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    • Hello Chel,

      Great to meet you! Thanks for the welcome!
      I actually just graduated with a Masters in Creative Writing on my career path to owning my own publishing house. My Career advisor suggested I try to do some non-profit or free work to sharpen my skills, gain new skills, and build a portfolio of work.

      I came into this as a content writer and have always been a huge fan of Zelda games. I just finished my first play through of Breath of the Wild and have started again.

      I am also playing Stardew Valley on Switch, Skyrim on PS4, Mass Effect Andromeda on XBOX ONE S and Final Fantasy 15 on Xbox One S. I am also a big Sim fan and have been trying to get my own youtube channel going for awhile with house builds.

      I look forward to hearing from more awesome people such as yourself, and am excited to learn something new too!

      Thank you again,
    • You're very welcome!

      It definitely sounds like you're at an exciting point in your life, with a lot of things to look forward to!

      Breath of the Wild was a fairly magical experience for me - while it wasn't a perfect game by any measurement, I found it to be an absolutely delightful change of pace... one that had me more deeply hooked than any other Zelda game in recent memory. So much so that it's a miracle that my wife didn't kick me out of the house due to how obsessively I was playing it for the two weeks after we grabbed it, lol.

      Stardew Valley is an absolute joy to play! I have the PC version, and have played it a great deal with my wife using a makeshift multiplayer hack that's available... though we ended up deciding to hold off until the official multiplayer mode was released before resuming, due to getting a bit tired of the bugs that we were running into. I've tried getting into The Sims on multiple occasions, but they all end up following this progression:

      1. Attempt to play the game legitimately.
      2. Go bankrupt.
      3. Use cheats to bail myself out.
      4. Fall to temptation, use cheats to engage in utterly ridiculous amounts of remodeling.
      5. Turn cheats off, resume normal play.
      6. Realize, almost immediately, that I've kind of spoiled the game for myself.

      It's a terrible, destructive cycle.

      Shinytoy87 wrote:

      I look forward to hearing from more awesome people such as yourself, and am excited to learn something new too!

      Thank you again,
      Aw, thank you so much! And you're really very welcome! I look forward to having you here on the forum, and hope to see you around!
    • Thanks for the welcome everyone!

      I have too many favorite games to name, Skyrim, Zelda and Stardew Valley have to be my current favorites. However, I also love the Final Fantasy 15 game, and was quite happy with most of Mass Effect Andromeda.. except for the facial expressions. Dwerp!

      I am looking forward to playing the Port of Majora's Mask for the New Nintendo 3DS and well as A Link Between Worlds. : )

      I'm also a huge anime fan and currently am hooked on The Ancient Magus Bride. I look forward to hearing from you all again and I will def keep my eyes on the forum. : )