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Health/Fitness/Wellness 2018!
  • Skywing wrote:

    Unfortunately in September my dad, whose health had been going downhill for a while, was taken into hospital, and was diagnosed with cancer, and passed away in November. So naturally fitness training took a back seat for quite a while.
    I'm sorry to hear about your dad :(

    @Bill and I took up cycling for a while back around 2010 (lol we're old) and wound up cycling across the state one day. I remember that's when I first really started to enjoy fitness.
  • Thanks for the comments :) I was a little stiff today following yesterday's running, although I've been worse. We took it fairly easy yesterday as my friend is still recovering from a knee injury. So today, I went for a short bike ride which usually helps with the stiffness. 7 miles, at a fairly leisurely pace.

    I bought a cycle computer recently, so now I know exactly how far I'm going (and how fast). Previously I was going by the distances shown on the trail maps, which are rounded to the nearest half mile, so added up over two or three sections it's a long way off from the actual distance.
  • Hey HFW! To be honest this past week I have really fallen off the wagon, but with good reason: I’m on vacation! BUT I finally reached the whole reason I went on this trip, as I am currently in Lake Bled, Slovenia!

    There’s a walking path along the whole lake and if I’m lucky I may go horseback riding too! This is so picturesque and amazing, hopefully I can get my exercise in tomorrow!

    Before that I was in Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, and Bosnia, but Slovenia’s Lake Bled is the best. If I could do Croatia over I’d have visited Plitvice Lakes, but after spending about 5 hours at the Bosnian border, I couldn’t sit in the car for another two hours to make the trip.

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  • So today I went on a somewhat spontaneous bike ride. I hadn't planned to but it was a nice day so I decided to go somewhere I haven't been for a while. Same trail I usually go to, but I can drive to where the second rest stop is and then pick up the trail from there. That way I end up on a section of the trail which I don't usually get to. Makes a nice change and the scenery is incredible. In total I cycled around 15.5 miles today. Another good thing about this part of the trail is more variation in the slopes compared to the earlier sections. Both ways you get a mix of up and downhill, whereas the first 8 miles or so of the trail all slopes the same way.
  • Had a great session with my friend today, again it was short distance running, including some hill sprints, and body weight exercises. This time we also did some skipping, which is actually something I've never done before. And I guess it's another thing which is much harder learn as an adult, and several times I ended up tangled in the rope :lol: But I'll get there with practice. Finally we jogged home rather than just walking. I got on really well with it mostly, and I'm really noticing the positive effects.
  • I realised it's been months since I weighed myself. I know I lost a lot of weight last year between exercising more and eating better, and I've managed to keep most of it off judging by the fact that I'm still considerably thinner than I was. But I thought I might have put a little bit back on as I hadn't been focusing much on my health and fitness with everything else that I had going on.

    So today I weighed myself and I was pleasantly surprised! According to NHS guidelines, at 67.5kg I'm nicely within the healthy weight range for a 6ft, 27-year-old male, and actually more towards the lower end of that range. So I'm really pleased with that, and can enjoy a few guilt-free pies and doughnuts from time to time!

    Compared to a year ago, before I took up cycling (and exercising in general!) I've lost around 30kg. I feel fitter, stronger, more confident, I've got more stamina and I'm happy with how my body looks.

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  • @Skywing you’re doing great! Hearing about your accomplishments helps to spur me along as well haha.

    Yesterday was my first day back in the gym after traveling around the Balkans for two weeks. Where I ate my weight in gelato, and they also have surprisingly amazing French fries. Seriously I could not stop eating them and I’m not even a French fry person!

    So upon my return I weighed 115 lbs, BUT this morning I’m back to 112! 2 more lbs to go before I’m back to my pre-departure weight and can fit comfortably into the skinny jeans I bought for the trip! I can fit into them now but I look less sausage-like if I lose a couple lbs!

    Also HFW, I’ll be in Kansas City for the summer! Super excited for that, and my hotel is right by a gym so I can eat BBQ and hopefully continue to make gains while I’m there. If anyone has been any recommendations for what to do are greatly appreciated!
  • 525x3 on rack pulls today. Anytime I tell myself I’m doing something sub max I always blow it off and go for it anyway. Felt good, most I had ever done in this particular gym before I left was 295.

    Also, the amount of carbs I’ve been eating in New York is ridiculous, and I’m not even one to care much about that as long as I’m getting optimal fat and protein. Between bagels, pizza, and the best baked ziti on Long Island, this bulk is going a little too well. Weighed in at 226 this morning.
  • @Winnie Thank you! I'm around 5'3" and I was around 125 lbs. before I started getting really serious about exercise and I felt really pudgy, so it's good to know that my personal goal isn't too "out there" or anything (actually, now it seems pretty reasonable).

    Speaking of which, I weighed myself today and I'm around 118 lbs! Not a whole lot of progress, but I'm getting there! (I could've lost more by now if I had actually been consistent in the strictness of my diet... But oh well!)
  • Hahaha, hello ZU fitness squad. I'm just checking in here to say that after riding a roller coaster of life for the last few years and ending up progressively more out of shape, I'm actually planning to pull my self together and get back into a somewhat regular fitness routine.

    The issue is that due to extreme stress (you have no idea how much), I ended up piling on about 30 pounds in the blink of an eye. I was underweight before, so this put me at a healthy weight. Unfortunately, I also stopped exercising entirely. Now, I'm just like... Well shit. I have a slight belly and I feel pudgy. Also, I'm pushing up against the limit of my current clothing size and I don't wanna size up.

    So! Tips? Got any? I'm looking for things that I can do at home to build muscle. I get my cardio in on absolutely bruising hikes so I'm not worried about that. What I'm worried about are strength and flexibility. Is this enough info for tips? Halp me. :3
  • So, it's basically suggested that people with bipolar disorder have a routine sleep schedule and exercise to handle mood swings better. I think I've had a fair amount of exercise, but I've had issues with overeating and having totally erratic sleep schedules, literally ranging from sleeping four and a half hours a day and feeling wired without caffeine to feeling exhausted and sleeping for half the day. I know these meds are mellowing me out a lot, but I'm posting to say that, for my own health, I need to have a routine sleep schedule, exercise when possible (which I kind of already do, because of work and stuff), and not overeat. I need to go on more hikes, even if my current employment matters are a real pain in the ass despite my undeniable social skills and abilities to talk my way into things.

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  • @Zephyr Crow

    Strength I’m not the best person to ask (although I do planks, glute bridges and lunges as often as possible and I find this does build up my core strength)

    Flexibility- stretch, stretch, stretch. I stretch after every single work out for 10-15 minutes. Take your time, don’t overdo it. After stretching, look up some simple yoga poses to try for another 15 minutes. They will help both flexibility and strength and make you feel more relaxed at the same time. Try it out! Hope this helps :)

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