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    Once Again [BackSet]
    • "Don't misunderstand. Winning the tournament is not the only way to become a general. It is only one method, but it's going to be the easiest for us to exploit." Ison explained. "Tyrant is allowing two winners this time because he's been attacking this city for quite some time and he needs all of the resources he can get. Our military is pretty formidable."

      "Interesting. So you're planning on putting two contestants in the tournament and hoping one of them can get win." Simon asked.

      "Yup. Both of them getting spots as generals would be the best possible outcome, of course."
    • "Okay, so who're you sending in?" Jens asked. "You'd beed someone you can trust and is also competent enough to win the tournament but also isn't so critical to the rebellion that losing them would cause the whole organization to collapse."

      "Well, originally it was going to be me and Gorot." Sven said. "But... there may need to be a change of plans now that some new variables have come into play. In particular, you two." He pointed at Jens and Simon. There was a semi-cocky glint in his eyes.

      "Oh no... please tell me you're not sending us." Jens said.

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