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    • "That was a blunt way of putting it but yes, that's why we're here." Jens said. Ison said something about wanting to check if they were legit. Jens thought it would be pretty obvious that they were good guys since both he and Simon were likely carrying more weapons than anyone in this room and hadn't tried to kill anyone yet. But nevermind that.

      "Well, we might have something in the library." Sven said. "Maybe H can find something for us. It's not likely though, given that most of it is fairy tale magic crap."

      "I'm sorry, what?" Jens exclaimed. "Magic is a fairy tale here?"

      "Here?" Sven asked. "What do you mean by here?"

      Whoops. Jens had let the cat out of the bag a bit early. He rubbed the back of his head. "Nothing! I was just quoting a book I read once. It's a nervous habit."

      Jens was lying through his teeth. He hoped it would hold up.

      (Would you mind doing H for me? I feel awkward using others' characters. Even if they're alternates.)

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    • (Yeah, sure. I'm trying to remember what she was like before, so it might take some time for me to figure out what I want to do with her.)

      "Okie doki." Ison said, standing up from his seat and walking over to a rack of strange looking devices. He picked up three smaller objects and attached them to his belt. After that, he grabbed a larger object and threw it in Sven's direction. "I finished that weapon you asked for, Sven. I'm calling it the Blizzard Blade™!"

      "Let's hurry." H commented, opening the door. "This process takes time, so we need to start as soon as possible."
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    • Jens watched as Sven expertly caught the blade and left with H. Hylia, this guy was good. Maybe it was because he was more focused than Jens was. Jens was a bit hyperactive and it showed how far he had come that he didn't pickpocket everyone he saw. Now he only pickpocketed occasionally.

      "Great." Jens said sarcastically. "So we're stuck here in a lab with these two." He pointed at Ison and Rein.

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    • “Oh, don’t sound so disappointed. You’re going to hurt my feelings!” Ison said. “Besides, we aren’t staying here. You guys are coming, too!”

      As they walked together, the leaders formed a group around Simon, Jens, and Naomi. Rein also stood in the middle, making the nasty weak feeling a constant. Simon thought he was going to throw up before he reached to door.
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    • The uncomfortable feeling emenating from Rein seemed to be affecteing Simon worse than Jens. He looked pretty gross. Like somebody who's sick but has been trying to lift weights while insisting he's fine. Jens didn't even know how he had come up with that analogy.

      "Eugh." He said. "Sick to your stomach is not a good look for you."

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    • “Thanks for that.” Simon said sarcastically. “I need to get away from this little creep.”

      “Ignore him.” Ison yelled. Rein didn’t do anything to react.

      Eventually, they reached the library. It was much more obvious than the lab, and it was much bigger, too. It had to be at least three stories high. H opened the doors and let everyone in.
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    • 10 minutes? To tell their story they'd need at least a year and a publisher. But a quick brief version could probably be arranged in a split second.

      "Well to be quite honest." Jens said. "We may have just sort of accidentally bumbled into all this. We come from a country called Hyrule, a land on a parallel version of your world. That's my theory, anyways. Anyway, we followed some disappeared soldiers from Hyrule's army through a hole and wound up here. As it turns out two mercenaries working for the local Dictator here killed all of the soldiers except one (who we saved), thinking they were rebels. One thing led to another and we accidentally kind of on purpose saved a bunch of people at an execution and now we're trying to stop your dictator. And if my theory on alternate realities is correct you need our help. Because you should have stopped him a while ago."

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    • "Well, we can't all be legends." Ison muttered. "While your story would be less than believable under normal circumstances, I remember seeing that same hole you mentioned when I was at the execution."

      "You were there?" Simon asked in disbelief.

      "Afterwards. I was coming into the town to investigate what had happened when I saw it. As soon as I approached, it started closing."

      As Ison talked, H joined the group. "See if this answers your question." she said, handing a large leather book to Sven.
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    • Jens was about to reply with a witty comment and some elaboration before H came along and placed a book in Sven's hand. Sven didn't even skipped a beat and immediately opened it, reading intently.

      "What's in the book?" Jens asked.

      Sven didn't even look up. He just kept turning pages and reading and muttering. Something about wars and legends. Eventually he stopped on a page. He looked up at them and then back down at the book. He then did that two more times before shouting.

      "What the hell!" He shouted and turned the book around to show them, amazingly, an artists depiction of him and Simon. Annoyingly, the depiction shared something with Jens' wanted poster back during the war.

