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    I remember ZU when...
    • Ok so first off-- it's extremely awkward having ZU on my phone. I was so use to viewing it on my ancient laptop back in the day.

      What I remember about Zelda Universe? Off the top of my head, that one time Captain Cornflake took over the entire site over a Smash fight against Jason. Madness ensued. Fun times followed. I always thought having the three seperate clans was a cool idea and when I became part of the Nayru clan, it felt like I was part of something special. It's neat to see that idea is still around. Oh yeah another thing I remember was hanging out in the music chit chat thread with my music buddies-- Galedeep, Moop, musical zombie... and a couple of others whos names escape me.

      I met a lot of cool people from this site (I even dated someone from here) some of which I still keep in semi contact with on the Facebooks and Instagram. I don't think a lot of people will remember me as I didn't really have a strong presence on here. But if you do remember me and wanna play catch up feel free to hit me up on Instagram. I'm the most active on there. My username is ragnarok_now. Or Facebook --

      Peace out, you guys.
    • Holy cannoli! It's been, like, over half a decade since I've posted here!

      Zelda Universe was my first ever forums. My earliest and fondest memory here was probably participating in Heero's War of the Races in the Escapist's Haven. Half of you, even though I haven't talked to you in years and years, are closer than my actual biological family.

      I missed you guys! Time kind of has a way of making us all drift apart. I'm glad Codybear had the presence of mind to summon us all back for a late hello! :P

      So, uh, hi, everyone.

      Tacheon Black / Davy Jones / TAB / Mr. Tabbles
    • Oh my goodness, thank you so much for the email summons, Cody! I can't believe I still remember my password. Or how to navigate a forum.... Scratch that, I no longer remember how to navigate a forum. I now know how my mother feels using a smartphone. Ngl, I miss the white skin, >.>

      I would say something intelligent, but I'm still in shock that ZU is still around and still strong. Waves of nostalgia are beating me against a stony shore, and they are going to leave a bruise. Not a surprise that ZU's still here -- this is one of the best run forums I have ever had the privilege to join. But still. Online spaces come and go so fast that I always have to stop in awe at the ones that prevail.

      Aaaand I've been working on this post for nearly half an hour, so I'm going to stop talking now. And see what the BA has been up to!
    • The BA has really grown and developed, adding more boards! The BA itself (now called the Tales of Characters) probably isn’t as active as it was back then but we have two other boards which are incredibly active!

      Oh I’m the RPG mod by the way lol. One of them.

      :heart: Rinn “Arwyn” Nailo drawn by Liah :heart:
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    • everything is weird what's happening

      i remember the peeps. we had some good peeps. i spent too much time here when i was in late middle school throughout quite a bit of high school. it's kind of weird how much of my adolescence is tied to this internet forum. but boy oh boy did i discover a lot of cool stuff because of this forum.

      mostly music and video games. thx ol friends
    • I was fourteen when I joined this forum. Posting here is like going to visit my old middle/highschool. Except more unambiguously pleasant.

      Most of that time I was basically a lurky creep.

      I happen to be traveling at the moment to meet with IRL high school friends for the first time in a while. So it's a big nostalgia weekend for me I guess.

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    • Lavvy La Eternal Chin wrote:

      I remember going to the Birmingham meet up, it was a fun, disorganised time. I was wearing red camo pants as was the style at the time. We hung out in a train station for a few hours, went to pizza hut and poked around a HMV, but I met a giant man from across the sea (Sacred sturgeon?) and finally understood what Led Zeppelin were singing about.
      I remember that! Fun times!

      Lioness wrote:

      I remember you. :D Yeah, I used to go by Shetani for a while. My first nick here was Sailor Zora (doubt anyone remembers it tho, it was only for a short while and before the move to vB), then I went by Lioness for the longest time. I used Shetani for some time, due to it being my go to nick on most other sites beside ZU, then went back to Lioness because everyone called me LioLio anyway and it confused people. ^^ For the majority of my time here I've been Lio. :3
      Didn't you go back to Sailor Zora briefly at some point? Because I remember that name and I defs wasn't around when you originally had it.

