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    Super Smash Bros. Official Discussion Thread: EVERYONE IS HERE
    • At the end of the Nintendo Direct that was broadcasted on March 8th 2018, Nintendo showed off a trailer for Super Smash Bros. on the Nintendo Switch.

      The game's release is currently slated for 2018. The inklings from Splatoon are confirmed to be in this next iteration of Smash, and Link will be sporting his Breath of the Wild appearance.

      Link to the official US website is here.

      This thread will be used to discuss the following:

      1. News related to any and all aspects of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
      2. Opinions on any and all aspects related to the Super Smash Bros. series and individual games.
      3. Speculation about gameplay mechanics, stages, game modes and other aspects in the upcoming game.

      This thread will NOT be used to discuss the following:

      1. Speculation and predictions for which characters will appear in the upcoming game. We have a thread for that already.
      2. Topics that are only vaguely related to the series. Make new threads for those.

      Happy Smashing. :mastahsword:

      12TH OF JUNE 2018 UPDATE:

      The new Super Smash Bros. game has an official name: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


      Updated the thread to clarify what may be discussed in the thread, and what may not be.

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    • Moonlight Seer wrote:

      By this point I'm hoping it's sorta middle of the road between a new game and a definitive edition of 4 >.> Other games got such editions, don't see why not this one.
      I am kind of getting this vibe from it to be honest. I don't think we're simply getting a port (for a couple reasons), but I also don't think we're going to see the type of blowout that we saw from 64 -> Melee or Melee -> Brawl.

      I picture it being more like Brawl -> Smash 4. Smash 4 after all had a lot of stuff that worked mechanically, so there wouldn't be too much reason to start a new engine, for example from scratch. Smash 4 was a bit shallow on the single-player content and lacked customisation online, but aside from that would be a very successful game on the Switch in its own right given that the system itself is already more successful than the Wii U, but given the secrecy and mysticism behind this new title, I think it's safe to say there will be new elements and a few tricks up their sleeve. After all, they didn't simply come out and say "here's Smash 4 on Switch guise, and here's a release date, enjoy" like they did for a few other ports. No, it was clearly Smash Bros, but hidden behind a guise of wonder and secrecy (and some notable character model upgrades just based on the shadows).

      Of course, there are arguments that it'll simply be a port as well, but I can't see that personally due to not only the above, but other reasons as well. I think that "something new but similar to 4" is the most realistic bet based off of what we saw (which wasn't much). I just can't wait for E3 when I'm sure we'll get the real story.

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    • gff123 wrote:

      Since there are so many characters in The Legend of Zelda, they should make a whole new game like Super Smash Bros. Just take all of the characters from Hyrule Warriors, and more, and add them to the fight roster. This may just be a crazy, unrealistic idea, but I would play it!

      I thought that's why Hyrule Warriors was even made?

      I'm sure someone will Mod the game and do some skin swaps. It would be cool to see an entire Smash-Zelda edition.
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    • I've been talking to a few of my friends and we figured out a few things we'd like to have.

      1. Replace "Omega" with "Remove stage hazards". For instance, Wily Castle would be a perfectly legal stage option due to highly telegraphed simple moving platforms, but the Yellow Devil screws it up. Same with WarioWare.

      2. Make it so you can only do one airdodge before touching the ground. This one is controversial, but at high levels you rarely need more than one and at low levels airdodging is uncounterable. Casuals basically can't hit each other in midair because they don't know how to catch airdodges, so by reducing the amount you can do to 1, casuals can no longer use airdodging as a "win button".
      We all play competitively so I'm going to say "You're welcome" to all you plebs in advance.

      3. Add a dedicated "Melee Mode" that slightly increases gravity, gives directional air dodges, enables L-cancelling, and introduces ledge hogging. CHANGE NOTHING ELSE. That way Nintendo can please Melee fans and Sm4sh fans and bring them all together for Sma5h, and keeping the characters' movesets, options, animations, etc. the same between the modes will mean that it will be easier to transfer between them. I don't think the game should be balanced for this mode, but Melee wasn't balanced anyway so who cares.

      Oh yeah and add Travis Touchdown, that would be dope.
    • Rather than limiting airdodges to one, I'd rather have a short window after an airdodge on which you can't airdodge again.

      Basically make the airdodge animation longer without actually increasing invincibility. Currently if you spam the shield button in the air, there's a ridiculously small amount of time between each airdodge on which you're actually vulnerable (like, less than one tenth of a second). Just making that time longer would make airdodges a lot more punish-able without it feeling like an arbitrary restriction.

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    • If it were an enhanced port, I think they would told us right away. There's no reason to provoke the ire of the Smash Bros. fanbase by announcing it in the same way they do with new games, giving everyone time to speculate on it and build up the hype, and then sometime later telling us that it's exactly the same as the last one but with a few new characters and maybe stages.
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    • Yeah, if this is a port, Nintendo has announced it in a horribly misleading way, and a lot of people, myself included, would not be happy about it. There's absolutely no need for all of this vagueness unless it is a new title.

      In fact, if it turns out to be a port I will instantly lose interest in it. SSB4 never really inspired me and I got bored with it really quickly. I have no interest in playing SSB4 with Inklings and BoTW design Link.

      Thankfully, evidence does lean toward it being a new game. Just wish Nintendo had clarified it. =/ Or to be honest, I wish they had waited to show it until E3 when they felt they could be more up front about it.

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    • Yeah, I gave up with online pretty quickly in Sm4sh. nine out of ten online battles against strangers were just plain unplayable, and the one match that wasn't, was basically only tolerable. Against friends it wasn't much better, and it got worse when there were multiple people in one game.

      I would've loved to practice and get better at the game, but with the online we got it's just about impossible for me.
    • Quoting myself from other thread cuz I’m lazy.

      Topaz Mutiny wrote:

      I made a thing after stewing around an idea I had.

      I really liked the more complex and detailed alt skins we got in Sm4sh and how every character had like 8 skins, and I also liked the idea of characters having custom movesets.

      So I figured a neat idea would be “why not kill two birds with one stone and have clones be alt skins of other characters that then have access to custom movesets?”

      It would unfortunately cut into the number of costumes a character could have, but in return we’d have access to more characters and changes in movesets. This, for example, would allow BotW Link to have a BotW-based movesets while still allowing players access to TP-Link’s more traditional moveset. It would definitely help clean up the swath of clone characters. And for a small bit it would help clean up the character select screen so there’s more room for other characters.

      ... It’s never gonna happen, but I thought it was a neat idea.
    • @Topaz Mutiny That's a poor idea from a design standpoint because it's not immediately understandable. A casual would probably be confused as to why their one or two attacks are slightly different now. Unfortunately it's probably also confusing in Sm4sh and I don't know a solution.

      I do really like the idea of making the custom moves thing just a whole bunch of clones though. I personally love clones because they're easy to make, please fans, and give more playstyles without fundamentally changing too many parts of a character.
    • The graphics design implemented on the menus in Sm4sh was honestly baffling and hard to navigate, from what I've seen.

      This shit is a hot mess. Classic mode is in the vague "Games & More" category. I've read a lot of complaints about the menus in general, and the fact that Smash has a befittingly cluttered character select screen just goes to figure that whoever made the user interface for this game should get replaced. User interface means quite a lot in a game perhaps as much as gameplay and music.

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