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    My jobs.. what's your guys job?
    • JayCee wrote:

      I’m a student, but I have an accounting placement. One of the rare people that actually likes accounting. Probably will move into another career field though. It’s just that accounting is decently easy and the money is like amazing.
      Well, @JayCee, you have an accounting friend on these forums, because that is what I am currently going to school for. I love it as well. Got an internship this summer lined up. You are also right that the money you can make in that field is like amazing.

      While I am going to school, I am working for my father-in-law. He owns a software company and I do tech support and sales for him currently. It's a paycheck, that's it. :)
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    • Captain Crusader wrote:

      Lanayru_ wrote:

      I have worked in IT for almost 8 years doing random stuff. I made my way out of highly compartmentalized job in the category of system administration in order to move on to cybersecurity. I constantly question all of my life choices and am always paranoid. It's a decent job.
      Just recently I landed in a similar boat. After undergrad in the hard sciences, then grad school in physics-turned-geology in order to graduate, I wound up finding IT work in the healthcare industry. It pays the bills well for an entry-level position so I'm pretty stoked even though I can't apply my training in Earth and physical sciences.

      You'd be surprised how many niche IT fields there are... You may find yourself applying that knowledge someday. I can't think of anything off the top of my head that would include geology, but who knows? :)
    • I'm taking general college classes for an AS and I'm "employed" by a temp agency called Randstad. I just started what was supposed to be a permanent assignment of putting together orders in a wine warehouse (I live in Sonoma County so there's a lot of vineyards and wineries around here), but because I can't work on Mondays and Wednesdays because I have class, they don't want me working at all since Monday is their busiest day.

      I'll end up getting assigned to another warehouse soon enough. A lot of the jobs are unpacking and repacking stuff.
    • I am a ZUer. *shot*

      Worked so many jobs before. My first job which got me paid for real was working as a salesgirl at a baby department in a hypermarket and departmental store after finishing my Certificate in Life Sciences (which was taken after finishing secondary school). After 7 months of saving up, I resigned from the job to take my diploma in IT (it was the only study offer I got at that time, sadly).

      Then I took my Degree in Industrial Information Technology and after a few semesters of being one of the top students for the class, I took a wrong turn by changing my course to Degree in Bioinformatics and thought "why not?" (studied Life Science before) in hopes of gaining better edge compared to IT. During this stage, I worked at McDonalds's part-time to save up for my survival and paying the Uni's fees.

      An accident occured to me in 2006, caused me in delay of finishing my studies and had to quit working at McDonald's due to the irreversible damage to my lower parts of the body. My recovery resumed me studying and work part-time as a home deco promoter. I resigned from this job after one year and three months of working with them due to sexual harassment by a colleague. A year later I worked as an intern in a government hospital in the pathology lab for blood tests & other body liquid tests (including the Biochemical tests and criminal identification tests) & upon finishing the intern, resumed studying and this time I was involved in comic drawing and tried auditioning instrumental music when I had spare time (I posted in ZU of my only Soundcloud which I didn't update after one upload).

      After my graduation for my Degree in Bioinformatics, it turned out that jobs in Bioinformatics were scarce where I was residing in, so I worked as a portrait artist and sculptor (thanks to my love in art & practices when I was still studying). But my Director's greedy, wanted us to fulfill more output as if we are machines so one by one of the studio crews resigned, including me. Then I was stuck jobless for several years due to economic crises and gender bias. I rather not dwell much into this one as it would bring up life nightmares for me which I only shared with Asia (Anime_Queen).

      Later I was fortunate to had a job as an Associate Software Tester before I got promoted as the Senior Manager's assistant for Knowledge Management but again ruined by a man who harassed me at work, made so much commotion that my employer had to retrench me so I had to restart my career again elsewhere. Jobless again before getting another Software Tester job, but didn't last long since the company's small so retrenched again. I worked as freelance Graphic Designer after that using my old laptop but finally my laptop died after two years so I then took up a job as a volunteer with little or sometimes no pay, but there's food nevertheless.

      From the job as a volunteer, a government rep noticed me and from there was the start of reconstructive surgeries and occupationl rehabs to enble me to work as a law enforcer now.

      I look forward for another job in the future which will allow me to have lesser working hours and more family time for me and my 9 months' old baby, Adam.
    • @JayCee @Lozzie you can account for one more in your profession!

      I recently passed my professional exams for a chartered membership. Took me far too many resits but got there in the end!
      Now to get qualified I need to complete a diary of competency. Which is... going I guess. I was very lax with it so I can barely recall what I worked on in my first few years, but I just need to waffle a bit.
    • I'm a web application developer primarily focused on front-end development. However, I've also been known to dabble in back-end work as well, depending on my team's needs. I love my job but find the trend-hopping in the industry, specifically in the front-end development, somewhat annoying. Overall, it's a great job with decent pay. I'm satisfied.

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    • I'm a dancer, teacher, and choreographer. I'm trained in most styles, but tap is my specality and I'm typically labeled as a tap dancer. I currently teach at my home studio when I'm not traveling to NYC/LA/anywhere for other gigs on the side I get. I'm planning on moving to NYC by the fall. I'm also into music engineering a bit. I make money on the side splicing music for other chorographers to get certain songs down to a specfic time limt. I'm in the middle of launching a website to make the music editing business a legit thing.

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