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    • Another band I enjoyed in my younger days, Godsmack, also released an album, When Legends Rise, this year to my surprise. This is why I love Pandora. It's usually good in cycling appropriately new and old stuff I wouldn't think to look for while I swear Spotify cycles the same crap depending on the genre.

      I'd say it's not as hard as their older stuff, but it's not bad either.

      Godsmack samples

      Their single Bulletproof

      Let It Out (been playing this one over and over in the truck)


      @Moriquendi That Dimmu Borgir song is pretty awesome. I agree with Ty that it's too symphonic for my taste, but I'd absolutely love an instrumental album from this band. I sampled a few other songs from that new album and they were pretty wicked too.

      @Hoju Never listened to Powerglove before. Thank you for this haha. Love it.

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    • Of course, I never miss out on the opportunity to post about BTS.
      Spotify (Full Album)

      (^Title Song w/Music Video)
      They're one of the only artists that has yet to disappoint me with their music. And thus far I've loved every track on the new album, an absolute favorite being 134340 (otherwise known as Pluto). This song specifically gives me a really acid-jazzy vibe and I love that so much. The album as a whole seems a lot 'darker' in tone and slower in pace (except for maybe So What and Anpanman in regards to 'speed') to their last album, and I quite like that contrast between the two. Considering I don't have much else coming out that I'm looking forward to personally, this is probably my personal album of the year haha.
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    • I don't feel like going and listing everything I've listened to just yet, I'll probably do that on Thursday before the new releases on Friday, I just came into say that MAN I'm having a great week this week in terms of new music:

      Kyle's Light of Mine one of my most anticipated debut albums.. ever, dropped, and it did NOT disappoint. I loveeeeeeee it.

      TWRP's Together Through Time suggested to me by @zoraluigi rocked my socks off; I can't stop listening to it. It's just fucking packed with gems from the quirky "Phantom Racer" to the sensual "Tactile Sensation", from "The Perfect Product" being a weird ass fucking song that is great in every way to "Starlight Brigade" and "Disco Volante" just being fabulous tracks. Jesus fuck. I'm so glad this was recommend to me and I will not hesitate to recommend it to anyone and everyone. It's fucking GREAT. I love it. So much.

      Then a spur of the moment pickup: DJDS Big Wave More Fire. I picked them up mostly because they produced "Ultralight Beam" and I really dug the production on that song AND HOLY FUCK it blew me away. EVERYTHING ABOUT THE ALBUM IS SO GOOD. The pacing. The vocals. The guests. The production. The content. Everything. Is. Good. I love it so much. There's so much packed into it, so much interesting shit; I could listen to the same song on loop for three hours and still be picking out new shit the entire time. It's fucking fantastic. Love it.

      Then Now, Now's Saved which I only picked up because @Galedeep said he enjoyed it is pretty legit. I've only given it a single listen but I'm definitely going to be spending more time with it pretty soon.

      All in all this is probably one of the best weeks in music I've had in forever. So much good stuff to listen to. I hope the rest of the year is like this, even though I know it won't be :P
    • 20. Jimmy Eat World - Love Never / half heart (single)
      21. Now, Now - Saved
      22. CHVRCHES - [i]Love Is Dead[/i]

      Pretty slow month heading into the midyear, just two albums and one single - though any new Jimmy Eat World is a bonus and "Love Never" is a great summer rock jam.

      But even though I only checked out two new albums this month (and one of them just came out today), it's worth it if that Now, Now album continues to grow on me. It's been hyped by a few music people I trust for awhile now, but even still I wasn't expecting to like it as much as I did on release. Though it's sonically dreamy indie-pop, it actually reminds me a lot of Jimmy Eat World in how they are able to craft these super catchy vocal melodies that have a lot of power thanks to how earnestly Cacie Dalager performs them.

