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      Have you read/watched CLAMP's XXXholic? The protagonist, Watanuki, suffers from a similar problem. It might be inspiring for you.

      BotW Zelda in her purple Hylian Tunic, by my husband, DarkSilver.

      "Breath of the Wild: "Zelda's Redemption" Chapter 3 now up!

      After Calamity Ganon's defeat, a devastated Zelda must come to terms with her ruined kingdom, dead friends, and the resentment of the Hero who had saved her, but lost his fiancee. When all hope seems lost, she comes across a legend of a holy relic that can set things right, if she can find the ancient keys to access it. With the help of new friends, and without Link, can Zelda finally become a legend, on her own terms?
    • I just updated the rules (under "Etiquette") in the Compendium thread. There are now clauses regarding commercially oriented posting---if your primary goal is to sell your work, please post in Advertising instead---and respecting other people's ideas and creative processes.

      On a different note, voting for the July Writing Contest concludes tonight at midnight EDT (4 AM UTC), so if you have yet to vote, please do so ASAP!
    • The results for the July Writing Contest are in! @SacredSturgeon takes the crown again for another darkly humorous story that had us planting our palms firmly into our foreheads! Check it out here:

      "Sonata of the Apocalypse" by SacredSturgeon
      Music has power. It has the power to move souls, the power to soothe or to excite, the power to create any number of strong feelings, and, of course, the power to make certain people exceptionally rich and famous.

      It also has the power to bring about the end of the world.

      Some people might find this alarming. Fortunately, world-ending events are very rare, and the people that get caught up in them rarely have anything bad to say about such events afterwards.

      There are three known pieces of music that have been known to cataclysmic destruction. The first is the mating song of the Symphonic Bluewing, which inexplicably attracts not just mates, but also meteors. The Symphonic Bluewing is, unsurprisingly, very rare these days.

      The second is the Summoning Song of Yurgathloth the Betentacled One. Once summoned, Yurgathloth would use its godlike eldritch powers to reduce all who beheld it to gibbering husks, after which it would go on a horrific rampage of madness and death and devouring before finally returning to its home outside of reality. Some seven hundred years ago, Yurgathloth converted to the Church of the Lady Quarrah, and it has been a devout follower of its new faith since. It now refuses to bring about madness or go on any kind of rampage, as doing so is strictly forbidden in Quarrahite doctrine.

      The only piece of music that can still cause large-scale destruction is the Sonata of the Apocalypse. This piece was composed two thousand years ago by mad composer Acioni Diaghi, and, when played, will cause the end of the world. No one is entirely sure why Acioni Diaghi composed it, though the prevailing theory among music historians is that he did it to settle a drunken bet with his sister.

      After writing down the score, he made three extra copies of it, knowing full well that some people, being uncultured swines, valued the continued existence of the world over his work of infinite genius. The first two copies, as well as the original, were written on vellum. The last copy was written on a tablet of enchanted Hindabaric Blackstone, a high-magic material that under normal circumstances had about the same consistency as clay, but would irreversibly turn slightly harder than diamond after the tiniest exposure to magic.

      One quick raise-the-dead spell later[1], and his Sonata was permanently etched in an indestructible stone tablet.

      One of the many people who didn’t understand Acioni’s genius was Emperor Ijahar III Qalilam Jashk of the Samartene Empire, who was the most powerful person in the world at the time, and therefore had a vested interest in not having the world end. When he learned of the Sonata, he had all four copies seized, ordered the vellum copies burned, and had the tablet locked in an iron box, which was hidden among identical iron boxes in a heavily-guarded vault deep under his capital city, Casticasiria. With the mysterious destruction of Casticasiria fifteen hundred years ago, no one now knows how to access the vault.

      And now Gwynell of the Seven Instruments had reached the ruined city. She was generally considered the greatest musician alive, a living legend without equal. Kings and emperors and merchant princes would offer vast fortunes to have her play for them, and in every town she would be swarmed by crowds. But Gwynell never cared for the fame or the fortune or the popularity.

      She cared only for the music.

      And when rumour had reached her of a never-played-before piece of music by her favourite composer, she knew she had to find it and play it. The fact that it would cause Armageddon was an unimportant detail.

      She hadn’t come alone, of course. She may, strictly speaking, have been insane, but even an insane person knew that any attempt to find, without help, a long-lost treasure that was specifically intended to never fall into the hands of anyone was, for the lack of a better term, insanity. And so she had brought along an entire team of excavators and scholars.

      Gwynell had ordered the excavators to search every inch of the city for any sign of an entrance towards the vault, while the scholars were poring over every available document to find information about it. Gwynell herself spent her time playing songs on her lute, partly to inspire the crew, but mostly because she enjoyed it.

      Progress was slow, but after a few false leads, the scholars found a few lines in an ancient tome on Samartene history about strange items being moved into a cellar underneath one of the city’s citadels. Gwynell had the entire team focus all their efforts on the citadel, and eventually, they uncovered the cellar, and a tunnel leading deep underground that was supposed to be hidden, except the wall it was supposed to be hidden behind had collapsed some twelve hundred years earlier.

