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The Creative Corner Compendium: Rules, Resources, and More!
  • Ye find yeself in a new land, one known only as...

    The Creative Corner!

    Welcome to ZU's Creative Corner board, home to the Zelda Universe community's finest works of art, writing, and multimedia content!
    There are some things you should know before posting your works here, so hold onto your hats because here come…the rules and guidelines!

    I. Labels
    Because the Creative Corner houses so many different types of creative works, we highly encourage you to classify your thread with the appropriate label(s) to help visitors know what kind of content to expect when they enter.

    Labels in the Creative Corner are organized into four separate categories, based on the medium to which the applied thread relates: Blue labels are related to artwork, green labels are related to writing, and red labels are related to gaming and new media (Youtube videos, etc.). Orange labels are meta-categories meant to accompany one or more medium-related category.

    You can add multiple labels to your thread, though each one has to be from a separate category. (You can't stack "Drawing" and "Photography," for example, because they are both Artwork labels.) In most cases, this will comprise one Creative Corner Meta label and one label from a different category. Threads containing more than one medium category are generally discouraged; we encourage you to create separate threads, for example, for your poetry and your comics, unless the comics are based on your poems. (Cross-medium collabs are great for their own threads, though.)

    Creative Corner Meta labels:
    • Competitions: For creative throwdowns of all kinds! For great victory!
    • Discussion: For talking about creative things with creative people. (Only previews and WIPs belong in Discussion-labeled threads, if any works, though links to other threads are fine.)
    • Zelda: For your Legend of Zelda-related fanworks. This is a Zelda forum, after all!
    Writing labels:
    • Blog: For personal journals and the like.
    • Essay: For formal works of nonfiction. Yes, they can be from school.
    • Fan Fiction: For fiction based on existing fiction. Stack this with the "Zelda" label in the Creative Corner Meta category if your fanfic is based on the Legend of Zelda franchise. (If it's not based on Zelda, we recommend that you also include what your fanfic is based on somewhere in the thread title.)
    • General Writing: For written works and other writing-related threads that don't fit into any of the other Writing labels or fit more than one.
    • Original Fiction: For written works that only comprise original characters and settings. (i.e. not fan fiction)
    • Poetry: For works written in verse. Also includes song lyrics.
    • Review: For reviews of stuff. "Stuff" includes games, movies, music, the awful hairdryer you bought last week, etc.
    Artwork labels:
    • Comics: For sequential art. This can be 3-panel strips, on-going web comics, hourly comics, etc. If action takes place, time passes, and you read it across multiple frames…it's a comic.
    • Culinary: For recipes for—and photographs of—your delicious eats!
    • Drawing: For all things drawn by hand on real or digital paper. Also applicable for paintings, pastels, colored pencils, and the like!
    • General Artwork: For artworks and other art-related threads that don't fit into any of the other Artwork labels or fit more than one.
    • Graphic Design: For showing off your beautiful signatures and other computer graphics.
    • Photography: All things photographic. If a camera captured it, it's photography! Even if you dressed it up extra nice in Photoshop. ;>
    Video and Audio Media labels:
    • Gaming Development: For games you are creating. Not limited to video games; if it can be called a game, it fits.
    • General media: For new-media creations and other new-media-related threads that don't fit into any of the other Video and Audio Media labels or fit more than one.
    • Lets Play For videos of game playthroughs featuring live commentary.
    • Live Streaming: For video livestreams relating to gaming, artwork, or anything, really!
    • Music: For all sound-based art forms. Be it violin music, digital compositions, or sound designed for special effects…grace our ears with your work!
    • Video: For videos that don't fit any of the more specific labels.

    II. Etiquette & Rules

    • It's always good form to introduce yourself at the start of your thread! It's also a good idea to make one thread for all of your works in a given medium (drawings, photos, videos, etc.) and post pieces over time rather than making individual threads for each piece. This makes it easier for users to get a feel for your work and watch you grow as a creator!
      • This differs slightly for written works. In this case, it's best to put all of your short stories in one thread, and all of your poetry in another thread (or combine the two), but longer works can each get their own threads so that all of the chapters can be read in the same place.
    • Rules regarding necroposting are somewhat relaxed in this board, so if you decide to post a new work or chapter five years after your previous one, you are welcome to post in the same thread. However, this does not apply to feedback: if the content creator hasn't updated their thread in over six months, please refrain from posting in the thread unless the creator has specifically asked for feedback recently. (You are welcome to provide feedback on the creator's wall or via a private message.)
    • If you feel more comfortable hosting your work at an external site, please make sure the website is safe to visit. Include the link to the work as a whole in your opening post, and be sure to post in your work's thread here on ZU every time you update, providing a link leading directly to the new content. Feel free to include excerpts or thumbnails in your update posts.
    • The Creative Corner is a non-commercial board. If you have an Etsy page or equivalent marketplace for your work, you are welcome to share some examples of work that is also available for purchase; however, we ask that you not post in this board if your primary goal is to profit off of said work. Instead, please post strictly commercial posts in the Advertising board. (You may link to your marketplace in your Creators' Index profile, as well.)
    • Nudity and gore must be put in an expandable spoiler! You should also include a warning to let people know what the hidden part of the post contains. If you're regularly going to feature nudity, explicit lyrics, etc. in your thread it is also a good idea to give a warning in the thread title (e.g. [Artistic Nudity]). Erotic content is strictly prohibited.
    • Be polite! If someone leaves a comment on your work, return the favor and take a look at some of their works! ;)
    • Be respectful of others' creative processes. Every creator has different ideas and methods for producing their art; one person's mess may be another's masterpiece. Please keep all feedback constructive and refrain from attacking people's ideas and processes.
    • Plagiarism is not tolerated and is pretty much the only Creative Corner-specific offense that warrants warnings or infractions. Please respect others' work, just as you would expect them to respect your own work. If you'd like to share work you find inspirational, please be sure to include the artist's name and (when possible) a link to their other work.
    • And most importantly: have fun! Let your imagination run free~

    (Special thanks to @Vynrah and @Holden for providing the foundations upon which this thread was written…and sometimes outright copied! Thanks also to @Lady Sunshine and @Captain Harrie for helping to make this post prettier!)
    [Lists of resources for creators will be added to this thread in the coming weeks. Thanks for your patience!]

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