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    Can't Draw the Line RP
    • Everyone thought their was only two, Good and Evil. Light and Dark. Black and White. They are right, They WERE right. A little while ago everything was good or evil, black or white, one or the other with no in between. The line between the side was thick, bold and clear as day. No longer, over the course of the last 3 months the most virtuous people found their darker side and the most evil people found good feelings filling their heart and things other than hatred fueling them. People woke up confused, were they good or evil? Did those words even really mean anything after all? The world fell and civilization crumbled. The world was in ruins and few survived. There was only one question left, Who to trust? The answer? No one and everyone. Good luck in this world.

      It been a few months since the down fall and how fast mother nature has reclaimed the world is scary. Massive city's reduced to rubble and covered by vines. Where towns once were wild forest have grown. Summer was a nice month, but the chilly winds of Autumn blow and for some this may be why they Fall. The population has slowly decreased as the fight for survival has become more fierce many have died. To animals and starvation yes, but also to each other. Good luck and if you survive through fall beware of winter.
    • Vincent was with Albano and Ronnie in the Family Bunker living on tomato soup and bottled water.
      "Do you boys think its died down out there" Ronnie said slowly spooning soup into his mouth.
      "Ronnie don't be stupid," Albano said "its hell out there, we are better of in 'ere."
      Vincent stood up from his desk. " Boys you know what, I'm sick and tired of this tin can,"
      "But Vincent you catch your death in the cold out there and who knows w-."Albano briefly said before being interrupted.
      "Shut Up Albano! Who made you in charge!" Vincent shouted knocking over his chair."We'll rap up warm and go have some fun, you with me?"
      "Yes Mr Vincent." said Ronnie
      "I guess so Mr Vincent." said Albano.
      The three started packing for the expedition; grabbing soup can's, water, ammunition and other supplies.
      "Vincent i think the door is frozen over." Ronnie said attempting to open the exit out of the bunker.
      "That's because i need to unlock it with my key card Ron" Vincent was checking his pockets for the key card " Here it is lets go,"

      When Vincent opened the door, outside was dilapidated. The entire restaurant was rumble and covered in shrub and ivy. The corpses of the scalpini family were still there... Something was.. disturbing about them. It seems they had been ravaged. But not by animals.

      by people...

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    • Lillith was outside the restaurant, she had wanted to search it for food, but bodies... There was bodies. When the apocalypse started Lillith told herself that she wouldn't kill anyone, if she would keep that promise was to be seen. She suddenly heard a bunker door open and hid herself in the vines. She had to be wary, the amount of people who tried to kill her and take her stuff was amazing. She didn't know how she made it this long, but she intended to make it for a while longer.
    • "Boys i think they were eaten by people." Vincent reluctantly said "animals would have eaten them where they lay now, but they don't have bite marks in them."

      "They took of the edible parts to cook them." Albano Remarked checking the areas on the bodies without flesh.
      "IS ANYONE OUT THERE? IF SO SHOW YOURSELF!" Vincent shouted pulling out his raging bull.
      "i don't think that's a good idea Mr Vincent." Ronnie said trying to calm Vincent.

      Albano found some leftover food behind the counter, a diet of tomato soup sure is monotonous. He was oblivious to the rotten condition of the food. he was hungry.