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    Update to SD Rules (Please Read)
    • All,

      Over the past few months or more we've seen many arguments made in bad faith and outright arguing points that have been debunked thoroughly - this kind of conduct goes contrary to the entire point of the subforum. To address this we've clarified an existing section in the SD rules regarding ignoring evidence, which was originally restricted to threads tagged as "Academic" and will now be applying it to the subforum as a whole:

      By posting, you are agreeing that you will participate in discussion, not to simply state your views or ignore evidence present. [You are entitled to believe what you like and you are free to post that, but you are not entitled to dismiss or ignore evidence contrary to that.

      For example:

      Poster1: "I believe the earth is flat."

      Poster2: "Well, that's just scientifically wrong, here is a link to satellite images of the earth. It's relatively round, and somewhat egg-shaped."

      Poster1: "Okay, but I still believe it is flat."

      If you don't want to participate any longer, that's fine. But don't continue a discussion with someone who is trying to engage you while being duplicitous or ignoring their points or sources. That's rude, that's insulting, and that is not permitted.

      Anyone violating this rule repeatedly may be subject to infraction ranging from 2-4 points.

      If someone is doing this repeatedly then we will take action. Let this serve as a warning, we don't want there to be any surprises.

      If there are any questions or concerns my PM box is open.

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