      Gwynell grabbed a torch and entered, followed by her team. The people who’d built the tunnel had had the foresight to install death traps to deal with intruders. They hadn’t had the foresight to predict how fifteen hundred years without maintenance would affect their death traps. Gwynell activated spears and crossbows which had long ago rotted away, triggered the giant swinging blades that had rusted immovably into place, and completely failed to set off the giant boulder trap, which had in fact been set off seven hundred years earlier by the elements.

      The entrance to the vault had been sealed shut with a length of solid rock. It wasn’t enough to stop Gwynell’s team, but it slowed them down long enough for the flooding mechanism to put the entire room underwater, if the flooding mechanism were still connected to water. The excavators dug through the stone, and into the vault.

      Gwynell entered. The place was enormous. The meagre light of her torch only illuminated a tiny portion of the room, while inky darkness swallowed the rest. The iron boxes had turned into iron oxide boxes. Once, they had been stacked into massive towers reaching high into the blackness, though most had since collapsed.

      “Destroy all the boxes,” Gwynell ordered. “And if you find anything interesting or unusual, bring it to me. There will be rewards.” She held out a sack full of coins, and shook it, letting the ringing of the coins fill the air. The excavators charged into the vault, and started wrecking the boxes, while Gwynell played tunes on her lyre.

      For days they toiled, pausing only to eat and sleep. Finally, one of them found a strange jet-black slab of stone amidst the wreckage of a recently-destroyed box, and brought it to Gwynell. She traded it for the bag of money, and called everyone outside.

      She grabbed her harp, and played. Her music filled the air, and mesmerized the crowd. Finally, the last notes died away.

      Everything was quiet for a moment.

      Then, the crowd burst into applause. And somewhere in the afterlife, Acioni Diaghi paid fifty gold coins to his sister.

      [1] He still retained some basic necromancy, which he’d never had a use for until now, from his school days - while he had always wanted to be a musician and composer, and had eventually chosen to follow his dreams, his parents had originally insisted he should study to be a necromancer, like his father, and his father’s father.

      I think we'd all love to see more than two entries in the next contest, so be on the lookout for the info thread in the Creative Corner over the course of the next few days tomorrow, and please enter!

      On a different note–have I said that before?–there's another "new" rule listed in the Compendium: while content creators are more than welcome to post in their own threads as long after their previous post as they'd like, in order to keep the most recently updated stuff at the top of the index, I ask that others refrain from posting in threads that haven't been updated in at least six months, unless the creator has recently asked for feedback on that content. This is actually an old rule from the Creativity Corner days. If you see something old for which you want to provide feedback, you are certainly allowed to provide it via wall post or PM.

      Thanks for keeping this place both active and tidy, folks!

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    • this thread on pixeljoint is a good breakdown of various common techniques and terms:
      and this one has a collection of short tips and tricks:

      I wrote a tutorial on my patreon which breaks down my personal process & gives some fun exercises on choosing colours & working with a limited colour palette:

      and a few weeks ago, pedro medeiros (pixel artist for celeste, and has his own patreon filled with small pixel art mini tutorials) wrote an article on how to get started with pixel art for absolute beginners:…ng-pixel-art-2d1e31a5ceab

      Pedro's article is very good I think and a great way to get started, his patreon tutorials are also very good but I think it's important to remember that the way he does things is not the only way to do things - they're just tutorials showing how he approaches stuff and not hard and fast rules.

      And lastly, if you need any help feel free to ask me :^)

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      this post was brought you by a 100% authentic human being and definitely NOT a bear
    • Calling all creative types, but mostly of the non-visual variety!

      After a kajillion years, the Zelda Universe Podcast is coming back! We need your help to make that happen!

      Check out the announcement for more details, and if you have any questions, please contact me via wall or PM.
    • Two questions:
      1. What is the best way to start freelance writing/editing online?
      2. What is the best platform to start a blog?
      I'm currently an independent contractor for a company that pays $8 for a 425 word SEO article (the pay will go up if I get "promoted" to the next writing level), but it's difficult to find work items that aren't super boring. The articles I have written have been slightly interesting for me, but I had to wade through a couple dozen with keywords like "plumbing Jacksonville FL" or "divorce mediation" to find them.
    • I know a lot of people blog on Tumblr and I’m sure there are other places like Wordpress or something.

      However the best way to as a freelancer is to DO the boring stuff. Honestly what you want to do is grow your portfolio and show you can write a lot of different subjects. The more versatile you are and the more writing samples you have, the more valuable you will be.

      :heart: Rinn “Arwyn” Nailo drawn by Liah :heart:
      Rakshael: if I know one thing about Ruki, it's that she'll prove you wrong just for the sake of saying she did it
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    • Hey so after months, the 13th chapter of Time Lost is finally up! For those of you interested, Time Lost takes place in the seven years that the Hero of Time was sleeping and focuses on two young boys - Ventus Agni and Eli Serwen - growing up in a Hyrule being torn apart by war. What they do to survive. What life is like in a war torn nation and what do you when death surrounds you.

      :heart: Rinn “Arwyn” Nailo drawn by Liah :heart:
      Rakshael: if I know one thing about Ruki, it's that she'll prove you wrong just for the sake of saying she did it
      Characters | The Time Lost | The Rumors We Believe | Ruki's Reviews