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    Super Smash Bros. Official Discussion Thread: EVERYONE IS HERE
    • Serenity wrote:

      The graphics design set on the menus in Sm4sh was honestly honestly baffling and hard to navigate, from what I've seen.

      This shit is a hot mess. Classic mode is in the vague "Games & More" category. I've read a lot of complaints about the menus in general, and the fact that Smash has a befittingly cluttered character select screen just goes to figure that whoever made the user interface for this game should get replaced. User interface means quite a lot in a game perhaps as much as gameplay and music.
      so, interesting fact. The person who made the interface for this is most likely sakurai's wife. No joke. Of course, she just made the buttons so it is also likely that someone else designed the interface.

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    • Well, I can empathize with Sakurai, but fans are going to remember this forever. I went to school for graphics design, a style of art and problem solving that is meant to communicate meaning to the audience, separate from more the more traditional kind of art, which is meant to communicate emotion, feeling, and a kind of meaning that is typically grander than what graphics design is meant to communicate. When I think of graphics design, I think of labeling for packages, but menus for video games are fundamentally the same thing due to their use of typography, illustration, and photography.

      I know I could reference Persona as a great example in effective graphics design in its menus, but I'll give a different example in order to not be formulaic:

      From a gameplay perspective, Brütal Legend may have come like it didn't quite know what it wanted to be, but from a theming perspective it knew exactly, and it communicated through it's intro and menus that it is a game about heavy metal and all that Satanic goodness, and the menus were never as hard to navigate as the ones in Sm4sh.

      Double Fine may have used image capturing for the main menu, which is unconventional for user interfaces and graphics design, but typography and language is still there, so it absolutely counts.

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    • Yeah, agreed about menus. Sm4sh is the only game in the series where I can't just immediately find what I'm looking for. Some of the priorities given to certain menus over others make no freaking sense too. Why the fuck is options not in the main menu? Why is Smash Tour presented as one of the main modes in the game and not in Games & More? Previous games were so much more clear. Want to play with people? Choose Group. Want one of the single player modes? Choose Solo. Every other option was clearly separated in an obvious sub-menu. It was so effective they even used it for Kid Icarus which is a completely different kind of game.

      The funniest thing is that the even the first menu inside Games & More would make more sense for a main menu:

      But even then it wouldn't be perfect.

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    • On the topic of menus, I really appreciate the character select screen from Melee.

      All of the clones are directly beside the characters they're cloned from, and grouped with their series of origin, and placed on the far left or far right of the screen, AND all the characters on the far left or far right of the screen are clones. Even Ganondorf is grouped both with Zelda characters and with Captain Falcon. Perfect consistency.

      Obviously, it's harder to do that with as many characters as Smash 4 has, but I think it erred by putting all the clones together, and then putting all the DLC characters together. You have a Fire Emblem section with Marth, Ike, and Robin, but then you have Lucina further down with the clones, and then Roy and Corrin with the DLC characters and even those two aren't next to each other. That's 4 different isolated Fire Emblem character locations, three of them for very similar fighting styles.
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    • ... Well that’s significant. Smash Bros. is getting a tournament on the week of E3, and they seem to be playing it up as the new game and not Sm4sh.

      If it is a tourney based on Smash 5, then that suggests a couple of things to me:

      • Smash 5 is much further along than most of us have thought.
      • Smash 5’s 2018 release date is unlikely to be pushed back.
      • Gameplay hype for new and returning characters.

      E3 is gonna be lit man.
    • I imagine this will play like the demo version of smash 4 3ds.

      Several characters, including veterans, won't be available and won't show up in the roster.
      Even among the ones that do show up, several won't be playable.

      I wonder if they'll invite some players that won't be able to fight with their mains. Like inviting Sol without Little Mac being in.

      Of course, Inkling will be available, and I can't imagine there won't be a new character introduction trailer before the tournament; it would feel really weird to have character reveals like that.
    • Abyss Master wrote:

      This has to be a new game, or Nintendo is shooting itself in the foot so hard that it's gonna be felt all the way into the next generation. And I don't mean the next generation of consoles, I mean the next generation of people.

      Yup, I mean if it was a port, and they wanted to still be slightly vague about revealing it, they could have done some of these three things and it would have been enough to show it is a port of some sort, but not reveal too much:

      1. Start the trailer with the Smash cross logo animation that they did with Smash 4 character reveals. If you go back, they even had this before the reveal of Villager which came right before the reveal of Super Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS. If they did it then, when we had no idea what we were watching, they have no excuse to leave it out here. IF it is actually Smash 4, that is.

      2. The logo shown at the end of the game should have matched Super Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS. Instead the presented logo is different and lacks the flames that signifies Super Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS. You see, they could have easily used the exact same logo as Smash 4 without having any title below, but they didn't. They chose a different logo from Smash 4.

      3. Credit Bandai Namco in the credits. IF the game is really Super Smash Bros 4, or is based on it, leaving out Bandai Namco in the credits does not make sense. We already know that SSB4 was codeveloped with Bandai Namco, there's nothing to hide... Unless it is a new game.

      Sadly, there are number of Nintendo fans who still insist that this has to be a port. Even moreso, they somehow don't see anything wrong with the way that the game was presented, and that it is OUR fault if we are disappointed if it it turns out to be a port. I don't buy that. I think the vagueness is on Nintendo. As I said, all they would have had to have done to make it clear enough while still keeping vagueness about the product itself was the three things I listed above. Instead, they presented it... like a new game.

      I mean, come on... If any other title revealed in this way, finishing off with a logo and no other information, there is no way that there'd be any question at all that it is a new game. However, since so many people got so hyped for a Smash 4 port and can't see it any other way, they're still clinging on to the idea. It's pretty irrational, if you ask me. And the fact that they turn around and lash at us who are expecting a new game, saying that Nintendo has not created false hype... It's just. Ugh. This is NOT how you present a port. It just isn't.

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