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    Dingeons and Dragons: World's End
    • You sit alone. In a dark room. In a dark place.

      Thinking. Sitting. Darkness. It surrounds you. It overwhelms you. You close your eyes. It's dark. Too dark. The scene shifts, like the mud being stirred from a river. You see something. You hear things that aren't there. Or are they? You don't know. Everything comes together, and you open your eyes to a vivid scene. The small hamlet you'd be staying in for the past couple days was aflame. People scurried about screaming, some on fire, crackling like the pork you cooked over an flame a few weeks prior. You heard screams. No. You heard *a* scream. It sounded like something from a nightmare. It sounded like it was behind you.

      You turned. Your eyes grew wide in disbelief. Your brain could not comprehend what you were seeing.

      And then it was dark.

      Dingeons and Dragons: World's End
      Welcome, everyone, to the third iteration of Dingeon's and Dragons. While our last campaign was much more successful than the first, it unfortunately fizzled and died as most things are wont to do. Hopefully we can come up with something a bit more longstanding here. I'll go over the basics in this post; if you have questions for me, just pose them in here or in private and I'll answer them.

      What is Dingeons and Dragons?

      Dingeons and Dragons is literally just DnD for Dinnies. I host it for Din members mainly, but if there are people from other clans who want to jump in as a guest, or if we don't have enough active players, then they are welcome to. Din members are always prioritized though.

      We run 5E, and I do provide a lot of leeway for builds and stuff. I love homebrew elements so if you have something you want to use just bring it to me. It doesn't necessarily need to be from the Players Handbook; if I think it makes sense for the world and isn't stupidly overpowered, I'll accept it. We generally chat over Discord, do our calls over Discord (using the Din Discord, specifically), and we use Roll20 to host the actual tabletop portion of our games.

      How many players are you accepting?

      5 players to start. First come, first serve; Dinnies take priority as stated before.

      I will not just be taking anyone however. If you plan to signup I want you to take this seriously; I want players who are involved in the game heavily, who have a stake in it so to speak. If you aren't prepared to meet weekly at a set time (I am willing to make some exceptions, but generally you shouldn't miss a lot of sessions if you are a regular player); if you aren't prepared to do RP in the RP board to enhance the campaign; and if you aren't prepared to collaborate often with myself and your party members then don't sign up. Last game we had a lot of issues surrounding the outside of game that caused things to fizzle out. I don't expect you to devote your entire life to this by any means, and real life ALWAYS comes first, but if you don't expect yourself to be able to commit long term then you should leave your spot open for someone who can.

      I reserve the right to deny anyone for any reason.

      What time will we be playing?

      Time is flexible atm, but I'm looking at 5:30 PM Central Time on Fridays. If that doesn't work for you for whatever reason, let me know and we can try and maneuver around schedules but we're going to be following my schedule for the most part since I'm the one running this.

      What sort of world will we be playing in?

      So I don't have a map yet (lel), but the world is called Diewelt. The world itself is much larger than the area you'll (probably) be seeing; it's going to take place on a peninsula on the southernmost part of a (mostly) unexplored continent. The culture will be very similar to German, but in the greater world you'll find examples of other types of cultures as well. The races are typical 5E; expect to find elves, humans, dwarves, gnomes, all that good stuff in here.

      The world technologically is comparable to medieval times but I'll probably throw in whatever I want. Nothing ridiculously advanced but don't take the "medeival" thing too literally. There is no central government in the area you'll be in; there are two or three rich city states that control a swathe of land around them, several smaller cities that control less land but are otherwise "independent" and then everything outside of these areas are rural, poor as shit, shitholes basically. The economy is mostly agrarian so expect to see a lot of these poor as shit rural areas as well.

      The relationship among the races are rather strained, also. Elves and humans generally do not mingle together; same for all the other races. There's an unofficial "war" going on between all of the races, exacerbated by hostile monster attacks that are growing in regularity. There also groups of rogue humans, rogue elves, rogue dwarves etc. who basically act as bandits and burn shit to the ground. It's fun.

      There are ruins aplenty for you to loot. There are dungeons filled with mythos for you to uncover. The world has lore aplenty. You just have to go out and discover it.

      What's the premise of the story?

      There are monster attacks, and you are monster hunters. What more is there? Well, you'll just have to find out. ;)

      If you want to play please PM me. You can post in this thread if you do not wish to play, also. And again if you have any questions I am more than welcome to answering them. I'm looking forward to DMing for you!


      1. Zoraluigi - Warlock (Hexblade)
      2. Lysis - Bard
      3. Mordred
      4. Don Saltine
      5. Orion
      6. Xenovent - Fighter (Cavalier)

      Ask me for the clan test!

