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      A messenger shoved the doors to the throne room. He appeared to be out of breath, but he was still smiling. Once he had approached the throne, he began the message. "Your Majesty, I have good news! Our scouts have found one of the rebellion's hidden bases. It's surprisingly close to the city, only a day's journey!

      The king leaned forward on his seat. "Were they discovered? The scouts?"
      "No." was the messenger's reply
      The king smiled, something the messenger didn't often see him do. "Good. Give Maxris the location and tell him to leave as soon as possible." the king then told him.

      "Yes, Your Majesty." the messenger said. He had been doing this job for years, so he knew exactly where he would find the man the king spoke of.
      "Oh, and one more thing." the king said just as the messenger was exiting the throne room.


      "Tell him I want the leaders alive." the king said. The smile on his face stretched further across his face until it was unnaturally long."Oh. Of course, Your Majesty." the messenger said. The king obviously didn't intend to have mercy on these rebels.


      Simon thought the whole thing was a joke at first. Some kind of funny way to say that the group should meet up. But as Simon continued to read down the letter, he discovered that he had been far from the truth. This was a serious situation.

      Simon wasn't exactly sure why he was called to investigate. He was an assassin, not a detective. He went anyways because the queen was a friend. He had also heard that Jens Wilder was going, so Simon thought that the journey would be a good opportunity to catch up.

      What Simon didn't know was that the two would be the only ones going, and that they would be traveling on different paths. Jens lived across the kingdom from Simon, and the queen wanted the job finished as soon as possible. The road was a long one. Luckily, the early autumn weather was comfortable, and Simon's horse was relatively fast. It had taken him about two days to get to the point where he was supposed to meet Jens.

      The spot was in the middle of a dense forest. When Simon arrived, Jens was already there. Simon's eyes were immediately drawn to what the pair was den to investigate. There was a large crack in the forest floor...
    • Jens was studying the crack in the ground when he heard footsteps and looked up. It was Simon. Jens hadn't seen Simon in a while, he had been busy running a legitimate buisness (editors note: surprising, I know). But now, here they were, investigating some sort of anomaly. The letter had been very confusing. Jens was a thief turned mechanic, not a wizard or sorcerer. But, again, here he was. The queen had asked him to investigate, and he wasn't interested in disobeying a direct order. He didn't need to be a criminal again. Especially since he wasn't going to get a pardon this time. This wasn't his first mission for the queen, either. His first one had been a diplomagic mission to Lorule (Ed. Note: no, not that lorule) the city of thieves. It was big enough to be it's own country. He had gotten a cool fire sword from that. Anyway, back to the present situation.

      Jens raised his mechanical arm in a wave.

      "Hey simon." He said. "Long time no see. How are things?"
    • Simon didn't bother looking up. "I don't know. You've been here longer than I have." He then realized that Jens was talking about Simon himself and not the crack. "Oh. Sorry. Well, I've just been doing what I do best. Who knew Royal Assassins were such busy people? I took on an apprentice at the queen's request, but I decided that I shouldn't involve her in something this important. You look like you've been taking care of yourself. Hope you've kept your skills sharp during the peacetime." Simon and Jens had gotten used to each other's fighting styles during the war, but some of Simon's gear has been lost and replaced. His shield had been obliterated in a battle with an unfriendly Goron bodyguard, and his dagger had been placed in the woods as a part of a test for his apprentice. Simon also saw that Jens had a new sword in addition to his old one. What else had changed in the two years since the war ended?
    • "Yep." Jens said, drawing his swords and preforming a few maneuvers to emphasize that. "Ended up on a diplomatic mission. Turns out that a place literally called the city of thieves is full of thieves. Who would have guessed, it's one heck of a story, maybe I'll tell you about it sometime. But for now, we've got work to do." Jens resheathed his sword and looked down at the hole. It was certainly strange. Animals seemed to avoid it entirely. Not even the Kitsune who had escorted him through the forest up until this point (they were worried about the hole as well) would go near it. As soon as they had gotten near the clearing with the hole, they had left. "The hole seems to go on forever, except, I see glimpses of people ocassionally." Jens said, acting as if giving a report. "They might be illusions, devised by the hole to tempt innocents in, or they might be actual people on the other side of this hole, if it leads anywhere. Either way this hole is definitely unnatural. Animals and races with closer connections to nature, such as the kitsune, seem to be avoiding it. We're lucky it isn't near the kokori grove or we'd probably have a major crisis on our hands." Jens stopped to take a breath. He was suprised he had managed to get through all that. He wasn't exactly a mage or wizard or whatever.
    • Simon bent over the large crack in the ground. Why couldn't any of the queen's soldiers go down there and figure out what it was? Unless...
      Simon stumbled backwards away from the crack. The soldiers had gone down there, and they hadn't come out. This made Simon want to go down there even more, and it gave him an idea if why the queen wanted Simon and Jens to go. Simon sighed and told Jens to wait while he pulled a dead tree he had spotted while tying up his horse into the clearing. He pulled the log horizontally over the crack so that it made a bridge. The young assassin then took his grappling hook off of his belt and slammed the tip into the log.
      "Do you think you could use Magnesis on the handle? If you can, I'll lower us both down so we can come back up if anything really bad happens." Simon said to Jens. If this plan worked, they might be able to rescue the soldiers that fell down.
    • "Okay" Simon said. Before he started repelling, Simon looked down at the crack one last time. The people that had once been underneath had been replaced with three dead bodies.
      Simon began looking for causes of death immediately. One had died from an arrow (it had been in a non-vital area, but the person was still clearly dead), and the other two died from stab wounds. Each corpse wore the uniform of a Hylian soldier.

