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    • Jens followed the blue beams with his eyes. He whistled. That was pretty impressive. It was probably better that it was Ison making this stuff. Jens didn't really want to think about what would happen if Simon got his hands on weapons like this.

      Speaking of Simon, it was a good thing he wasn't here. Ironically, he and Ison definitely would have butted heads with eachother. That would be a real detriment.
    • "I don't know Simon very well, but trusting him with powerful weapons seems like it would be a really bad idea." Ison said.


      "You're trusting us to find a powerful weapon of immortality?"
      "That's the idea, yes."

      Simon leaned back in the chair. He knew about the power of fairies. There was a fountain filled with them about an half hour's ride from his house. But using them to create an item was never something he had thought about. Their magic was potent enough, so it made sense that immortality could be possible-ish.

      "But how? Healing fairies are selective about who they use their magic on. It only works if your cause is just, and I'm talking save-the-world just."
      "We're just as curious. It's your job to steal the weapon and gather any information you can. Hopefully Ison can replicate it somehow."

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    • H finished up the briefing and Sven immediately laid out a map on the table. "This is a projected map of the castle." He said. "While it's by no means complete we think that we've accounted for most of the secret passages." He then proceeded to point at two particular passageways. "The way we see it there are two options. The sewers or the fancy new magic cooling system that was recently installed. The cooling system is the more dangerous route since it's full of magic that could go haywire and freeze us at any moment. At the same time, however, it also leads directly to the labs. The Sewer is safer but it means that we still have to climb a good couple hundred feet to reach the lab."