      Calliope wrote:

      The real Pusheen lived in Connecticut, but IRL Stormy is in Chicago! She is just as floofy as the drawings make her out to be.
      Please tell me you got to pet her. :p

      Zoran Hero wrote:

      i know zu marriages/boy/girlfriends were mentioned, did anyone mention how people would ask other people to be friends so they could have a big list of people in their sigs? ZU basically invented facebook except better because to my knowledge nobody here looks like a prototype realdoll
      Oh man, I remember that!

      Pietro wrote:

      With the new rules I drafted a couple months ago, the line of what we were willing to accept became clearer to everyone and people seem to have taken to it and there are a lot fewer problems. Zelda Universe Forum Rules
      Fun fact: I was the one who suggested LGBTQ and women to be included under marginalised groups - a few weeks before figuring out I was LGBTQ and a woman lol.

      (so does that mean that, retroactively, I made that suggestion out of pure self-interest? :p )

      Jehanne wrote:

      I've been around for 10 11 years but I still don't actually feel like a "ZU old-timer" since there are many here who knew a very different ZU before I joined.


      Having said that, I have a lot of fond memories from around 2007. I used to stay up into the wee hours of the morning posting and such.
      You joined shortly before I became a mod. :p

      Trico wrote:

      Janus wrote:

      Anyone remember the ZU Crusades? I think there were just two of them. The mods encouraged members to report spam posts, and they got to wear a special tag (like "ZU Knight" or something) for it. The second one had a more "extreme" theme, titled: Cruzade II: X-Termination. I remember annoying at least one person by locking threads with "x-terminated!"
      Oh goodness I had forgotten about that!! There was so much mod drama when things got out of hand because people turned into ruthless vigilantes hahaha. I think it's the second one I'm remembering that about and I wasn't a mod during the first one? My memory of it is a bit fuzzy.
      Someone calls a crusade only for its participants to end up being ruthless and overzealous. Where have I heard this story before? :p

      Sailboat wrote:

      My fondest memory of this site had to be Hyrule Land Wars, a strategy game where we would take the map from OoT, each player picked a temple, and we fought imaginary wars with the monsters from each temple. I loved it, it was like D&D but with massive armies instead of a single character.
      You and I have very different D&D experiences. :p

      (I remember you! <3 )

      Shaun wrote:

      Wow this is head thrashing.. Like a lot of other people I have been sent here by Cody haha
      It's been about 10 years since I came on here and I was about 12/13 years old, I joined in 2005 so I was even younger. I'm down as Shaun now but used to come on as Windeh for most of my time here
      Weren't you also Dokanno at one point, or was that someone else?

      Laikra wrote:

      I met a lot of cool people from this site (I even dated someone from here)
      I definitely remember that lol.

      Black wrote:

      Tacheon Black / Davy Jones / TAB / Mr. Tabbles
      I actually remember all of those names. :p
    • Omg, there are like six hundred new people in this thread in the past week, and @Cody 's head has clearly swollen to the size of a large sedan.

      Hiiiiiii again everyone! (and double-hi to @Margar and @Shaun and @Link and @Alonely (what country are you in nowadays? <3) and @interestingdrug and @lost lee and @Sailboat and @Rheks and @DIUM and @Notsil and @skate_mate and @Jehanne and @Lavvy La Eternal Chin and, fuck, to all of youuuuuuuuuuuu <3333)

      Time to play catchup...

      Yes, @Fox McCloud was the one who gave us all the precious wonderful gift of "gimmie a sex", @Bobslob was catholic as hell and still needs to be dragged back here if anyone knows where he might be, and Asia's name on here should still be @Anime_Queen. Last I spoke to her, she was still a delight and a joy. <3 Also, @Willow-chan would be wonderful to see again too. :333

      @Big Bro Davidia is around on facebook under an alias, but he literally just had another kid like a week ago, so I haven't sent this to him. I know some people already have, and goodness knows the dude already has enough going on that he doesn't need more badgering. If he comes around, he comes around.

      @Fianna - @e_alert has been around the video game parts of the internet and the zelda community as of late, as far as I'm aware. Did anybody send this to him, or no? I honestly don't know if anybody swung an invite his way, but if anyone did, it's Cody.