      This made Simon all the more eager to go. He started hanging by the chain and let it slowly set him down through the crack. It didn't hurt at all. Simon thought the feeling was like sinking under the surface of water. Once his head had passed through, he found himself in a different world.

      It was a wooded area, similar to the one they had just left. Simon could hear a waterfall a few yards away. From the height they were at, Simon could see what was going on. Another Hylian soldier was locked in combat with another warrior. The other wore leather armor and carried a large sword. The knight was using a halberd, and a good one at that. Behind them was an archer wearing clothes similar to the swordsman.

      Once the chain had been fully extended, Simon fell the remaining few feet and tried to develop a plan. After a few seconds one came to his mind. "Jens, you should try to go see what you can do to help out that soldier." Simon said quietly. If Jens and the soldier would team up, that swordsman was as good as dead. The archer was what really worried Simon. It was clear that the arrows being used were not normal. Simon's guess was that the archer either had son kind of secret power, or the arrow tips were covered in a poison like urare. With arrows that deadly, the archer wouldn't shoot while his companion was still in engaged. That meant Simon could sneak up on him as long as the swordsman was still alive.
    • "Aye aye captain." Jens said, sliding down the rope to the ground. He drew his sword and swung it at the swordsman. The swordsman ducked, giving the soilder he was fighting just enough tome to wack him over the head with the blunt end of the halberd. Just as the swordsman tried to get up, Jens hit him with the hilt of his sword, knocking him out cold.

      "Stay down." Jens said. "You'll hurt yourself." Jens turned to the Hylian soilder. "Are you okay?"

      "Yes sir! Just fine sir! Though, I can't say the same for my commrades sir." The soilder said.

      "Don't worry, we'll make sure they get a proper burial." Jens said. "What's your name?"

      "Commander Crane, sir! At your service!"
    • When Jens and Simon parted, Simon used his stealth spell and headed for some bush cover. The fight ended quicker between the swordsman and the two Hylians had ended surprisingly quickly, which was both good and bad. The good part was that the swordsman would no longer give them any trouble. The bad part was that, with her companion out of the line of fire, she would begin firing. Bombs were out of the question (they were in a forest, after all), so Simon would have to use his clockwork rifle. He loaded one of the metal cones into the mechanism, aimed, and fired. The bullet hit her square in the arm, it's intended target. Simon then rushed up to her while she was stunned and hit her with the flat side of his sword. She tumbled backward but managed to regain her footing quickly.
      Her next move was to pull out a dagger and throw it in Simon's direction. It scratched his armor but did nothing more. This girl clearly wasn't a professional if she aimed a throwing knife at someone's leg. Especially if she missed. Simon attempted to rush her again, but she was surprisingly agile. This was also strange because her weak arm should throw off her aim. Simon would have to reevaluate his strategy. The girl always dodged to the side, so a quick attack to the side after a rush would probably be affected. Simon ran towards her one more time and slashed out in front of him. The girl jumped away to the left, but before she could land, Simon had unsheathed his second sword and slashed at her right leg. It cut deep, and it threw the girl off balance. Before she could get back up, Simon knocked her out with the hilt of his sword. He then carried the girl back to where Jens and the soldier stood.
      Commander Crane introduced himself. As a Royal Assassin, Simon had a military rank of Captain under the name Garrison Rowe. His cover was that he was a trusted friend of the queen that had helped the resistance army. Crane seemed surprised when Simon said his fake name, thought Simon didn't know whether that was because of his backstory, his age, or because he outranked him. "Well Major, what should we do with these people?" Simon said, looking up a Jens with a smile. He knew the message would get across. Sure, it wasn't honest, but Jens was practically a general during the war. The queen would probably understand. Then again, she never had approved of Simon's methods.
    • Jens got the message. He thought. He wasn't sure but if he was right this was the less honest course of action.

