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    My Little Pony: The Equestrian Adventurers Guild
    • Ponyville has a lot going for it. It's got a princess, her friends, nice ponies, several fan favorite background characters, and so on and so forth. But it also has a lot not going for it. It's got regulat monster attacks, friendship problems, and magic and pranks gone wrong. And the local heroes can't beat everything. That's why we have the equestrian adventurers guild. Who Don't exist yet. But they will. Just wait. They will.
    • Opal walked carefully along the path for a while, then she turned to the right and walked into the dense foliage of the Everfree Forest.

      If the books she had read were accurate, it would be somewhere in this direction. Two of the five reports of it being found that she knew of mentioned the large numbers of star spiders they saw, and one of the others had occurred during the same time as star spider season, she thought, jumping as a particularly fat star spider dropped directly in front of her nose.

      This mysterious plant she was looking for was made of a strange wood that supposedly allowed one to focus their magic easily. She had been unable to find any mention of the wood's name, but it supposedly only grew in the Everfree Forest.

      She was so lost in thought that she almost didn't notice when she walked into a clearing.

      "Finally!" she said, noticing how the sun hung almost directly over her head, "a nice clearing to rest in. I've been walking since dawn!" And with that, she stretched herself out on the clearing floor and fell asleep, the sun striking her crystalline, purpley-blue coat and reflecting bits of light onto the nearby trees.

      “I am loyal to Fate magic. I play what parts I must. You do not know what I have done. Or may yet do.”
      - Wanda Firebaugh
    • Bubly Clouds was whistling. And it was really annoying.

      "Must you do that." Dr. Tesscoil said in exasperation. Sometimes it seemed like the young filly was trying her best to annoy him to death. If she was he really wished that she could do it in a less loud.

      "What?" Bubbly asked innocently. "A nice song helps the time pass by quicker."

      Dr. Tesscoil sighed but couldn't bring himself to tell bubbly to stop. Her whistling was truly atrocious but he could live with it.

      Several hours later and the sun was low in the sky. The pair walked into a clearing.

      "Hmm. What do you know. It really does help time pass quicker." Dr. Tesscoil said. But bubbly wasn't at his side. She was up ahead hovering over a sleeping pony. "Hello?" She said, waving her hoof in front of the pony's face.

      Tesscoil sighed. "Bubbly!" He snapped. "Ypu shouldn't try and wake pther ponies up like that."

      "Sorry." Bubbly said remorsefully.
    • Opal was woken by a voice. "Hello?" the voice said.

      When she opened her eyes, she saw a filly waving her hoof in front of her face. Another pony berated the filly, and Opal stood up, her still groggy mind trying to make sense of things. Where was she? The nearby trees remided her that she was in the Everfree Forest. She quickly remembered that she had been searching for that wood, and had taken a nap. Now the day was almost over! And there are other ponies here now! she thought, the realization filling her with terror. What will they think of her wandering about in the forest alone? What should she say? What if she accidentally offends them? Oh no!

      "H... h... hi," she stammers quietly, "I'm... I'm Opal."
      She quickly looks down, too afraid to look to see their reactions.

      “I am loyal to Fate magic. I play what parts I must. You do not know what I have done. Or may yet do.”
      - Wanda Firebaugh
    • Huh. Strange. The pony didn't seem annoyed at being wokeen upnat all. Instead she seemed quite nervous. "Hel-" Tesscoil started to say but bubbly clouds interrupted him. "Hi! My name's bubbly clouds and this is my boss, Tess. He's a grump."

      Dr. Tesscoil pushed Bubbly out of the way. "Er yes, My name is..." What bubbly had said slammed into him. "I am not!" He shouted at her in exhasperation, losing his composure.

      "Yes you are." Bubbly said. Tesscoil remembered he was in front of people.

      "Oh... Crap... Right.... Sorry about that. Just one of our spats. My name is Dr. Hoofla Tesscoil and this is my assistant, as she said, Bubbly Clouds." He held out his hoof to shake. Dr. Tesscoil had a decidedly british accent or whatever the pony equivalent is.
    • They didn't seem to dislike her, that was good. Bubbly Clouds was Dr. Tesscoil's assistant, that explained their apparent dislike for each other. Opal had seen this a lot with assistant librarians and their mentors. She tentatively shook Dr. Tesscoil's hand.
      "Nice... nice...," she stammered, feeling the words catching in her throat. "Nice to meet both of you," she rushed.

      Wait, what where respectable ponies like these doing out here? These didn't seem like daydreamers and bookworms like her. Well, maybe Bubbly Clouds is.

      "Why are you here?" she asks, slowly and carefully, working her hardest to speak at a steady pace despite the way her heart is hammering in her chest.

      “I am loyal to Fate magic. I play what parts I must. You do not know what I have done. Or may yet do.”
      - Wanda Firebaugh
    • "We'er here to find a special magic conducting wood!" Bubbly blurted.

      Dr. Tesscoil's hoof met his face. "Bubbly!" He shouted. "What have I told you about randomly blurting facts about us to strangers! She could be a rouge changling! Or evil! Or working for my rivals! Or any number of things!"

      Bubbly sighed. "Your so paranoid Tess." She said, shaking her head. She turned back to opal. "Ignore him. I know your not evil." Bubbly clouds leaned in closer to opal. "You are not evil, right?" She then leaned back and continued as if nothing had happened. "So what brings you here?"
    • Wait, what! They're here for the same thing I am! Everyone else thought it was just a legend! What are the chances! Oh, actually they're pretty good. There aren't many reasons to be out in the Everfree Forest this time of year, plus he's probably a scientist, judging by the fact he has an apprentice.

