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Persona 5 Mafia - Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There

  • Twenty-two people sat in Leblanc, sipping on coffee and enjoying the atmosphere of the small cafe. Some chatted among one another, groups of two or three people gathering in places to gossip about their acquaintances or perhaps to complain about their exams coming up in only two short weeks. It was a Sunday, and you all felt fairly comfortable on such a lazy day. No school, none of you worked full time, and you were able to just sit back and relax. Even the owner of the cafe, seemingly slaving away at a hot stove to make curry for you all, seemed to enjoy having people over.

    Someone in the room glanced at the TV, and then turned the volume higher. It still couldn't be heard well, but conversation's gradually died down as people began to listen in.

    "...56 people died today as an oil tanker's driver mysteriously passed out at the wheel. His vehicle drifted into the opposite lane and the subsequent crash resulted in a car catching fire, igniting the tanker and killing most everyone involved in the crash. This event is linked with the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, an upstart group who gained national recognition last month whe-" the TV cut out, and you assumed it was someone turning it off, but the lights in the room cut off too. And the music. Someone gasped, and a light filled the room from the ceiling.

    "Well, isn't this a conundrum?" A voice said, seemingly from nowhere, but coming from everywhere at once. "Well, I think.. we should play a game." You open your mouth to speak, but nothing comes out, and it snaps back shut. You can't open it. It is almost as if your lips have been sewn together in an instance, and you look around and see the other patrons - your friends, people you knew - clutching their faces as if the same thing just happened to them.

    "The Phantom Thieves are in this room, you see. And each one of you has a.. problem. Your hearts aren't pure. In fact, they are very dark. Who's to say they won't come after you next?" He - at least you think it is a he - chuckles, and the light goes brighter.

    "If you don't want to end up like Mr. Tanker Driver on the television, I suggest you play in my game. Not like you have a choice anyways. You will each be transported from here to.. a place, call it another world if you will, where you will be forced to root out which one of you silly geese are the Phantom Thieves. If you manage to do it, they will die. But you will be saved. If you don't manage to do it, well, I guess the Phantom Thieves would say the world is a better place now, right?"

    You hear a snap, almost like someone snapped their fingers, and the cafe disappears. In it's place, the subways of Tokyo, dimly lit, with black veins and a red substance eerily similar to blood covering the walls. There are twenty-one other souls hear with you, and the bright light is gone. But the voice speaks once more.

    "I will bring you back to the real world at night.. but every single day from this moment on, you will be brought here, until you figure out who the Phantom Thieves are... or until they deal with you however they see fit. After all, I wasn't lying when I said some of your hearts could use some cleaning up."

    "Have fun."

    And then it was you. With almost two dozen other people. In a place that was both familiar and unfamiliar at the same time. How would this play out?


    1. Kae - Mafia JOAT
    2. Orion - Town Reporter
    3. Serenity - Paranoid Cop
    4. Ruki - Mafia 2-Shot Framer
    5. Lysis - Disappearing Act
    6. Monika - Town Manipulator?
    7. Sabbo - Town Oracle
    8. Dark Link Reigns
    9. kodachrome
    10. Moechacho Town Inventor
    11. Ty. - Town Doctor
    12. Mordred
    13. Munching Banana - Mafia Hacker
    14. Cody - Stump
    15. Epicstorm - Town Reviver
    16. Xenovent
    17. Kol Gaines - Mafia Hammerer/Hidden Voter
    18. HarmonicalHero - Mafia Role Cop
    19. EnigmaFarce
    20. MoonlightSeer - Mafia Lover/Roleblocker
    21. Bolero of Fire
    22. Don Saltine - Mafia Nexus

    GM NOTE:

    If you, at any point in this game, claim a character or claim an Arcana, you will be modkilled. You are welcome to discuss them - what each arcana entails - but any hints as to what you are will result in a modkill.

    You can role claim as normal.

    Ask me for the clan test!

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  • As you slowly come to the realization that you're trapped in this room with these people, you think to yourself, How can we figure out who these Phantom Thieves are if we can't even speak? A hand reaches up to touch your lips, and you feel nothing that would prevent you from speaking... you open them to test, and they do open just fine. You whisper to yourself, and sound does come out. So. Problem number one solved.

    You look around at the others, and notice that each one of them has a mask attached to their face, and.. different clothes on? You feel instinctively at your own face, around your forehead, and indeed, there is a mask there. Just as you cannot tell who anyone is, you cannot tell who they are.


    The voice speaks, in your head this time. "The masks are to prevent you from being unbiased towards people you make consider friendly towards you. If you truly want to return to a system of justice that isn't predicated on a group of vigilantes, you will need to view everybody in equal status - you will need to wipe the slate clean. But do realize that there is a group of people here ready and able to change you in ways that you couldn't possibly imagine. Or perhaps you're a part of this group, and don't want corrupt souls only interested in self-preservation to kill you out of fear."

    "If you so much as utter a single word about who you are in the other world, well, I will kill you."

    "Good luck! You'll all need it."

    Now it's time to begin.

    Day One Begins

  • Oh man it's been too long Mafia my sweet mistress.

    EnigmaFarce wrote:

    I'm a newbie Mafia player, so I think these are perfectly fair questions to ask: How familiar with each other is everyone here, how experienced are you, are there any players in particular I should watch out for in this game, and if you were Mafia, what strategy would you employ?
    I believe this may be about my 20th game of mafia ever but I feel like I still have so much to learn, haha. As for who you should look out for, I don't really want to follow that line of thought as every player should be judged by their actions in the game that is taking place, nothing prior (unless you're going into the psychology of each individual player and their playstyle but that requires a ton of time both with the game and the player themselves). If I was mafia I would play as a town player as best as I could while also trying to minimize damage done to my group. For example, try to go with the town if what they are doing winds up being good for you, but if there is damning evidence against one of your group, lynch them with no hesitation. That's just how I tend to play as mafia.
  • Suddenly your phone vibrates, and you check it to see a strange icon that you've never seen before. It's a red square with a black hat in the middle of it. You click it with some trepidation, and a list fills up your screen.


    Who do you think should die today?

    Orion [2] - Lysis, Orion (self-vote)
    Kae [1] - Kae (self-vote)
    Serenity [1] - Serenity (self-vote)
    Ruki [1] - Ruki (self-vote)
    Monika [1] - Monika (self-vote)
    Sabbo [1] - Sabbo (self-vote)
    Dark Link Reigns [1] - Dark Link Reigns (self-vote)
    kodachrome [1] - kodachrome (self-vote)
    PrinnyofTime [1] - PrinnyofTime (self-vote)
    Hide [1] - Hide (self-vote)
    Mordred [1] - Mordred (self-vote)
    MunchingBanana [1] - MunchingBanana (self-vote)
    Cody [1] - Cody (self-vote)
    Epicstorm [1] - Epicstorm (self-vote)
    Xenovent [1] - Xenovent (self-vote)
    Kol Gaines [1] - Kol Gaines (self-vote)
    HarmonicalHero [1] - HarmonicalHero (self-vote)
    EnigmaFarce [1] - EnigmaFarce (self-vote)
    Moonlight Seer [1] - Moonlight Seer (self-vote)
    Bolero of Fire [1] - Bolero of Fire (self-vote)
    Don Saltine [1] - Don Saltine (self-vote)