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    The Din Embassy
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      Welcome everyone, to the first ever Din Embassy! The Din Embassy is a community outreach program to the rest of ZU from Din! We would like to get to know you all better, for you to engage with us in here and learn more about the Din Clan, and maybe see if you'd be a good fit in our community =)

      What is Din

      What is Din?

      Din is a clan on ZU, of course! You can join a clan by heading on over to the Clan Placement thread right here in Newbie Central; inside, you can request your clan of choice. If you're already in a clan, however, you'd need to message a moderator to switch clans. A clan, though, is just a smaller community within the greater ZU -- a collection of people with similar interests, usually friends, who talk and just have a good ole time together.

      In Din, we have a tight-knit community that is akin to family. We have a Discord that we use to talk to each other in, but that is by no means the bulk of our clan; we are extremely active on the forums side of things, with our general chat thread being a favorite hang out spot among Dinnies, along with random threads dedicated food, gaming, and much more!

      For fun, we like to talk to one another about life. We either talk generally in our chat thread or if we're looking for advice we have a serious thread that we can turn to. We also play games together - once or twice a week we get together in a Discord call and play games ranging from Cards Against Humanity and Jackbox to Civilization 5 and Terraria. We also play games like Monster Hunter: World fairly frequently.

      We're a quirky bunch, with a vast amount of personalities from the eccentric to the chilled out to those just wanting to stay in the background. That said, it's a place where everyone is welcome =)

      So now that you have a general idea of the clan, I bet you're wondering-- what the heck is this thread for?! Well, I'll tell you. Since it can be hard to gauge interest as a new member without really any idea where to go, we thought we'd open our doors a tiiiny bit and let you see into the world of Din. What does that mean?

      Well, in here, you can engage with Dinnies by asking them questions about the clan, themselves, or just talking to clan members! You can ask why a Dinnie likes Din, why they choose to stay in Din, or even just try to make a couple friends before taking the plunge and joining. This is a thread made by Din, for newbies, to learn more about one of the clans that Zelda Universe has to offer. I'll also be posting random things from time to time as a kind of "peek" into what our clan has to offer. I'll be doing one at the end of this post, even.

      So I encourage you - clanless or someone from another clan - to talk with us a bit, and see if maybe you want to become a Dinnie too.

      Note: This thread is not for the advertising of other clans; while it's fine and encouraged for members of Farore/Nayru to engage with Dinnies here, this is a space for *Din* and banter relating to other clans, promoting other clans, etc. should be taken to other threads. Thanks!

      Ask me for the clan test!

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      My name is Serenity, previously known as thumiza, or Zotiie if we're going way back.

      I am a regular goer in Din. I'm not a mod, but I'm certainly up for conversation. A lot of the times when I post, it's on my phone, so a lot of the times you should get a fairly quick response from me if you ever want to talk.

      If you would like to know some things about me, I'm a gal in her early twenties. I'm a PC gamer, and I have a lot of experience in producing digital art. I'm generally as nerdy as any other individuals around here, though I'm up for talking about more mature things and stuff. I do really like getting in in-depth conversations, but I'm up for whatever.

      Hopefully, I don't scare you. I've been on ZU for close to a decade. I was on here in its golden days, and I'm still on here, because it's a worthy place to discuss things I'm interested in, such as politics and video games. Honestly, this place is better to talk about a lot of things than somewhere like Facebook.

      If you're wondering if Din is right for you, that's obviously for you to decide. Din is known for its spirit. A lot of Dinnies tend to stay Dinnie, and once a Dinnie always a Dinnie. Despite how kind of close knit we are, there is actually a fair amount of activity. The chat thread (Din Community Hall) has some in-depth discussions, but we tend to keep it fairly chill. There is also the Dinner Table, where we really talk about life stuff. Really, I think there's something for anyone who's interested in forum discussion. We have a gaming thread, and various other threads including a bunch of stuff about food. LOL A lot of us are into Shin Megami Tensei and Persona, as of now, but we keep that stuff to its own thread.

      I've been a part of Din for years. There tends to always be something to talk about, and while a lot of my old friends are no longer as active, there's been some chill, fresh faces who I've come to know. I'd like to think that a community hall actually fits the aesthetics of Din fairly well. If it were represented in real life, I imagine a feast with lots of tasty ales on a long table where people talk about whatever, but now I'm really going on.

      Hope to see you guys soon~
    • Hey ya'll, this is Harry. I used to go by Kol Gaines, so you might have seen me lurking around the forums. Or you might not have.

      I don't talk too much to those around me, but I'm open to meeting new people anytime. If you have a question for me, either shoot me a PM, or tag me here and I'll get to you as soon as I see it. Or in otherwords ASAP.

      On a side note, I love MHW, gaming in general, and overall freaking out over my love life choices. XD

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    • Hey Everyone! I’m Winnie and comod of Din with Sólsetur. We have a great community, Din is very friendly and inviting, and we are a very interactive clan with both posting in the clan itself and for game nights.

      If you have any questions about Din please don’t hesitate to either post them here, or send a message to me or Sólsetur and we will be happy to talk about the clan and if it’s a good fit for you!
    • Linkara wrote:

      *hangs out in a tree and spies on all of yall* damn. I kind of want to go in there myself. They've got an amazing buffet.
      Din is practically the food clan. I think that Din's most favorite kind of food is pizza and Mexican, and honestly I'd have it no other way. We have several threads centered on certain foods.

      And yeah, Sol makes most of the threads in Din, but he's a really good community coordinator. I would not hold it against him. I don't participate in Dinscord all that often, but it's a great way to make new friends.

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    • kodachrome wrote:

      So Din is basically a collection of threads made by Sol is what you're trying to tell me
      There are other threads in Din!

      I just happen to be the OP of all the most recently posted in threads -- off the top of my head, though, we have the Din Megami Tensei thread, the Popcorn thread, the Chimichanga/Taco/Pizza/Burger threads, the entertainment (TV) thread, etc. made by other users. I do tend to make a lot of OPs, though, but that's just a result of me being hyperactive XD