      "Actually," I begin, "I'm trying to find the same thing."
      I pause, and decide that I have to tell them more or they'll suspect me of being one of the things Dr. Tesscoil said.
      So, I continue, "Most of my sources told me that there were star-spiders when they found it, so I figured that now would be the time to find it."

      "Also, no, I'm not evil."

      “I am loyal to Fate magic. I play what parts I must. You do not know what I have done. Or may yet do.”
      - Wanda Firebaugh
    • "Yay!" Bubbly clouds exclaimed.

      "Please calm down." Dr. Tesscoil said to bubbly.

      "Don't you see doc!" Bubbly said, Excited. "She can help us find it!"

      Dr. Tesscoil had to admit it was extremely good fortune to come across someone who was also looking for the same thing they were. He turned to Opal.

      "Since we're looking for the same thing, prehaps we would do better to team up." He said. "Saftey in numbers after all."
    • "OK," Opal said, without thinking, "let's do that."

      What was I thinking!? If I travel with them, they'll ask me questions, and then I'll have to lie again. I don't want to ruin my life by lying again. Alright, fine. They don't seem too bad, maybe they won't judge me too much.

      OK, I should at least try to be polite, these ponies have been nothing but helpful, though Bubbly Clouds could certainly use a little less energy. Here goes.
      "I'm a librarian, what do you do?" she asks.

      “I am loyal to Fate magic. I play what parts I must. You do not know what I have done. Or may yet do.”
      - Wanda Firebaugh
    • Just then two ponies, one black with a white mane and a purple pony with a dark purple mane, came out of the forest. They were just far enough away that Opal, Dr. Tesscoil and Bubbnly couldn't see them yet. Deci saw Dr. Tesscoil, Bubbly and Opal. She turned around not wanting to talk to any other ponies. It was bad enough that Ebony had seen her in the forest in her changeling form, she didn't want to talk to anyone else.

      "Where are you going?" Ebony asked.

      "Away from those ponies," Deci said quickly.

      "But they might be looking for the wood too!" Ebony replied.

      "F-fine, but you'd have to d-drag me there," Deci said trying (and failing) to hide her nervousness.

      Ebony sighed, and used her magic to drag Deci over to where Opal, Dr. Tesscoil and Bubbly are.

      "Umm... Would you... Would you maybe be looking for a kind of magic wood?" Said Ebony who had suddenly become nervous.

      A little earlier

      Ebony was walking through the EverFree forest looking for a certain type of wood she heard was a great conductor for magic. Suddenly she heard someone walking through the brush in the distance. She walked over to the source of the noise. She was kind of worried that the pony wouldn't be nice or that the noise came from a monster, but if the pony was hurt... She approached the area that the noise came from and was suprised to see a changeling. Not the knew kind, but the way they were before king thorax. Deci looked and saw there was a regular pony looking at her, when she looked like a changeling. She hurriedly shifted and accidentally turned into Ebony. She shifted into a black pony with a white Mane, but it was too late.

      "Umm-Don't-Can-Please-umm... Please don't tell anyone!" Deci said.

      "Your not attacking me?" Ebony said in shock.

      "Why would I?" Deci replied.

      "Your a changeling! An untransformed one!" Ebony said.

      "That doesn't make me evil," Deci said.

      "I'm not sure if I trust you completely, but I could use some help..." Ebony said. "I'm looking for a certain type of wood that is supposed to be a good magic focus and it's somewhere in the EverFree forest."

      "Um, okay. As long as you don't tell anyone you saw me!" Deci replied.

      "I promise," Ebony vowed.

      Back to the present

      Deci was regretting agree to help Ebony so much. She knew that finding the wood would be hard, but she really really didn't want to talk to anymore ponies. But here she was near lost of ponies who probably wouldn't be half as accepting of her as Ebony.
    • A pony came walking towards them and said, "Umm... Would you... Would you maybe be looking for a kind of magic wood?"

      Is everyone in Equestria looking for this wood!? She seems nervous though, I know how that feels. Wait, is she using magic?
      Opal had been so worried about this new pony she hadn't noticed the other one being dragged along by magic.

      Now she noticed though. She tried to figure out why, and she didn't like what she came up with. She's forcing the other pony to something against their will! Anger rushed through her, and she only just managed to clench it down before she reacted rashly in front of Bubbly Clouds and Dr. Tesscoil.

      She breathed for a moment, and then quietly spoke, trying to keep the anger from her voice, "Why exactly are you towing another pony around with your magic?"

      “I am loyal to Fate magic. I play what parts I must. You do not know what I have done. Or may yet do.”
      - Wanda Firebaugh
    • "Oh," Opal said, looking down in shame for jumping to conclusions too quickly, "I'm sorry for being so rude... My name's Opal."

      Then, she internally yells at herself, You stupid pony! You need to stop jumping to conclusions so quickly!

      Bubbly Clouds' entrance interrupted her train of thought, and she smiled. Bubbly Clouds' trusting and happy attitude was infectious. Opal couldn't help but like him.

      “I am loyal to Fate magic. I play what parts I must. You do not know what I have done. Or may yet do.”
      - Wanda Firebaugh