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    • Hello everyone. I've made this thread due to how much I've flooded the Foodie Thread. The purpose of this thread is to post my own cooking creations. This could be anything, but anything I post in here has to be my own creations, so nothing that anyone else has made. These are my creations. Figured the art thread should have a change of pace.

      To add a bit of context, I've enjoyed various cultures of food, and I think my area really speaks for the kinds of food that I like to make. I've lived with Asian and Latino people, so hopefully my creations in the future will further reflect on Asian and Latin cuisine while still being "American." I'm not really opposed to Americanizing foreign foods as long as it still tastes good, so you'll see creations of mine that would have my own touch. I like authentic Mexican and texmex, so really, I'm a very open person. I was raised to learn to try everything at least once. My openness to various kinds of food will probably show in the foods that I've made on my own time. I've done some professional cooking, but this will probably concentrate on food that I make for myself and friends. Doubt any professional stuff would really show up. I can say that, as far as ingredients go, I really like ginger, turmeric, cumin, cheyenne pepper, avocados, tomato-y stuff, eggs, various peppers, and plenty of black pepper. Basically, peppers will be a common ingrediant, and I treat sriracha like it's ketchup, though I've been toning down on the spice for my body's sake.

      So, this may not be like super beautiful restaurant level, but it will certainly look good and be tasty.

      I'll start with today's meal: texmex style crunchy tacos, or chingaderas.

      I made a taco meat for this, which included the following all chopped:

      Green onions
      White onions
      Various peppers including sweet, habanero, jalapeno, and serrano
      Chili powder
      Red Wine
      Black pepper

      The meat used was a couple of grounded deer patties. Literally deer.

      I can't say the amounts used, because I never measured lol I put things in until it tasted good enough for my pallet. A little water was also used to make sure that it stayed moist, but I used a fair amount of wine mixed with ketchup to add moisture and let the ingrediants blend into the deer meat. The tacos had the general things for texmex: various grated cheeses (cheddar, sharp, pepper jack), and chopped green onions, lettuce, and tomatoes. I put the cheese on first so the corn shells wouldn't get soggy lol I put sour cream and tobasco on top.

      And since I already posted these in the Foodie Thread, I'll just quote them:

      Chili beans

      Ingredients used:

      Ground beef
      Tomato sauce
      Chopped tomatoes
      Pinto beans
      Black beans
      Diced onions
      Diced garlic gloves
      Various assortments of peppers all diced
      Some water to add more juice, though I could have added even more water.
      Chopped up mushrooms
      Ginger seasoning
      Cheyenne pepper seasoning
      Black pepper
      A custom blend seasoning

      Reverse style pizza. Sort of inspired off of the Sicilian style:


      Sugar's impact on cake.

      Ingredient Weight Chart.

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    • Baked Macaroni and Cheese with Crushed Garlic and Chopped Onions

      Ingredients used:

      Half a stick of butter
      Chopped onions
      Crushed garlic
      Black Pepper
      Peer jack cheese
      Sweet red pepper chopped into circular wholes
      Chopped mushrooms
      Croutons crushed up
      Whole croutons

      I made a white sauce using the first ten ingredients listed. If you don't know how to make crazy, put butter in a pan, add flour, then milk, and then whatever else, though it really depends on what kind of gravy or white sauce you want to make. I did butter first, then sauteed the onions and garlic together, than added flour, made sure to mash everything up well enough so there were no bits of flour, then added a whole carton of milk. I added salt, pepper, and mustard seasoning, then I let the seasoning and the other ingredients blend together until I added an un-approximated amount of cheese, but it was a lot. Not too thick, though. It's basic homemade mac and cheese stuff.

      I mixed the still kind of firm pasta with the sauce, following by chopped sweet peppers. I poured it out onto the trey, added more cheddar on top, followed by the chopped mushrooms. I should have crushed all of the croutons, but the whole ones give an interesting crunch, and I guess I was in a little bit of a hurry lol. It's kind of unorthodox, but not bad. I put more grated cheese on top of everything else.
    • Another pizza.

      I can't say that this kind of pizza had very thin crust, but this is undoubtedly the best pizza that I've made thus far.

      Let the dough rise over night. The crust was pretty fluffy. Wasn't too crunchy, but it was all really good. I want to try and make the crust more crunchy while having that rise in the dough. I put a couple teaspoons of sugar in the dough. The pizza sauce had garlic powder, Italian seasoning, a slight bit of rosemary, cheyenne pepper, and chili flakes. I had neither oregano not flesh garlic, so I had to make due. I'm going to use the leftover pizza sauce in pasta.

      On the pizza, the ingredients I put on from bottom to top were the pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, pepper jack cheese, mushrooms, olives, pepperoni, and legit parmesan to be shredded.

      The following was made with all of the leftover crust. This calzone had in it chopped up shredded turkey, chopped mushrooms, creamy scrambled eggs with Cheyenne pepper mixed in, mozzarella cheese, and pepper jack cheese all mixed up.

    • So, I made a kind of chip dip from when I made a pasta dish today. I don't have any pics, but I'm gonna call it a sour cream cheese dip. The ingredients goes as follows.



      REAL parmesan. The stuff you get off of a cheese wheel. Not that stuff out of the container. That stuff is great for sprinkling in pizza and finished pasta, but it has some stuff in it that makes it so it doesn't melt properly. I'm talking about real parmesan.

      Sour cream

      Finely chopped spinach, green onions, and parsley.

      Add the ricotta in first. Since it's really soft, you can just throw it all in there. Shred the mozzarella and parmesan, and put that in there. Put as much as you think is necessary. I didn't measure this to no surprise at this point lol and you don't really need to either. Just eyeball it. I'd put a good amount of parm in it, because real parmesan has a lot of flavor to it that makes it taste cheesier. Again, make sure all the cheese is very finely shredded, because we're going to want a consistency in texture here.

      You could add different kinds of cheese to it, since this is your cheese dip recipe if you plan on making it. I definitely suggest ricotta, mozzarella, and parmesan, as a base, though.

      Add sour cream until it's as creamy as you think is good. Make sure it's creamy enough to easily use chips.

      Mix with very finely chopped spinach, green onions, and parsley. You don't need to chop too much.
    • I made cinnamon rolls.

      Used this recipe, added raisins, dried blueberries, and crushed pecans and walnuts to the mix. Proofed the prepared pre-cooked cinnamon rolls in the oven at roughly a hundred degrees to make the rolls rise better. And when it came to the glaze, I added cinnamon to it to give it more of a cinnamon flavor, which is why the glaze is brown instead of the typical white.

    • I made strawberry pie. I divided the crust, and put it into cupcake sheets that were sprayed in order to make sure they were non stick, so I didn't use any cupcake wrapping. This are basically little bite size pies.

      I made my pie crust from a better homes recipe, but here's a link to a good crust recipe. Basically, pie crust is just flour, salt, butter, shortening, and cold water. I made sure that the butter was pliable and room temperature, and as her tradition, I used my bare hands to knead in the dough.

      The strawberry filling was just strawberries each cut in half mixed with cornstarch and a fair amount of unrefined sugar. I specifically used the unrefined sugar, because it's tastier than the normal white sugar you get at the store. Unrefined sugar is tan in color. I just eyeballed how much cornstarch and sugar I should put in the recipe.

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