      "They just can't get my nose right!" He lamented.

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    • "That clinches it for you, right? Solid evidence straight from H's hands." Simon stated matter of factly.

      "Sure," Ison said flatly, " but we still need to figure out what to do with you two. Putting useful tools like this to waste would be a shame. I think there's a conference room in the back, so let's continue our discussion there."
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    • Tools? That was rude. How were the two of them tools. If anything, the rebellion were the tools given that they had failed so far to stop their corrupt ruler. Nevertheless, Jens followed them into the conference room. Once they were in ther he sat down as did the rest.

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    • The conference room was significantly less spectacular than the library housing it. It was lined with wood and devoid of light, excepting a small purple lamp sitting in the center of a large table. Everyone was seated, and the meeting began.

      "We have two items of business, but there's something we must address before we begin," Ison said, kicking off the discussion. "First, what's the deal with these two? H, you're up."

      H looked back at the book. While many people knew the legends, this book held a detailed account unparalleled by oral tradition. "Simon is a heartless assassin. He owns a dagger that repels evil, but he doesn't know any sort of magic. Sort of a letdown, actually. I thought he'd be able to make use of tribal magic, seeing how he's half..."

      "Shut up." Simon spat. "The Blood Edge is gone, but I have some new stealth spells. If we need to break and enter, you can leave that to me."

      Ison snickered.

      "Jens, on the other hand, is an impulsive warrior and former pickpocket. He lost his arm during the war, but his new one gives him a variety of skills, including but not limited to the ability to create explosives, freeze water, and manipulate metal."

      This caught Ison's attention in a more positive way. "Can I see it?" he asked, quickly rising from his chair with a curious glint in his eye.
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    • "Um... sure." Jens said. "Just, uh, be careful."

      He held up his arm for Ison to see. He wasn't entirely sure how it worked. There wasn't a power source as far as he was aware. It had been torn off a clockwork machine a long time ago. There was no logical way it should have been able to power itself.

      Of course, the Queen nad many theories. She was super into this stuff and when she was busy the court wizard would also hover around Jens whenever he was called to the palace. It was like he was some sort of experiment.

      And then there was his technomancy. Jens didn't use his technomancy all that much. Sometimes he forgot about it. But it was the entire reason he still had an arm instead of just having a stump there. But he didn't know how it worked.

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    • Ison fangirled over Jen's arm for a few seconds until Rein pulled him back into his chair by his shirt collar. "You should stay focused. Studying can come later." she said before sitting back in her own chair. Ison smiled and patted her on the head before turning back toward the group.

      "Our plans are both going to be executed on schedule from what I can tell. The tournament starts in a few weeks, so we should be making final preparations and finding a place to put these two."

      "Wait. Tournament?" Simon asked.

      "Yeah. It's the event we're going to use to turn the tide of the war."
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    • Jens rubbed his chin. "Tournament, eh. What kind of torunament are we talking? Gladiators? Horse Racing? Triathlon? Snowling (is that a thing here)?"

      "It's going to be a gladiatorial tournament." Sven said. "Every year Tyrant holds one in honor of the day he took over. Nobody actually wins. Everybody who takes part dies."

      Naomi suddenly chimed in. "Uh, I don't know what your plans are, but there might be a wrench in them (whatever a wrench is?). After the show these two put on," She pointed at Jens and Simon. "Security's been doubled on the tournament. I was going to be transferred there before I defected."

      (I just love making our lives harder.)

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    • “Well crap. I guess it’s a good thing we have one of the stealthiest people on our side. Right?” Ison said, nudging Sven’s shoulder. “Besides, not everybody dies...well, not every year. Most of the time the winners suffers from fatal wounds and dies shortly after the tournament, but six years ago the winner actually survived.”

      “What happened to him?” Simon asked.

      “He became the tyrant’s most trusted general and married his daughter. I hear they’re going to have two winners this time around since that one general got killed after he failed to stop Jens and Simon at the execution.”
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    • Wait what? Jens did a double take. They had to be kidding.

      "That guy? Win a tournament? He was a wimp. All it took was a flaming sword to the gullet to have him panicking and prepared to spill secrets."

      Jens just couldn't believe it. Either the tournament was rigged or the only people willing to join were weak and incredibly stupid because everyone else had sense. Still, it was kind of ridiculous. That guy?

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