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    Once Again [Linkara]
    • "Okay. This should be really interesting. Since that whole 'make ourselves look big' act seemed to do the trick, we can drop that for now and focus on the rest of our objectives. Let's take the new lady with us and find the rebel hideout while the other team goes and tries to find more allies. Since we might find the equivalents of our old allies, we'll be discovering more about the legends. I mean, surely they've noticed the similarities between their own lives and our stories..." Simon said.
    • 3 days later...

      Jens, Simon, and the soldier who said her name was Naomi had arrived at the city where the rebellion was holed up. Currently, they were just far enough away not to be seen but close enough to see the city.

      "So how do we approach this?" Jens asked. "We can't exactly go announcing ourselves like "Hi, I'm Jens and this is Simon and we want to enter your city." That would be stupid."

      Jens was wracking his brain. They could get themselves caotured on purpose. Or they could sneak in. Or any number of other things.
    • Jens kind of shrugged. "Well, usually he doesn't talk about killing this much. By which I mean that he's more discreet about the fact that he kills people. Honestly, I am kind of worried but what are you gonna do."

      Naomi just kind of looked at him. Jens realized his nonchalance about this was probably unnerving. So he decided to change the topic.

      "Or... we could not kill anyone so as to avoid the rebellion thinking we're enemies. We're here to make allies, remember."