      "Well, the way I see it," Jens said. "We can either find a way back out of this hole, oooooorrrrr," Jens winked. "We can interrogate these guys, which will be a bit hard since I knocked out ugly number two over here, and find out why they're waiting at this hole and go off on an adventure." He hoped he was right. He was probably right. He kind of wanted to do it himself.
    • Simon sighed and smiled. "That sounds nice." An adventure like this would be the a nice change of pace. Besides, the queen would want as much information as she could get. Simon decided to check the bodies before anything else. Besides their weapons, Simon also found a tall jar of thick liquid on the girl. It was urare, a poison that is harmless when consumed but is deadly if it enters the bloodstream. High ranking members of the Gerudo military would coat their weapons in it. After looking at the arrows, Simon saw that there were small ridges in it that would hold the poison. He decided to keep the jar. You never know when stuff like that might come in handy. Crane found a few throwing knives, but other than that there didn't seem to be anything of use. Crane kept the sword, even though he was better with his halberd. Simon left the throwing knifes in the grass in case Jens wanted them.
    • Jens picked up the throwing knives. It looked like things were settled. it was adventure time. But where to start. Jens had an idea. He opened up his cryosis apertures and tried as carefully as possible to control it. If this was done wrong, the two warriors would be encased in ice. And also dead. Jens brought his cryosis aperture to the face of each and unleashed a small puff of cold air. Just enough to put some ice in their hair. The two woke up with a start.

      "Aah!" The swordsman shouted. "What's going on! Who are you! Where am I!"

      "Calm down you blubbering idiot!" The bow woman hissed. "You'll get us killed."

      "Don't worry." Jens said. "We won't kill you. Yet." He was bluffing of course. But only for him. He couldn't guarentee what Simon would do. "We just want you to answer some questions. For example: who are you and why were you fighting our soldiers?"
    • "We're just bounty hunters, trying to make enough to survive. We heard there was a rebel camp out here, so we came thinking we could wipe them out." the woman said. Simon placed a hand on one of his swords and asked "What do you mean by rebels?" He didn't intend to let them go alive, but if the pair coughed up enough information, he might be more motivated to make their deaths painless ones.

      "The rebellion that's trying to free the Servants. Haven't to read the wanted posters?" The man said with a twinge of surprise in his voice. Apparently, this was common knowledge.
      The man continued. " I think there's an execution in the town square today. You might want to check that out if you plan on rescuing your friends." Simon sighed and smiled. He recognized all of this from somewhere. The assassin then turned back to Jens. "Should we go? It'd be useful for gathering information."
    • Jens studied the two bounty hunters. Then he looked back at Simon.

