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    • Hi Guys, I'm posting for the very first time and i made this account for this topic alone.
      I have been puzzling with the hylian language for quite sometime now. I don't know if my puzzling skills have seriously deteriorated or if it's just really confusing. I want to find the hylian words for Power, courage and wisdom. I'm ready to put a zelda tattoo and i want to get it very very right. I found the pic below i think in one of these forums. But here is the thing i want to pay respect to the japanese developer and want to translate those words first to japanese and then to the hylian text. but i'm clueless. Is there anybody here that can help me translate it in this manner? can you point me in the right direction?

      To anyone who answers i deeply appreciate it.
    • There are several types of Hylian text - the one in Twilight Princess for instance is nothing like the one in OoT.

      You'll want either the Wind Waker type of Hylian, which you have up there, or the OoT Hylian.
      The newer ones are based on the Roman alphabet.

      I can't help you further as I don't speak Japanese.

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    • The way the Japanese-based Hylian alphabets work is that they convert all the kanji characters to kana based on the syllables, similar to furigana.

      So for "power," the character, 力, is romanized to "chikara," which would then convert back into kana as チカラ.

      Likewise, the kanji for "wisdom," 知恵, romanizes to "chie," which would appear in kana as チエ.

      And, finally, "courage," 勇気, romanizes to "yuuki," and in kana is ユウキ.

      Respective Wind Waker Hylian translations of each would appear as:

      I used the kanji used in-game for the Triforces of Power, Wisdom, and Courage for this--though you may want to receive confirmation, because I don't speak Japanese.

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