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Health/Fitness/Wellness 2018!
  • They added a few new machines to our new fitness center. It's really fleshed out now. The guy who oversees everything was there that day and he called it some kind of jungle machine. Actually, two jungle machines attached by an overhead bar. It's pretty neat, and a bit intimidating at first sight. I'd never seen such a crazy contraption. What a piece of workout magnificence; I like it! hahaha
  • I went to the gym for the second day in a row today. I haven't been consistently in a very long time because it got too easy to make the excuse of not having enough time to go on top of work and everything else. It sucks having to do everything at significantly lower weights than what I used to do, but it's my fault that I have to start over so like suck it up buttercup lol
  • Not much of an update, but I'm noticing my endurance is getting a lot better. Ran a mile in under ten minutes (which is something I could never do back in school due to me being more of a sprinter and not a long distance runner). I'm losing some of the unwanted fat around my legs as well which is certainly welcome indeed. All in all I'm proud of my progress; although when I tell my family about it they think I'm overworking myself due to the amount of time I dedicate to it each day (especially considering I am not aiming for a bodybuilder-esq physique). How much time do you guys spend working out/exercising every day?
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  • @Jimin just work out the amount you want to, everyone is different. I get the best results where I work out every day. If every day I do at least 30 mins cardio, and every other day I lift, that’s what works for me. That’s also because taking a day off for me leads to taking more days off so.. it’s easier to stay disciplined when it’s in my daily routine.

    There are others who only work out 3-4x per week, and then you also have folks who do two a days—where they run in the morning and lift in the evening, or vice versa. Just do what you want and don’t listen to others.
  • When I first started going to the gym regularly I was going 3 days per week, but started doing more as time went on. I feel a lot better on days that I go to the gym than on days I don’t. Starting out I was there for 30-45 minutes, but now it’s generally 60-90 minutes.

    I don’t have set days off anymore, I’ve been in the gym the last 7-8 days and feel great. That said, I take a day or more off when I feel like I need it, or when traveling.

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  • I go to the gym 3-4 times a week. The amount of time i spend at the gym just kind of varies on what I want to do, it could be 30 minutes or it could spike up to 2 hours because I sometimes take too long of a rest period (or because I chat with some of the people at the gym.)

    I am pretty happy with what I do, it keeps me toned and I don’t always feel as sluggish.

    Also, in brighter news, with some encouragement with my gym friend, I was able to squat up to 325. It was pretty interesting, since I know the first time I tried it, I really couldn’t come back up with the bar because it felt too heavy. I went back to it about a week later and i had no problem doing 3 sets of 5.

    I have also upped my weight extremely high with hip thrusts. I first started out with 100, realizing how light this was to me I just continued to grow with it. Now I am currently at 430 and i can honestly say that i am happy with the progress I am doing in a span of 1-2 months.

    I’ll pop in more often with progress, but the small bits like this make me extremely happy.
  • @Aurelia is my cot damn hero. Nice work home slice.

    Been enjoying the spring weather when I can. I've been grilling a crap ton, so aside from ingesting carcinogens, keeping lean and well prepared meals ready hasn't been a problem. Also, I cleaned up my spare bedroom and have been debating it's use whether I want to use it for business or health. If I go the health route, I'm thinking of dedicating it to stretching and flexibility since I'm getting older. Nobody needs to throw out a hip.
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  • Hey guys! Just wanted to give a bit of an update, I’ve been working out regularly and I’m finally down to my goal of 110 lbs! Basically I’d like to maintain that weight but keep converting fat to muscle, if I lose a few more lbs that’s fine though.

    To put things in perspective though, I’m 5 ft tall, so ideally I’d be anywhere between 100-110 lbs because... the only other place for weight to go is horizontal, which I don’t want. Also for women about my height their competition weight can be less than 100 lbs so, I still have a ways to go before getting a Jaime Eason-esque figure.

    Also here’s a confession: I knew I had to make a change during a nightmarish dressing room session. Spoiler tagging because sometimes sharing is caring but not everybody cares about this stuff:

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    So there I was in Macy’s, just discovering they had a Little People section (woo hoo petites!) Normally I’m a size 0-2, and I take about 15 dresses into the fitting room with me. Start trying them on and they fit perfectly... for the upper half of my body. But I couldn’t fit most of them over my ass and the ones I could were way too.. let’s just say not appropriate for work. I’ve always liked my assets but in that moment I was sad, and decided it’s time to literally work my ass off at the gym. I’m still working on it, and I think it’s a misnomer that only plus sizes have to deal with curves! Little people have butts too! Thank goodness for fit and flare dresses or I’d be screwed.

    So yeah, had a sad day and decided to hit the gym harder, and used my tax return on personal training sessions to help keep me accountable.
  • Legit Winnie I'm in a very similar boat.

    My upper body is a small, around a size 2-4.

    My hips and.. assel.. region.. are around a 6-8. Finding clothes is a nightmare, that's just where any weight I gain goes instantly.
    I'm 5'1" so YES you gain even 5 pounds and it's extremely noticeable. It's quite frustrating.

    Good job for sticking with it! I admire your tenacity.

    I've fallen off the wagon. After being sick, I've been dealing with a painful nerve/tooth situation which has kindof hindered me, but I know I need to keep going, because I was doing well and I miss making progress. I only want to lose 10 more pounds (if possible) so I should be able to do it as long as I actually start DOING something...

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  • Just over a month ago I started doing a few sets of direct forearm work at the end of my workouts, and as of yesterday my forearms are up 1/4” in circumference.

    Hopefully it’ll last for a few months like the neck training did. 17”-18.75” in 8 months, started with a 10 lb weight on neck curls and struggled for 10 reps, and am currently doing 90 lbs for 20.

    Also, signing for some property up here in a couple days, and making plans to build next year. ~25 acres.
  • Hey guys! Been a while since I've shown myself here, haven't had much going on in the way of fitness lately.

    Last year I made a lot of progress after being unfit and slightly overweight for most of my life. Learning to ride a bike (yeah, at the age of 26!) started it all. I got hooked on cycling and soon realised it was making a huge difference to my general fitness. My best friend, who plays rugby, goes running once a week in addition to his other training, so he invited me to tag along. Between that and cycling my fitness improved dramatically and I lost a lot of weight.

    Unfortunately in September my dad, whose health had been going downhill for a while, was taken into hospital, and was diagnosed with cancer, and passed away in November. So naturally fitness training took a back seat for quite a while.

    Now I'm hopefully starting to make some progress again. I've managed to keep the weight off (well most of it anyway!), and I started cycling again as the weather started to improve. As far as running goes, circumstances have been conspiring against us for the last couple of months and we haven't been able to go for one reason or another, but finally tonight we made it. Our sessions consist mainly of short distance running/sprinting, along with a few body weight exercises and stretches.

    Tonight's session was the first one I've done since September, and it went really well. I was surprised to find my strength and overall fitness hasn't declined too much in that time, and I'm still much fitter and stronger than I've been for most of my life. Most importantly, it felt good, and I really enjoyed it, something I never thought I would. I always hated exercise when I was at school, but I guess the important difference is back then I did it because I had to. Now I'm doing it because I want to.

    I feel so much better, and more confident in myself. I now buy trousers two sizes smaller than I used to, and even those are quite roomy. Hopefully things will continue the way they are, we are planning to start going running every week again, and I'll be riding my bike a couple of times a week when I can. Cycling seems to help when I'm stiff the day after running, so I'll probably go for a ride tomorrow.

    I've also got some weights, and my friend is going to come up with a regime for me to follow with those too.

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