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    • Hi all!

      Within the last few months, I started running a Pokemon tabletop game (in the vein of Dungeons and Dragons) and part of that journey has been designing maps to use for my players on Roll20.

      Because I wanted to make it feel "authentic" I also got involved gathering Pokemon game tilesets to make these custom maps for my world, a "Pre-Mass-Industry" Kanto.

      I've never done tile-mapping before, but I've had some fun successes and failures, especially after discovering how to make different lighting layers, and some of them I've ended up being very proud I want to share them just for fun! Of course, feedback is always appreciated as I try to improve~

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      Celedon City - my starting map

      This was the first map I needed to create. Celedon, in my world, is the largest town and a hub of trade because of its centralized location. It is a very "representative" map, with areas that represent what would be much larger places or sections of the city in-game, but for lack of technical or design prowess, have to be somewhat imagined despite the visual assistance.

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      Rogue Pander's Gym

      This was the first map I used lighting layers on to create an effect I couldn't get from just the tilesets. I overlayed a white layer and then used a layer-blend effect called reflect. I couldn't explain the technical aspects of it very well, but I was really trying to get a lively disco flair for this map going, with the bright contrasts like the dance club it is. My players haven't been here yet, but I'm looking really forward to when they do!

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      Gringy City

      Gringy City is a place of concentrated pollution with smoke stacks and burning wood and all sorts of despoliation of the land. As such, I wanted to represent it with more than just brown grass, and thus was my first experiment with a cloud tool in my image editor.

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      Linhollow Swamp

      This is a town that has been wiped out by flooding and over the years has become a haunt of many vengeful spooks. It's a map I want to share for two reasons; one because following on the cloud generator from Gringy, combining a green and green cloud overlay really gave this an eerie look. Second though, from a design standpoint it shows where my creative process starts to fall apart. A lot of my exploration maps are me randomly placing tiles around an idea, and this is kind of the result. You can see some semblance of an idea, but it feels very loose in the worst way. I fear my dungeons feel very similar, almost trying to randomize an area first and add meaning to it afterwards, and I want to develop a better way over time.

      That's it for now, but there will definitely be some more as we proceed onward! Thanks for taking the time to view :D