      • In TWoG, I'll make the plot more serious.
      • I'll just make the characters more serious in general. And Link shouldn't talk.
    • Sounds good! Don't wanna clutter this thread up though so I'll shoot ya a dm so we can discuss ideas.

      Anyway, admittedly, I have never played any of the CD-i games and thank Hylia I haven't. I've watched the gameplay and it's just painful to watch. Their saving grace, only just barely, are the outsourced animated cutscenes- which were apparently animated in, of all places, RUSSIA?! I think the same animation company also worked on I.M. MEEN. Same kinda art style.

      The cutscenes, while cringey with Link's voice, are amusing, and they just feel kind of random. Very quotable stuff, and as always, ripe for the picking for YTPers.

      "Come back when you're a little....MMM, RICHER!!"
    • Zelda's Adventure even though I've never really had the chance to be able to actually play much of the game. I tried on an emulator once, but I got stuck on the first screen because the game was running like garbage on the emulator.

      Link: The Faces of Evil, the game I actually got to do some stuff in, wasn't that bad either. The only real problem with that game and Zelda: Wand of Gamelon is the cutscenes. And by that, I mostly mean the artstyle and design of the characters in said cutscenes. Which is why I like Zelda's Adventure the most, because that game at least actually tries to be more serious, where as the other two is like watching a really bad much more cheesier early 80's version of the Zelda Cartoon. Like, if the 80's Zelda Cartoon show was more like He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, but done so terribly wrong and way much more cheesier than even the said He-Man show.

      Basically, the cutscenes of Faces of Evil and Wand of Gamelon is like watching a really bad knock off of the old He-Man show, but with Zelda characters. And even the voice acting is so bad and cheesy, you'd expect such voice acting when listened to separately to be from old 40's, 50's, or 60's films or tv shows. And the games that such voice acting is from were made in the 90's.

      Which is why there's so many Youtube Poop videos of such content from such games. Heck, it was those games that brought life to Youtube Poop in the first place.
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