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    • The PokeCenter wasn't anything special, but at least Grey could get his Pokemon treated. The nurse at the counter, after seeing Pyukukmuku, smiled warmly.

      "Well now, he's a cute little guy!" she said. Pyukumuku squished happily. "If you put him in a ball we can rest him up back to 100%!"

      The happy squishes stopped. Pyukumuku didn't like Pokeballs, but he knew that his Master loved him and only wanted what was best for him, so he caved. Grey returned him to the Pokeball and handed all three to the nurse. After a few moments inside the machine, she returned them.

      "There you go! Be sure to come back if you need to!" she said.

      "Thanks," said Grey, and released Pyukumuku. He picked him up and petted him.

      Next stop, the Gym, thought Grey. He walked outside and spotted the girl he met talking to someone. The guy she was speaking with looked really familiar, like he'd seen him somewhere before. Then it clicked.

      "Huh, he kinda looks like Luna Oracle... must be a big fan," he said quietly, thinking about the book he was reading earlier.
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    • "Ah, finally!"

      Jared had been searching for Pokecenter for a while now. After a particularly tricky Trainer battle, he had resorted to using Katrina on whatever wild Pokemon attacked.

      After the healing process had finished, Jared asked if he could play his flute in the center for a bit. She hesitated, but then replied.

      "It can't hurt, can it?"
      "I'll play softly."

      Jared smiled and walked to the side of the room, where he began playing a song that had a calming affect on most Pokemon.
    • Oran watched the steady stream of people entering and leaving the Poke-center. Some of them had odd Pokemon he’d never seen in person before, though he thought he recognized them from books. One Trainer was playing a flute in the corner now; it was nice.

      Well, Kanto has a Gym Challenge too. I might as well give it a shot.

      “Um, excuse me,” Oran turned to the nurse, “Can you tell me what type of Pokemon the Gym Leader here uses?”

      “Oh?” she responded, “Lt. Surge? He’s an Electric-type user, but I don’t remember who is on his team right now.”

      “Thanks,” Oran answered.

      Electric-types, huh? Well, that could be a problem. Poliwhirl and Delibird won’t be much use, and Wooper...Wait! Diglet Tunnel is supposed to be around here, and a Ground-type will be really helpful.

      “Diglett Tunnel, here I come!” Oran blurted, rushing out of the building.

      “Trainers,” the nurse sighed, shaking her head.

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    • Drake was currently walking around looking for a place to eat at, with his Pokemon at his side. As he was walking a he heard a shout "Someone help he took my pokemon!"

      "huh?" Drake and his pokemon turned and saw the trainer being robbed pointing at someone running with the trainers pokeball. "Icee" When he called the Ice Vulpix's name it knew what he wanted and launched an ice beam to the ground in front of the thief who slipped on the now frozen ground letting go of the pokeball which Riolu went and caught and gave it back to the trainer.

      "Thank you." The trainer says to Drake and his pokemon

      "No prob," Drake says as he looks over at the thief that was standing up as they were getting up Drake noticed they were wearing black shirt with a red 'R' on it. 'Team Rocket? Wasn't that group disbanded? Must be some members left still.'

      The thief looks at Drake and says "You'll pay for this." before running off.

      "...Well since thats done with let's go." Drake says as he and his pokemon continue on there way.
    • Artemis thought for a moment.

      "Well, not the people specifically." Artemis said. "But judging by their outfits and the way the guy earlier talked to me, they're probably team rocket members."

      It was a little wierd the girl didn't recognize team rocket on sight. By now almost every league governed region in the world knew who team rocket was. Maybe she wasn't from a Leauge governed region.
    • Grey was headed to the Gym to meet the challenge, or he was trying to. Vermillion was pretty big, and he was a little lost. He heard shouting about someone stealing a Pokemon, and immediately reached for his Pokeball that contained Grimer. He spotted the theif and was prepared to throw, but suddenly an Ice Beam hit the ground, the stolen Pokeball was in the air, and a Riolu caught it. The stolen Pokemon was promptly returned to its trainer.

      "Hey, nice one!" Grey said to the heroic trainer, waving at him. "Way to go!"

      He kept on up the sidewalk until, finally, he found the Gym. I giant 'CLOSED' sign was across the door, and no lights were on inside. Not that it mattered, because apparently the Gym Leader used electric types. Grey's Pokemon wouldn't stand a chance. Psyduck and Pyukumuku were water-types, and he remembered the time Grimer was struck by a lightning attack. It didn't end well.

      "Aw, darn... that sucks. I wonder why its closed? Oh, well," said Grey. He spotted a nearby bench and thought it would be nice to sit and continue reading his book. Afterwords he'd find a nice spot to let Psyduck, Grimer, and Pyukumuku play for a bit.

      "Well, time to read up on the Legendaries," said Grey, kicking back on the
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    • Oran wasn’t convinced he cared for this tunnel. It was dark, and the unsettling reverberations of Diglett beneath his feet kept him off-balance.

      In fact, he tripped.

      Swearing, Oran stood back up and kicked at the stone he tripped on. Only, it wasn’t a stone. It was a Diglett; a very fast Diglett that was perfectly capable of burrowing fast enough to dodge kicks.

      Thus, Oran kicked thin air, threw off his balance, and tripped again. However, his quarry had revealed itself.

      “Poliwhirl! Flood that sucker’s burrow!” Oran spat, still laying on the ground.

      A royal-blue amphibian burst from a pokeball, skin gleaming in the tunnel’s sparse light. The Pokemon immediately sprung into action.

      It clapped its hands together, and water quickly coalesced in the air in front of its mittens. In less than a second, a stream of water had materialized and was flowing into the Diglett’s burrow.

      About ten seconds later, the Diglett reappeared a few feet away. It thrashed around a bit, and a tidal wave of mud threw itself at Poliwhirl, who only just managed to dodge. It probably helped that the Diglett seemed to have been considerably weakened by Poliwhirl’s Watergun.

      “Okay, Poliwhirl. Use Hypnosis!”

      The amphibian waggled its fingers, and the swirl on its stomach almost seemed to swirl. Oran looked away.

      Glancing back, Oran saw that the Diglett was sound asleep. Playing it safe, Oran launched one of his Greatballs. Three wobbles later,! Oran was the proud owner of a Diglett.

      Now, time to challenge the gym.

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    • Halfway through the final chapter of his book, a large shadow was cast over him. Grey looked up into the eyes of a rather muscular, military-type man. Grey closed his book.

      "Yeah?" he asked. Pyukukmuku snuggled up next to him, afraid of the man.

      "You look tough," the man said, "not like some baby trainer."

      "Uh, what?" Grey asked. "What of it?"

      The man laughed. "And a smart mouth to boot! Look here, I need some assistance with a problem. You seen those Team Rocket wannabes, right?" Grey nodded. "Well, I want them out of my town. I'm the Gym Leader, Lt. Surge," he said, offering an outstretched palm. Grey shook his hand, and stood, picking up Pyukumuku.

      "Is this Team Rocket the reason your Gym's closed?" he asked. Lt. Surge nodded.

      "Yeah, and until I chase them all out its gonna stay closed. See, I know these guys aren't legit, because after I left the army I worked for Team Rocket for a while. I'm ashamed of the thing's I've done, and after the current Champion, Red, beat me and my team I changed my ways. Now I can't stand the thugs! I'm glad they disbanded! Seeing all these wannabe Rocket's make me sick!" he proclaimed, disgusted.

      "Ok, so what do you want me to do about it? I saw one of them attempt to steal a Pokemon earlier, so I'd be more than happy to help you shut this crap down," said Grey. Lt. Surge laughed again.

      "I like your moxy! For a while I suspected something was up around here. It seems to me that there may be another Team out there just playing dress-up, and if they're anything like Rocket, they gotta go!"

      "Alright, I'm sold. What do we do?" Grey asked, Pyukumuku squishing with worry.
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    • Drake found a store selling food which he got for him and his pokemon. After they ate Drake decided explore the town with his pokemon. As they passed the pokecenter he notice someone that looks like Luna Oracle talking to someone he remembers seeing on the ship he was on. He looked at the map of the town he had saw there was a park nearby so he decided to head there to let his pokemon play for a while.

      When they arrived he saw the thief from earlier with two friends wearing the same thing as him. "Hey thats the punk who I told you all about." The thief says to his friends.

      "So we meet again, huh," Drake says sarcastically to the thief.

      "You'll gonna regret getting in my way. Go Zubats." The thief says as he tosses out three Zubats

      "Go Raticate, Houndour." "Let's go Golbat." his friend call out there pokemon as well.

      'Three Zubats, four Raticates, and Houndours and two Golbats," Drake smirks and says, "Well this is a park so lets have some fun," as his pokemon get ready for battle.

      My character: Shadow

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    • "Team rocket?" she said, "I'm from Alola not Kanto so I haven't heard of them" She immediately realized that wasn't true. "No, I did hear that they were disbanded a while ago." She still felt like something was happening or going to happen.

      (If you don't mind my character is going to leave to go help Lt. Surge and Grey)

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    • Oran almost peed on himself.

      A very large man, seemingly ex-military, clad in combat boots, camouflage, and a flamboyant haircut was shouting at him.

      Run, run, run, was all Oran could think, so he did. Except, the military man was much faster.

      “Hey, hold it, kid!” the man said, grabbing Oran’s shoulder, and brusquely turning him about, “You’re complaining about the gym, right? I’m the Leader, Lt. Surge. You want the gym to open, you gotta help me and my friend here out with a little errand.”

      Who is this friend, Oran wondered. He peeked around Lt. Surge and saw another Trainer, one who looked about Oran’s age.
    • Grey approached the two, and figured it might be best to introduce himself.

      "My name's Grey, orginally from Hoenn. This is Pyukumuku. Lt. Surge here needs help getting rid of some pretty bad guys in the area. Let's hear him out."

      Lt. Surge let go of Oran and gave him a big pat on the back. "This guy looks tough, too!" he said, then turned his attention to the harbor.

      "Long story short, I figured out where they operate from," he said. "There's a ship a little ways off the coast. I've seen them come and go from it. If the three of us go to it, well," he said, giving a chuckle, "we could drown out their plans. What's your name, kid?" asked Lt. Surge, giving Oran another hard pat on the back.
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