    • Galedeep wrote:

      Master list post:

      1. Jeff Rosenstock - POST-
      2. Elizabeth Gundersen - Elephant Heart
      3. Hussey - Hitchens
      4. Tune-Yards - I can feel you creep into my private life
      5. The Shins - The Worm’s Heart
      6. EDEN - vertigo
      7. Brian Fallon - Sleepwalkers
      8. Car Seat Headrest - Twin Fantasy
      9. Various Artists - Black Panther: The Album, Music from and Inspired By
      10. Good Old War - Part of You EP
      11. Screaming Females - All At Once
      12. Logic - Bobby Tarantino II
      13. Jack White - Boarding House Reach
      14. The Lawrence Arms - We Are the Champions of the World: The Best Of
      15. Hop Along - Bark Your Head Off, Dog
      16. Cardi B - Invasion of Privacy
      17. J. Cole - KOD
      18. Janelle Monáe - Dirty Computer
      19. Cary Brothers - Bruises
      20. Jimmy Eat World - Love Never / half heart (single)
      21. Now, Now - Saved
      22. CHVRCHES - [i]Love Is Dead
      Jesus christ Galedeep marry me
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    • You're right about that. Neither is the new Voidz which was a big disappointment because I really loved Tyranny a lot. I felt like Julian Casablancas was doing something new and creative, like he hadn't done since First Impressions of Earth in 2006. Virtue kind of leaned away from all the cool stuff Tyranny did, back towards a more Strokes-y sound, but not in a good way.

      Galedeep wrote:

      Oh that does sound nice!

      (though the new tune-yards isn't very good)
      my signature used to have a picture, a link to the chat, and a link to my twitter. all three links are dead. now I have this.
    • 23. Father John Misty - God’s Favorite Customer
      24. Richard Edwards - Verdugo
      25. Tiny Stills - Laughing into the Void
      26. Kanye West - ye
      27. clipping. - Face EP (reissue)
      29. Neko Case - Hell-On
      30. Jay Rock - Redemption
      31. The Carters - EVERYTHING IS LOVE

      Doing an early post even though there's a couple more albums to come this month cause gonna do a mid-year recap toward the end of June. And it's been prettttty busy this month.

      The 2 Kanye "wyoming" albums I've checked out were a mixed bag. The collaboration with Kid Cudi turned out better than I expected but still hasn't really grabbed me. Kanye's own album is a rough listen, I've only been able to twice because it just sounds so bad - like the mixing and mastering is just so out of wack it makes it hard to appreciate anything else. I'll try to give it some more attention but honestly not feeling the draw.

      Liking this Father John Misty record more than his last one. New Richard Edwards hasn't quite matched his previous record, though - more spins may change that though.

      Picked up the new Neko Case on a whim cause I loved that case/lang/veirs collaboration from a few years back. It's solid. Tiny Stills is a band I only heard about cause Tony Thaxton of Motion City Soundtrack did the drums on it (his wife is the frontwoman) and I'll listen to anything that has Tony drumming on it. It's a fun little power pop record.

      I'll probably have more to say about The Carters when I've had more time with it. Right now I'll just say it'll be hard for Beyonce to top Lemonade.
    • Panic! at the Disco’s 6th album, Pray For The Wicked, just dropped.

      I have mixed feelings and I don’t know where I’d rank it in their discography. Maybe third, just above Death of a Bachelor? Idk. It has higher highs and meh-er mehs than they usually have.

      The three singles released from the album (Say Amen (Saturday Night), (Fuck A) Silver Lining, and High Hopes) were all pretty solid. I love the production of this album as a whole and it sounds like a more evolved version of Death of a Bachelor with the horns and the crazy synth. There are some really cool, unique, memorable sounds they get.

      My favorites of the new tracks are Hey Look Ma, I Made It and Roaring 20’s

      I just love the chorus of this one so damn much. The weird synthy backing vocals are so cool.

      This song seems to be the consensus favorite from the album. It’s so fun lol. The drums and instrumentation as a whole is such a blast.

      After that though the album starts to lose me. The second half of the album has way fewer standouts than the first half. I can only see myself revisiting a couple of the songs.
    • Hmm, so far, listening to Daytona, Ye, Kids See Ghosts, Nasir, Daytona is still the best in my opinion, strictly speaking in terms of production.

      It's definitely been a mixed jumble of really good singles and some mediocre side tracks, but over all, I don't think any tracks are horrible. Definitely not living up to what I expected though.

      If you know you know is the best track out of every release, imho.
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