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    Are third party softwares allowed?
    • So I have been browsing the wiki lately and I have realised that the images regarding recent Zelda games (3ds/Wii U/Switch) have a severe lack of quality (in correlation the possible higher quality). Using third party tools, it is possible to get way better images than what we currently have. I tried to search guidelines and rules regarding such tools but Ihave found nothing. While some tool include data mining, I think it should be legally fine as we aren't distributing assets 'as it' (in the case of 3D models). Regarding the tools render quality, for 3DS games it render almost perfectly, for the Wii u/Switch I have virtually no idea but, I have in my possesion tools and techniques to rip 3D assets from DirectX memory - in others word, we would just had to play the game normally on an emulator and rip asset to render them to then use it on our wiki. This techniques also negate the need for rigging (and so does 3DS tools). Regarding 3D assets, those might be kind of problematic as they would be assets 'as it' and therefore a copyright infrigment.

      So here's my questions:

      • Do we allow the use of third party software to render 2D imagery of 3D models (npc, weapons, etc...)
      • Do we allow the use of 2D asset whom would be direct game rip?
      Regarding the methods, I would not disclose how to get 3DS data because it would technically be a copyright violation and is easily accesible using the search engine Google™.
      For the memory ripping, I would be allowed to as it dosen't correlate to Nintendo™ software.