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    ZUvengers initiative MK II
    • Three months ago the ZUvengers stopped an invasion from an evil species known as The Bots. In the process they managed to nearly demolish Forum City. Now the city is in the process of rebuilding and the ZUvengers are helping out as well as keeping the crime rate down. Little do they know that they’re about to face their greatest foe yet.
    • Linkara was on the roof of an abandoned warehouse in the General Chit Chat section. He and the other ZUvengers were there to stop a group of spam smugglers called the Pythonians. They specialized in spamming comment sections with lines from Monty Python films. Nothing els. With the carnage after the bot invasion, petty criminals like them had plenty of opportunities to try and become famous in the criminal underworld by pulling stunts like these. Especially since the ZUvengers were in town.


      Linkara was startled out of his thoughts by the sound of creaking. Through the skylight, Linkara saw the Pythonians lugging crates of spam. He tapped his standard issue ZUvengers com link to activate it.

      "Y'all in position?" He spoke into the com, broadcasting to the other ZUvengers.
    • Linkara sighed. He decided to have a little fun with his bored friend.

      "All right then b-rod." He said. "GO!" The sudden shout was heard by the Pythonians as it was broadcasted by b-rod's comes device. Thus, the Oythonians were thoroughly distracted by the crate b-rod was in when Linkara burst through the skylight. He could only hope Guinea would jump into action too.
    • GamerKitty205 was slinking around Forum City hoping not to Meet anyone in SOCKS. It wasn't that she was scared or had any personal reasons to stay away, it was just that it was so suspicious. I mean why would there be an organization who for no apparent tried to help the entire city. I mean it was a pretty noble cause but there was nothing that said they didn't have an ulterior motive. What if they had made the bots and set it up everything so they could become "heroes" . She sighed maybe she was reading to many sci-fi fantasy books. Well actually she was doing the opposite
      Right now she was watching some ZUvengers fight some spamers. She was covered in shadows so she hoped no one could see her, but that was it, hope she had no idea if they could see her or if anyone would care. But she still didn't want to be seen.
    • Guinea had already ripped the scrolls. His strength increased dramatically. He snatched one of the smugglers into the shadows and slammed him against a dumpster, leaving a dent. He leapt out onto the other one, and with one punch sent him crashing to the ground. Surprisingly, the smuggler managed to get up on one knee... until Guinea hit him over the head with a sake jug.

      He activated his long range sensors. In no time at all, his new Guinea Mobile came hovering down in the middle of the street.

      Guinea jumped in and took aim at the warehouse. On the screens he could see through the walls, the crates of spam highlighted. He targeted them and fired.

      "We got this, guys!"
      :ghirahim: :cucco: :look: :tingle: :moon:

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    • Several of the smugglers broke away from the fight and raced towards the exit. But their escape was halted as a lightsaber blazed through them, separating several legs from their owners. Darth calmly caught the saber as it flew back, pulling his cloak snuggly around him. "First I get crappy presents on Nondenominational Winter Celebration Day and then I get dragged into helping you guys in sucky weather. If we had waited they probably would have fro-"
      He was cut off as one of the fallen smugglers suddenly exclaimed "Hey you're-" the rest was cut off as Darth dropped his lightsaber hilt on the guys face.
      "Always glad to meet a fan."
    • GamerKitty saw one spam smuggler running away with a crate. She sighed she didn't want to involve herself, but...


      Next thing you know a spam smuggler was flying across the warehouse and a spam crate was smashed, destroying the spam. She sighed again.

      "Oh well," she said to her self as she wrapped herself in darkness, "At least I did my good deed for the day."

      All of a sudden several smugglers who were trying to run away flew back into the warehouse,having been flung by the darkness they tried to escape into

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    • It wasn't long until the warehouse was thrashed. Guinea had destroyed every crate on radar, and the team was more or less finishing up.

      "Piece of cake!" Guinea exclaimed, almost a bit too soon. A few remaining smuggler's opened fire on the Guinea Mobile, but the bullets just deflected off. He waited until their guns were empty, then flipped a switch which caused electrified rods to fire down into the street. The smuggler's were electrocuted when they impacted.

      Landing the Guinea Mobile and kicking back in the seat, Guinea removed the cork from his sake and turned it up, taking a few massive gulps.

      "Yeah, that's the stuff..." he said, awaiting further instructions.

      Suddenly, multiple alarms in the Guinea Mobile went off. He looked at the radar.

      "Hey guys... the smuggler's have a reconstructed Mega Bot. It's getting ready to activate! B-rod, its pretty close to your location!" he shouted. He could see the Mega Bot rise up out of the warehouses wreckage. The smugglers did a really horrible job putting it back together.

      Guinea popped the hatch. "Hey B-rod, on second thought," he said, raising his arm towards the Mega Bot, "I got it."

      Before, Guinea's laser was just powerful. Now it was insane. The beam shot out of his hand and struck the Mega Bot, literally causing the upper half of it to disenegrate completely.

      "Ok! Time to recharge the arm..." he said. Looking around at the destroyed spam and the incapacitated smuggler's, he couldn't help but smile. The ZUvengers were back!

      He scanned the area for anything else, and he picked up GamerKitty's heat signature from the shadows. Was this hidden person some new member of the team? Someone just hiding out, watching? He didn't know.

      Guinea signaled Linkara on the radio.

      "Yo, boss, we aren't alone out here," he said.
      :ghirahim: :cucco: :look: :tingle: :moon:

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    • "Yo, boss, we aren't alone out here,"

      Linkara was never gonna get used to being called boss. Just a few months ago he was calling someone else that. That same person turned out to be evil. Or... Maybe not. It was complicated. Linkara tapped his com link.

      "Copy that Guinea." He said into it. "Can you see who, or what, it is."
    • "Human... I think. Definitely knows a few tricks, and... hold up..." said Guinea, pressing a button that launched a missle. It struck the wall directly beside GamerKitty.

      "Might as well chase her into the light," he said quietly. Turning on the Guinea Mobile's megaphone, Guinea shouted "Hey, you in the shadows! Step out now! Show yourself!"

      Guinea deactivated the megaphone, took another gulp of sake, and kicked back. Whoever it was, they were surrounded.
    • "Well we don't need them to tell us any thing I have this little device here that will let us read there mind to get the info we need." B-rod says while holding a device that looked like a helmet. "Man I love hammerspace I have everything in here that I need. Even Guinea's sake." As he says this last part he pulls out a bottle of sake.

      B-rod turns toward the girl who just came out of the shadows. "Hey, mind telling us who you are and what your doing here."

      My character: Shadow

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    • "Huh, my sake's gone..." thought Guinea, looking around. He shrugged it off and popped the hatch, jumping down into the street.

      "Sorry about the missile," he said to GamerKitty, "we tend to shoot first and ask questions later."

      A smuggler emerged from some rubble and took off running. Guinea sighed, tore another scroll in half, and the smuggler was struck down with a lightning bolt.

      "Well, sometimes we ask questions, and B-rod asked some good ones," he said, trying not to sound too harsh.

      "So tell us, miss... what's your story? We don't have many fans that follow us around, you know."
      :ghirahim: :cucco: :look: :tingle: :moon:

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    • "I'm a Sith. We lurk." Darth shrugged, flicking a hand over his shoulder and Force smashing a goon against a wall charging at him. "And as fun as mind reading is I don't think it'll be worth the effort. Just kill them all and be done with it. There's nothing worth getting." Seeing their looks he sighed and rolled his eyes. "Or putting them in jail like they deserve. Yay morality."