      Thanks for being sweet, @Tonch. It's been a few years since I've had once this bad and they're almost always situational/PTSD related, so I thankfully know how to get through them all right most of the time. <3 I took the time out that I needed, waded through my two-day work week, had fun with boomsticks with @Dr_Doak, got all of my panic-inducing bullshit squared away (*forever*, hopefully), did a bunch of way overdue cleaning, and got myself a sweetass new haircut because I deserved something nice after a crummy week. ;3

      @Dr_Doak, if you still have that PM where I banned you from the chat, let me know. I'd love to see it and laugh at both of us being petty assholes. :D

      @Captain Cornflake, I got so distracted by rum and your sad pupper news that I didn't finish whining at you for pulling back the curtain on all that shit. So many years of mythos and mystique, *ruined*. ;_; Though I guess there's not much of a point to holding onto that sort of thing after so long away from the old place, so c'est la vie. <3

      And @SacredSturgeon, congratulations on deucing out of that wrong gender that you got assigned to - this is for you in the most wholesome way humanly possible! <3 And congrats on the nice update to the forum rules. It's good to know that people are down for basic human decency around here now, I'm sure it makes it a lot easier to deal with SD when you don't have to spend the whole discussion establishing the fact that, *yes*, marginalized people really *are* people too. Glad to see some progress has been made around these parts when rule changes like that were basically *impossible* to get implemented a decade ago.
    • I received an e-mail from Cody Davies, somehow I remembered that name, and then Zelda came to my mind. I just wanted to post something here again, given the opportunity. Back then I was just a university student far from home and stumbled upon Zelda Universe. I knew english at an amateur level but decided to start practicing more often, so I applied for a clan placement and ended up in the Din Clan. From there I posted a lot of comments and asked some questions regarding some Zelda games (one particular post about Alttp is in my mind forever). I don't remember when was the time I stopped but I follow the page on Facebook and YouTube now. I think these forums were my first experience communicating directly with english speakers so, thanks for everything, I remember this site and the forums with a lot of nostalgia, and like I used to say: Zelda rocks!
    • Like many of you, @Cody stalked found me on Facebook and said that ZU was having a reunion of sorts. I expected to maybe lurk around at most, but after reading this thread...the nostalgia. I guess @OldBeane was right. 'They always come back.' ;)

      Anyway, hey everyone! I guess I'm back for now. I see a lot of familiar names as well as lots of new ones. I still can't believe the forums are alive and well after all these years. It's still hard for me to believe that I joined nearly 15 years ago; nearly half of my lifetime ago!

      Anyway, my contribution...

      I remember when getting 1,000 posts was a big deal because you would get (gasp) a custom title! I remember making close to 100 posts one day after I hit 900 just so I could get the damn thing. I'm sure my posts were a great contribution to the discussion.

      I also remember that Farore was pretty much a RP spam-fest filled with panty pools, Christmas parties, and other shenanigans.

      I also remember when ZU adoptions were a big deal. I adopted a newbie at the time with the username Divine Dragoon (or DivingRacoon cased weirdly, or something like that). Due to my internet situation at the time, I could only access the web for an hour a day, so I think he found another adopter soon after that. However, Divine Dragoon would later on change his username to @Cody, and well, the rest is history.

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    • So, I received an e-mail about this place a few days ago!
      Tbh, I've been a part of this forum for a while. This account has been here since 2011, but I had an old one that's been on here since 2005 (found my old account and found the actual date. also cringed a lot) that I was bullied on quite extensively lol.
      This forum was my everything when I was younger, especially when we had the chat room. I remember getting on the computer and jumping straight to this website (and jumping into a MSN group chat with a few of the other members lol.)
      I don't really think I left that big of an impression on people in the later years. I'm very shy and I find it very hard to jump in conversations with people, especially giant threads lol.
      I do still love this forum, I was even in a 9 year relationship with someone that I met on here. It shaped my childhood, and it's one that I will definitely always remember.
      Thank you guys for still being here!

      "If someone tells me it's wrong to hope, I'll tell them they're wrong everytime."

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    • Oh dang. I see so many people from way back in the day. This is a treat.

      I remember ZU back when the ZUBC Podcast was still a thing. I was such a huge fan and also enjoyed the hell out of listening to it. I can't tell you how excited I was when I was younger to have a couple of guest appearances on it. It meant a lot to me back in the day....

      Of course, I kinda cringe now looking back at it. My voice was way too high back then.

      Also, anybody remember when The Temple of Light & Dark was a thing? Or the Clan Wars?

      Sig by the ever so fabulous ~ Sólsetur