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    • We will be using Orion's suggestion for the rolling of stats.

      @Orion can you copy/paste it in here for me please?

      We will start rolling for stats AFTER THIS TUESDAY. I have school stuff Monday/Tuesday, and I want to chill tomorrow, so I'm not going to worry about it until Wednesday. That's for if you want to roll with me present though; if you want to roll by yourself just make sure you send me a screenshot of the Roll20 chat log so I can make sure you aren't flubbing numbers.
    • This is the formula used to roll stats: [[4d6d1]], [[4d6d1]], [[4d6d1]], [[4d6d1]], [[4d6d1]], [[4d6d1]], [[4d6d1]]

      Copy and paste this in game and it will roll for you. You drop the lowest number. Do this twice and choose one of them.

      Next take your second highest number and make it an 18 if you already have an 18 make it a 16. Take your second lowest and make it an 8. If you already have an 8 or lower make it a 10.

      So say you got 11,14,15,16,12,10,9. You would drop the 9, then turn the 15 to an 18, and the 11 would become an 8.

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    • Potential start locations (and map):

      A: Fuhren) A city situated between the Forest of Infinity and the Waiste, it has been relatively unscathed by monster populations. While it doesn't have the status of ~important port city~ that Wachter has, and while it doesn't have the type of militaristic attitude that exists in Diener, it does have an overwhelming love of the arts. Paintings, architecture, fashion-- all are beloved in the city of Fuhren. Even the walls of the city are decorated in an artistic fashion that simply does not exist in the other cities. There are sweeping arches, tall buildings, small "cutesy" homes, all in the name of beauty. Within it's borders exists a single hamlet which works to provide what scarce food it can to the city of Fuhren in the Waiste; unfortunately even with magic-assisted farming they don't get much out of the harsh soil and exist as mostly poor serfs, barely feeding themselves and sending the scraps to the city. Along with this there is a quarry in a hamlet a bit farther away, outside of Fuhren's control, but protected by the Fuhren military as a trade outpost.

      The Fuhren military itself serves it's purpose. It keeps out the occasional monster attack, it enforces the law, and it serves as a buffer against any sort of war or coup.

      The cities population is the most diverse on the continent; elves and dwarves are both able to live relatively well-off lives, even if they are distrusted and ostracized by their human counterparts.

      B: Diener) A harsh, militaristic city that is the last in the continent to be ruled by a king, complete with noble houses and all. Because of it's small stature (it once controlled the whole north of the continent besides the Kingdom of the Elves) the nobility are mostly just there for show and have no power outside of the king and random management positions he might give them. The military is large; nearly everybody in the city has some form of combat training. The walls are tall and are said to be impregnable ever since the remodels a decade ago after the Great Siege ended with a monster horde breaking the walls, getting into the city, and only the arrival of troops from Wachter and Fuhren a day later ensuring that human civilization didn't die out completely that day.

      The people in the city live simple lives. There is no extravagance, even among the upper nobility. Buildings are practical, built to withstand invasion, fires, assaults. The people work simple jobs, they eat simple meals, and they live simple lives. That is not say there is no fun to be had-- Every two years there is a grand tourney where all the knights gather and participate in games. There are plays that reenact the Great Siege a decade prior, and schools afford children a small escape from reality by providing them with the ability to play with their peers in the only parks the city has to offer. Books are read in leisure time, and people love just like any other. There is an air of despair or worry hanging over the city, however: Nobody knows when the next invasion will be.

      To the north of the city exists a fort which provides the only buffer to invasion they have. It's not perfect-- monsters have broken through at least four times in the last two years alone-- but it serves as some kind of protection.

      C: Wachter) A great trade city, the only one in the continent that trades with the rest of the world. A huge harbor exists here filled to the brim with ships from all over the world. There is a huge fishing industry which provides food for the rest of the continent when they are able to send caravans out.

      Wachter is ruled by the "Noble Council" a group of 8 people who decide policy for the city state. They assists Diener in staving off monster invasions from the north and their moderately sized army stamps out groups of bandits and monsters that do exist in the area around them. They are the greatest food producing state in the land along with all this, and the people are able to live well; not only because of the things they are able to get from other lands, but the city pays workers a high price for assisting in the day-to-day tasks in running the realm. It has the best infrastructure of any city, and while they haven't had the knowledge to uprgrade in centuries, they keep it well maintained. The farms are protected by armed guards, and even the farmers themselves are paid well for the food they grow. It's a picture of prosperity, people say.