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    ZUvengers initiative MK II
    • Linkara was surveying the battle from one of the last intact Guinea Copters. He saw that Guinea was back on his feet.

      "Nice to have you back Guinea." He said into his com link.

      He then turned his com link off and sighed. They would have a lot to answer for. Three months after they'd trashed the city the first time they'd trashed the city a second time. Millions had died. And at least 80 percent of them had turned evil at some tome or another. Oh boy. Yeah, Forum City would want to burn them at the stake.
    • Burn them at the stake. At this point that isn't even and idiom or a hyperbole, that was probably literally what was going to happen. Or something really horrible like getting banned or something. GamerKitty looked around at the city trying to see if there was anything she could fix at the moment. When she looked she didn't even see any broken buildings, just gravel boulders and dust.

      "Oh great Arceus. Everyone is going to hate us after this. There is barely even any rubble! I don't want to know what the mods will think of this." She said looking at the destroyed city. "We would need a extremely high level time turning spell just to restore half of the place! Well at least the battle is almost over."
    • Linkara was still surveying things, acknowledging how their base and the mod tower were the only things left standing. The only place with even a small chance of rebuilding was the Lego Games Theead where everything was, indeed, made of Legos.

      "Um... hi."


      Linkara jumped and almost fell off the helicopter. He turned arpund to find the ZIvenger's version of Darth.

      "How did you get up here?" He asked.

      "Don't know. Plot convenience?"

      "Yeah, probably. So now what? Do we fight."

      "I don't reallt want to. Got any food on you? I'm starving."
    • GamerKitty was about to relax when she remembered that there was still the evil version of Epic. She turned around to see him about to use his narration powers to alter how the story was going. She smiled a bit, this time she could very much defeat someone without any force at all.

      "You know that's not going to work right? You're a narrator so you should know about plot convience and right now what would not contribute to the story is your teammates coming back. Plus I know that without a person in the other universe controlling your actions you're just a useless sitting duck and I know the person who directs my fate certainly wouldn't help you win. Last, I know the power of a narrator is great, but this is an Rp we are all Narrators so what's so special about the powers you have?" She said quite cruelly. "Actually I have one more thing to add, Narrator's powers rely a lot on the stability of the fourth wall and I just nuked it. So I suggest you leave before your team loses another member."

      The evil version of Epic glared at her and than teleported to the stolen X-wing.
    • This was akward.

      "So, uh, the fourth wall is gone now." Linkara said. "Should we be worried."

      "Oh don't worry." Jedi Eagle, as they had said their name was, said. "I can feel it through the force. There must always be balance. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The fourth wall woll reassert itself soon."

      Linkara stood there for a moment. "Uh..." he stood there for another few moments. "I'm not sure the force works like that?"

      "Probably not." Eagle admitted. "But that's how it's working for me."

      "So what about your teammates? Aren't you worried about them?"

      "No, not really. I didn't like them anyways. It's just that betraying people isn't nice. Now that they're not here anymore I can safely say I didn't betray them and be on my way."

      "Wow, you really are a good version of Darth."

      Suddenly, John Anger was thrown onto the helicoptor. He got up and rubbed his head, it sparked a bit.

      "A little help please." He said, annoyance painted on his face.

      "Oh right, the alternate B-Rod." Linkara said. He had totally forgotten.
    • "Good to be back," Guinea said into his comms, and ran between B-rod and R-don, parrying R-don's banhammer with his sake jug. R-don dropped the hammer, Guinea scooped it up, and swung it as hard as he could. R-don was knocked back. One more hit should finish him.

      "B-rod, you want to ban this guy, or should I do the honors?" asked Guinea, scanning the area again, looking for the other ZIvengers.
      :ghirahim: :cucco: :look: :tingle: :moon:

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    • "Yeah, no, I think we've kind of given up on the heroes thing." Linkara said as the chopper landed. "We F***ed up. Badly. And I don't say that stuff lightly."

      "Hi!" Eagle said.

      "Oh yeah, this is Jedi Master Eagle. He's Darth's evil counterpart. Which means he's a good guy. Or, at least, he's not morally ambiguous."

      At that moment X-metal flew back in. He had been busy surveying the damage.

      "What is wrong with all of you!" He yelled. "You guys screwed up big time. First there was the whole "everybody is evil thing" and now this. The entire city is destroyed. Mod tower is the only thing left! Everybody who isn't dead or injured wants to burn you at the stake! Or maybe Lynch you! I'm getting very mixed signals here! Also, that includes me! And I didn't even do anything besides be associated with you!"
    • Guinea left B-rod to dispose of R-don, called in the Guinea mobile, and flew it over to Linkara and X-metal. He hit a switch, opening a storage hold, and thousands of diamonds spilled out onto the ground.

      "We can revive everyone with these. I... found them somewhere, don't ask. As for the damage..." said Guinea, activating his long range sensors. Suddenly, the ground opened up where the Narrator's base once stood, and a hundred Guinea Repair vehicles swarmed out and started fixing everything.

      "It's great to always have a plan, huh? Now, lets squash the rest of these idiots and regroup," he said, taking a gulp of sake.

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    • Meanwhile, up in the heavens.

      The three goddesses looked down upon Forum City.

      "This will not do." Said the goddess Nayru.

      "No it will not." Said the goddess Farore.

      "They have shown my power." Said the goddess Din.

      "And my courage."

      "And my wisdom."

      "But they are not yet true heroes." They said together.

      "They must redeem themselves. They have caused much strife. They must show they can work as a true team."

      "They shall undertake a task that will require great wisdom."

      "And great power."

      "But most of all, great courage."

      "They will find the clan of our missing daughter and reunite ZU."


      A beam was cast down by the heavens in the colors of Red, Blue, and Green. Three voices call out "redeem yourselves ZUvengers." And with that, most of the ZUvengers were beamed up, leaving only X-metal, Eagle, Dark Link, and Kakashi.