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    Pokemon Tabletop United Limited Recruitment
    • Hey everyone!

      Posting here today because I’m looking for one more person to join my Pokemon Tabletop Campaign. I’m running it with @Don Saltine as my co-DM. We’re using a system called Pokemon Tabletop United v. 1.05 (…oA60XvlU/view?usp=sharing)

      Other players right now are @zoraluigi and @Dr.Gazooks

      Our campaign is currently running weekly on Sunday, 6PM to 8PM EST (though we are considering extending it by an hour to 9). In full disclosure, are about 4 sessions in but everyone is still fresh enough that you would be entering in still the “beginning” of the game.
      Because it’s only one person, if we have multiple interested parties, we’d also like to have a short “interview” to see who would be the best fit for the party.

      If you’re interested or have any questions, please let me or Don know! Thank you for your time, and may you always be the very best, like no one ever was!
    • Co-DM here.

      I shall explain in more detail the setting and overall plot of the campaign.


      We are exploring through a version of Kanto which is a mix of video game, anime, and original elements. All the familiar locations of Kanto are there, but their atmosphere has been altered with new locations, characters, etc. In terms of time period, the campaign takes place on the cusp of an industrial revolution. This means some of the concepts used in the modern Pokemon world are not present in their usual form, such as the PC, TM's, or even Pokeballs! In addition, due to the time period, none of the characters found in modern Kanto are alive, so we are a little more than ten thousand light years away from facing Brock. :P


      In the past Pokeball production was solely dependent on the Apricorn, a fruit with a tough outer shell which could be hollowed out and crafted by a skilled artisan into a Pokeball. However, the Apricorn tree is very fragile, allowing only one fruit to be harvested a day to prevent permanent damage to the tree, and the process of turning an Apricorn into a Pokeball took hours by hand. Apricorn Balls were too expensive to be purchased by anyone outside the upper class.
      Until, eureka! Pokemon Professor Adam Cypress along with his assistant Prof. Felix Linden created the first successful prototype of the modern Pokeball. With this new innovation, anyone can now capture their own Pokemon, and not everyone is in agreement that this this is a good thing. How you, the player, will approach the invention of the Pokeball decides the course from there. Should the chance to grow and become stronger alongside a Pokemon partner be shared by all, or is the ability to rip away as many Pokemon as one desires from their natural habitats to be used as tools too easy to abuse?

      A Very Brief Overview of How the PTU System Works

      Even if you've played and are familiar with how D&D operates, the Pokemon Tabletop United system is quite different. You control a human trainer with a variety of different skills and abilities along with an active roster of up to six Pokemon (with the rest in storage, of course). Within a session either your trainer or accompanying Pokemon will face a variety of obstacles and challenges including combat, puzzles, and tests of certain attributes. How this differs from the Pokemon video games is that it is not only the Pokemon that can perform tasks and fight, your trainer can too, including entire classes revolving around trainer combat. Trainers can choose about four classes to advance into, allowing for many options to make your character your own.

      Again if you have any questions concerning the campaign or the PTU system in general feel free to contact @Xenovent or myself... and also if you're interested. :3
    • Hey guys just wanted you to know about the RPG nominations for DnD! Since you are affliated with ZU because you have a thread here, you can nominate your stuff!

      。・* ❀ Summer Awards 2018 - Roleplaying Nominations ❀ *・。

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