      "I guess." He said. "But what should we do with these two. Should we kill them?" The swordsman whimpered. The bow woman nudged him in a painful looking way. He felt kind of bad for them. Except that they were merciless killers who killed for money. Not much different then Jens and Simon but at least they killed for a cause. And they also had some mercy. Quick and painless deaths, usually. Unless they particularly hated their opponent.
    • "We should probably kill them. I'd hate for word to get out that rebels are going to the execution." Simon said. Without waiting for a reply, the boy unsheathed both of his swords and beheaded them both at the same time. Simon heard Crane gasp loudly. The man probably wasn't expecting that kind of response from a fourteen year old. It was this surprise that gave him an edge in many of the battles he fought. Nobody had expected a twelve year old and a sixteen year old to free their country from a corrupt king, either.
      The town square was about as large as the one back where Simon had come from. There was a large statue of what he thought was the king, surrounded by five other fierce looking warriors. It looked like there had been a sixth smaller statue at one point, but it had been broken off. Simon had found a nice place to watch from on top of a map shop.
      The only one they had to share this seat with was a boy named Peter. He said he was a nobles' son, and judging from his clothes, Simon believed it. Luckily, Simon had purchased a map (the lady at the counter couldn't believe her eyes when he pulled out a small green jewel), so he could easily make up a fake back story for Peter. He seemed to buy it all
    • Jens was unfazed by the swift kill. He couldn't help but chuckle internally at Crane's gasp. Classic. He supposed it made him a bit sadistic but on the street, age hadn't really mattered. You killed to survive. Especially back during Ganondorf's rule. But enough flashbacks. Grant had to find a place to get a vantage point. You always wanted to have multiple of those. Simon was on the roof of a map shop with some other kid. Jens meanwhile sat atop a building that denoted itself as the office of the tax collector. In accordance with this it was a very evil looking building. Gothic gargoyles and dark stones. It was like one big joke towards tax collectors. Jens could only imagine what the local prosecutors office looked like. Crane was with Jens and it was clear he was still a bit surprised at the killing. To ease Crane's nerves, Jens decided to make small talk.

      "So, you ever see any action?"

      Crane jumped a bit. "Er, no sir. Not since the rebellion at least."

      "Oh?" Jens said. So he was in the rebellion. "You must have done something important to become a commander."

      "Indeed sir." Crane said, swelling with pride. "I killed one of the bokoblin leaders."

      Jens nodded. That was important. "Call me Jens." He said. He wasn't really one for formality. He was about to say something else, perhaps a comment on the weather, when an announcer from below called out.

      "Loyal Citizens of the Kranina Empire!" He shouted. That was the name of the empire, apparently. "Today is the day we deal with these rebel insurgents once and for all!" The crowd cheered. It was very obvious they feared being killed if they did not. "We have, here in front of us, the leader of these rebel insurgents! The mysterious blackthorn! And before we kill him we will reveal his name and identity!"
    • "The leader is actually none other than...Cristopher Nemrel!"

      A man walked towards the gallows. Simon wasn't as focused on Talek as he was on the people behind. One of the prisoners happened to be Karae Carth, Simon's apprentice that wasn't supposed to be here. Another was an older man that Simon had only met twice before. The first time had been briefly when Simon nearly killed him in an explosion, the second when Simon had promised to rebuild his home and replace it's contents.

      Why? Why those two? Nobody else in the line looked like a Hylian or a Sheikah. How did they know? Simon pulled out his grappling hook and signaled to Jens. The enemy clearly had more information about the two heroes than originally expected.

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    • Christopher Nermal? Who was that? He was obviously well known to the public. Prehaps he was some wealthy lord or baron. He wasn't important right now, though. It appeared that Simon's apprentice was there too. Jens had only them twice but he was pretty sure that's who it was. There was also some dude who looked hylian. Jens had never met him. Though, he might have been that guy who had shown up drunk at the rusty gear and complained to anyone who would listen about his house being destroyed in an explosion. But why would he be here? Why were any of them here? It didn't make sense.

      To his left, Crane gasped.


      "Huh?" Asked Jens.

      "My wife is down there." Crane said. "But how? And... Who is she holding hands with... Is that... Me!?"

      That was even more strange. Jens looked across the rooftops at Simon and tried to get his attention. Once he did he pointed at his weapon, then motioned towards the execution. The message was pretty clear, "attack?"
    • Simon nodded at Jens and turned back to Peter. "I'm going to go grab a drink. Maybe I'll grab you one." he told the young noble in the nicest voice he could manage. Peter seemed to like that, so Simon jumped off the roof and put his cloak on.
      The execution deck was defended by a single guard, though his outfit identified him as a high ranking one. Simon met with Jens and Crane in between two shops to create a plan. "One of us should go after the guard, one of us after the Talek, and one to unlock the prisoners." Simon told them. Crane's confused face told the boy that he had never heard of Talek. "It's a man that can change his appearance to match anyone he's met before." Simon explained. One if his most recent targets was one of them. The skill had actually been named after him.
    • Jens nodded. "I'll take the prisoners." Jens said to Simon. "Crane is a soilder and not particularly a welcome sight to rebels and your, well, you." Simon was not quick to trust and not easy to be trusted. Jens supposed that was something that had made the rebellion easier. Two spies had gotten in and Simon had been able to tell that they were spies. But now it might make things harder.