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    Ten Years of the ZU Podcast
    • "Ladies, gentlemen, and muffins,"

      You might remember me, you might not. That's not important. What is important is that the ZU Podcast, which most of you have either completely forgotten about or never knew existed in the first place, is a decade old now!

      I joined ZU in February of 2008, just before my 13th birthday(!), as a result of this podcast. It started out not as a Zelda-related podcast but rather as a ZU Forums-related podcast; when I googled "Zelda podcast" and found and downloaded the six-day-old debut episode of the ZCast, as it was known then, I did not realize this fact, and I felt duped. But Asci and Lunk, the hosts at the time, were so amusing to my little child brain that I kept listening...and I heard tales of this wonderful, tight-knit online community with rich traditions and a delightful sense of humor. This, combined with two important but coincidental details---1) I had been looking for another online forum to join after the previous community I had belonged to, Pokémon Online, vanished from the Interwebs, and 2) I had recently become a Zelda fan after playing Twilight Princess---prompted me to join this place the next day, as Morpheel Man. So the ZU Podcast has a very, very special place in my heart. Also, I pretty much grew up listening to this podcast, so that makes it even more special to me.

      The idea for a Zelda Universe Podcast arose in a thread somewhere on the forums---I'm not going to track that down right now---and came from veteran ZUer, now-moderator Galedeep as a hypothetical project. Then beloved ZU member AnimeQueen, being herself, ran with the idea and recruited a small team of dedicated forum nerds. Produced by the ZUBC, a half-assed attempt to rip off of the BBC, the ZCast had a rough start. The second and third episodes both suffered delays---"forcing" me to pester then-Head Editor Margar about WHEN WILL THE NEXT EPISODE BE RELEASED???!?!?!?!---and, aside from a 20-minute mini-episode celebrating the launch of the Temple layout/theme, it vanished for six months until Christmas after a failed attempt to spin the (now-entitled) ZUCast into a separate "ZCast" (Zelda podcast) and "CCast" (forum podcast). Then it vanished for another five months until May of 2009 as the ZUBC underwent a major revamp: AnimeQueen left ( ;( ), and Margar and host/eventual-forum-admin Liah took the reins of Executive Producer; the content also shifted to an approximate ratio of 7:3 of Zelda-related to forums-related. Under Margar and Liah, the podcast thrived, releasing monthly and, for a time, even semi-monthly. The ZUCast amassed a sizable following of ZUers and non-ZUers alike, thanks to iTunes, and a total of 36.5 episodes were produced before 2012. During the production of the 2011 Christmas special, things kinda fell apart, and the podcast was on hiatus in 2012, save for the release of a single discussion about the 25th anniversary, featuring longtime ZUBCer Hombre de Mundo...and myself! (I was a contributor from 2009 until the podcast died. If you listen to my first few segments, you can hear my squeaky, 14-to-15-year-old voice, and that fact is kind of embarrassing!) Hombre tried to revive the podcast in 2013 with a new, roundtable-centered format. One episode of the reboot was released, and another was partially produced, but it, too, fell apart for various reasons.

      So there's your history lesson.

      In honor of the tenth anniversary, I'm personally rereleasing the first two episodes here, which have been pretty much completely unavailable for several years. They're pretty bad, especially the first one, but they gave rise to something truly great that should be celebrated, not forgotten!
      1. ZCast - February 2008 (originally released 12 February 2008)
      2. ZCast - March/April 2008 (originally released 29 April 2008)
      If you want any other episodes, I have them. I've also extracted the vast majority of the non-host segments as separate files, if you're looking for anything in particular. Feel free to PM me if you're interested in any of them. Basically, I'm more of a ZUBC fan than you are.

      And because ZU thrives on discussion...what are your fondest memories of the podcast? How about memories you wish you could repress? Got any favorite segments? (Mine was always Cody's Rant.) most hated segments?

      Oh...and would you be interested in a new ZU podcast...? :look: