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    welcome to the world of Pokemon IC
    • Welcome to the world of Pokemon! A wondrous place full of creatures known as, you guessed it, pokemon! As amazing as this place is it's also very dangerous. Wild Pokemon could attack you or you could be attacked by humans. A year ago an evil group known as Team Rocket was defeated by a young man named red. That same year on today's date Red got his first Pokemon. This year fate is about to send you on insane, dangerous adventures just as it sent red all those years ago. On these adventures you will face sadistic evil teams, well intentioned extremists, Pokemon gone berserk, and eldritch abominations. Are you up for the challenge?

      GM notes

      Hello again true believers (I really need to stop stealing Stan lee's catch phrase). Welcome to the world of Pokemon (or WttWoP or just Pokemon RP if you prefer) is a roleplay about a group of Pokemon trainers who have been drawn together by fate to fight the forces of evil. Why you? The same reason red was picked to take down team rocket: fate saw something in you. (And I mean fate as in an anthropomorphic personification).

      Here's some current events to help you out.

      A year ago team rocket was defeated by red before red became the champion and disappeared.

      Team skull is a fledgling organization in alola. Not really much of a threat yet.

      Aether foundation is still more or less good.

      A team rocket recon team sent to hoenn to investigate and maybe capture the regional legendaries has split apart into team magma and team Aqua.

      Team plasma has yet to do anything super evil and seems more or less legitimate.

      A mysterious, never before seen evil team is skulking around doing… Something.

      A mysterious amorphous blob has been sited near the cinnabar island chain.
    • It was a dream, of course. It had to be. Ho-oh's didn't REALLY exist, did they? Of course not. Right?

      In the dream, Grey was among other trainers, all equal in skill. The Legendary bird decended and let its rage be known. They all engaged it, sending out their best Pokemon into battle. And what a team they made.

      Some of the Pokemon sent out were strange, thought Grey, Pokemon foreign to his region, ones he'd only read about in books and fairy tales. The Ho-oh attacked, and it was like nothing he had ever seen before. With gust after gust of its mighty wings, the Legendary bird shot out its golden feathers at the trainers and their chosen Pokemon, until the torrents of wind grew too powerful and they were all swept away. Grey reached out his hand to the others, but they were so far away from him now, caught in the mystical bird's whirlwind. It wasn't long before he was swept away completely, sailing off into the sky. That was when the dream ended.

      Grey opened his eyes. A calm, tranquil blue sky hung overhead, and he could catch a group of Fearows flying towards the west. He had fallen asleep reading again, and it was one of his own Pokemon that roused him from his slumber. A long white tounge was lashing at his face.

      "Pyukumuku, you litte brat..." he said, sitting up. A book was open by his side, titled "The Enigma of Lugia and the Three Legendary Beasts, Suicune Edition," written by the famous Luna Oracle. Pyukumuku made its squishy noises and edged closer to Grey, and after he patted it a good amount it snuggled up next to him. Grey closed his book and returned it to his shoulder bag. He yawned, stretched, and finally stood, shaking the grass from his clothes.

      "Are you hungry, buddy?" he asked, to which Pyukumuku gave another squishy sound. Grey dug around in his bag and produced a candy, then held it down towards his partner. A long white tounge in the shape of a hand grabbed the candy, and soon enough Pyukumuku was munching happily. Grey felt relieved his Pokemon's snacking habits were back to normal. The change in regions seemed to really affect their appetites.

      "There you go! Good boy!" Grey said after Pyukumuku gobbled up the candy, and he reached down to pick up his Pokemon. He looked around the clearing and remembered the sign he saw earlier, the one about the PokeCenter being nearby.

      "Let's go, ok? We can rest further up the trail," said Grey, and the pair made their way down the path, the Fearow's squawking overhead.
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    • "'yawn' Well seems we finally arrived here in Kanto," Drake says as he get's off the ship he was on. He had just woke up when they arrived in the Kanto region. His pokemons had woken him up by jumping on him while he was asleep. As he was getting off the ship he was walking a little weird do to Riolu landing in a sensitive spot when he jumped on him. He turns around when he hears his pokemon Flare, Icee, Litten and Riolu coming up behind him. "So do you all want to explore or go get something to eat first."

      His pokemon voted for something to eat. "Alright then lets go look from some place to eat at."

      My character: Shadow

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    • Oran was tired.

      Figuring out the bus schedule that would take him from Azalea (Johto) to Vermillion City (Kanto) was taxing. He didn’t understand bus routes, he didn’t understand time zones, and he didn’t understand international travel.

      He did understand that Vermillion City was the first city Champion Red visited after leaving his hometown, and Oran was going to do the same. Or, wait, was that Viridian?

      “Woopo,” squelched Oran’s Wooper.

      “That’s right. We made it,” Oran replied, but then it dawned on him, “Wait...why aren’t you in your...”

      Oran didn’t finish his sentence because, when he glanced down, Wooper was busy trying to swallow a not-unlarge rock.

      “Ack! Stop that!” Oran shouted, clapping Wooper on his back, and causing the little amphibian to sputter and spit the rock away.

      Unfortunately, it sailed directly into the hind-end of a Mankey. The Pokemon tensed, and slowly turned, glowering. The little furball’s rage was so great it was shaking.

      “Scary Face!” Oran gasped before regaining his composure and smirking, “Okay, Wooper! Let’s do this!”

      Striking a dramatic pose and pointing at the Mankey, Oran waited for Wooper to charge forward, but...Wooper was loafing around!

      “Wooper! Move it!” Oran shrieked, getting his absent-minded Pokemon’s attention, “Water Gun!”

      Seeming to finally grasp what was happening, Wooper stiffened, sucked in a great gasp of air, held it, and then spit out a torrent of water. The stream struck the Mankey with the force of a fireman’s hose, instantly knocking it unconscious. Wooper also managed to drench Oran, and the Trainer wasn’t convinced it was an accident.

      “Good...good job, Wooper,” Oran spluttered, “Return.”

      With his Pokemon recalled and his first victory secured, Oran began to march to Vermillion’s Pokemon Center. Maybe they’d have some dry clothes.

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    • Artemis looked around as he stepped off the boat, Athena at his side. Where was his contact? Meet me at the SS Anne memorial, we have things to discuss. Was all the letter he had recieved had said. There was nobody at the SS Anne memorial, though. Well, nobody aside from a few tourists. Artemis sighed. That's what he had been afraid of. Oh well. While he was in Kanto he might as well get a bite to eat. He heard vermillion had great seafood.
    • Slop. Slop. Slop. Great, Oran thought, my shoes are full of water.

      “Woopa!” Wooper squealed.

      “Back in the ball, Wooper. Stay in there.” Oran chided, “So, this is the Vermillion Poke-Center.”

      He looked around. For such an auspicious place it wasn’t impressive. A nurse and her Chansey, the PC, nothing too crazy. Well, the Trainer in black, the one with the Dark type-Pokemon, was staring at him; maybe that was a little odd.

      Wooper hadn’t taken any damage from the Mankey, so there was no need to heal. Instead, he approached the Nurse and asked, “Excuse me? Do you have any dry clothes here? My Wooper soaked me.”

      “Oh dear,” the nurse replied, “I’m afraid we don’t. You can dry off here though, if you like.”

      That seemed like a good idea to Oran.

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    • As Grey proceeded down the path he started to feel uneasy. The reason why was just up ahead: a man wearing black clothes with a giant red 'R' on the center of his vest. He was staring at Grey with a menacing look on his face. Pyukymuku started making nervous squishy sounds. "It's alright," Grey said sweetly, "don't worry."

      As he approached the stranger, the man began walking in his direction.

      "Hey there! Never saw a Pokemon like that before! Is it friendly? Here, let me pet it!" he said, stepping forward. Grey stopped walking.

      "No. And if you come any closer, you'll regret it," Grey said. The strange man stopped and looked surprised. "What? Do you know who I am, boy? You think you can just talk like that to me and get away with it?! I'm a member of Team Rocket! And I-" he began, but Grey cut him off short.

      "I don't care who you are. Get out of my way."

      The stranger's eyes narrowed, then he grinned. "You wanna pick a fight, eh? Ok, fine, lets see how your Pokemon handle my own!"

      Grey spat in the dirt. "I'm not in the mood for a battle. Just move."

      The man looked furious. He started walking towards Grey. "Why, you little-" he said, but that was as far as he got. Pyukumuku's tounge shot out of its mouth, the hand balled into a fist, and struck the Team Rocket member right in the face. He fell backwards into the dirt, uncounscious.

      "Told you you'd regret it," Grey said, and patted Pyukumuku a few times. "Good boy." He spotted a sign further up the road, which read "Vermilion City, Straight Ahead"

      Finally, thought Grey. First stop, PokeCenter.
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    • "Oh, hello there," said Grey. "Alola? I've only just heard about it, but I wouldn't mind visiting one day. Me and Pyukumuku here are from Hoenn. Why do you ask?"

      The girl seemed a lot friendlier than the Team Rocket guy, so that was a relief. Pyukumuku acted suspicious at first, then leapt from his arms and scurried up the girl, making squishy sounds like he wanted to be petted.

      "Huh, that's strange! Sorry about that," said Grey. "He usually doesn't warm up to people that fast!"
    • "Well, its nice to meet you, miss. My name is Grey," he said. He glanced over at the PokeCenter, but figured a little conversation couldn't hurt.

      "I've heard that Alola doesn't have Gyms, is that true?" he asked. Speaking of Gyms, the one here would definitely be worth checking out. He'd never gotten a badge before, and figured that since he was here he'd give it a go after getting his Pokemon refreshed at the Center.
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    • As Artemis was walking toward the nearest seafood joint he noticed a man in a team rocket uniform. "Strange." Artemis muttered to himself. "Team rocket was disbanded a year ago." Artemis thought for a second and decided to call to the man. "

      Hey! You!" He yelled.

      "What do ya want!" The man yelled back, reaching for the poke ball at his side.

      "You a member of team rocket!?" Artemis asked.

      "Finally someone recognizes me!" The man said to himself before Turing back to Artemis. "Yeah I made! What's it to you?"

      "Your under arrest by order of The International Police!" Artemis said, flashing his badge to the man. Okay, that might have been a little fib. Artemis didn't really work for InterPol anymore. Either way he still had the authority to arrest people given his status as a private detective.

      The man paled. "I-I don't want any trouble!" He stuttered, dashing away.

      Not a real team rocket member than. artemis thought to himself. Just a fanatic.
    • Artemis noticed another woman in a rocket outfit running by.

      "Is there even a police force in this town." Artemis said, asking a retort cal question to no one in particular.

      "Umbree!" Athena cried. Artemis scratched her behind the ear. Artemis had a new goal now, he decided. He had to find out where all these team rocket fanatics were coming from. Maybe they were old rocket members, maybe they were just contrarian teens trying to be "edgy". Who could say. All Artemis knew was that they needed to be stopped and Artemis knew just where to start.
    • "Yeah, in fact," said Grey. "Bunch of weirdos if you ask me."

      Pyukumuku, once he got his fill of petting, leapt from the girls arms back into his own.

      "I'm sorry, but I really need to get my Pokemon looked at. It was nice meeting you," he said, and walked towards the Center. He then remembered something he saw on TV, so he turned back to the girl, and did the Alolan greeting. He also hoped it meant goodbye, not wanting to offend her.
    • She giggled at his Alola as a bye and waved at him. She decided to go in the direction that the lady went in. She walked in that direction and saw a teen with a umbreon, "Have you seen a weird lady run past here?" Abyss who was the only Pokémon still out of her poke all seemed to think he was suspicious.

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    • Artemis turned at the sound of a voice.

      "Er... Yes actually." He said. How strange, another person was looking for the team rocket members. "I was actually about to find someone to ask them the same thing." Artemis' mind immediately buzzed with paranoid thoughts. Was she Interpol? Was she team rocket? Was she a member of one of those organizations Artemis heard were popping up in hoenn? Maybe she was a team skull memebr? Or a private deAtective like him? Artemis had no idea. He didn't know at all.