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The ZU Holiday Gift Exchange!
  • Zelda Universe presents...

    Hey everybody! With the holiday season now officially upon us, what better way for us to celebrate as a forum than with a community-wide event??

    Growing up, a lot of my friends & family would mark the occasion with an annual “Secret Santa” or “Kris Kringle” — both of which are games where participants anonymously exchange gifts between one another, purely in the name of embracing the holiday spirit. Soooo, we thought it might be neat to run our very own version of Secret Santa this holidays, just as a nice little way to wrap things up for the year!

    ✧ How to Participate ✧

    • Simply respond to this thread expressing your interest to participate. Your name will then be added to the signups list below. Sit tight! (Hint: you may wish to include a list of your personal interests for your Secret Santa to follow if they get stuck.)
    • Signups will remain open for one week from now, and will be closing on December 8th — after which you will receive a PM from either myself or @Lady Sunshine, detailing the name of the person whom you will be gifting for.
    • Upon receiving your PM, you will have until December 24th to source and/or create a gift for your recipient.
    • Keep in mind that this event is more about embracing the holiday spirit than anything else, so gifts of digital formats (i.e. digital images, creative writing or poetry, audio/video recordings, and digital copies of music, games, books & movies) are more than encouraged!
    • As we’re running off a forum platform, physical gifts will not be an option for a lot of participants. If you are however interested in sending a gift via snail mail (or are already close with the recipient IRL), send us a PM — we can ask your recipient if they would be comfortable with giving out their mailing address on your behalf.
    • Please note: For digital gifts that require a purchase, we will also need to clarify with the recipient to make sure that they will be comfortable with giving out those personal details, such as their Steam username.
    • Once you’re decided on what to give your recipient, simply respond to your PM with a copy of what you wish to send, so that we can forward it on to them anonymously. Note that it is imperative that you PM your gift (assuming it isn’t physical) to the same CC mod who originally PMed you, as we will be participating also.
    • During the final week of December, you will be given an opportunity to discuss your gifts in this thread and guess the identity of your Secret Santa. No one should reveal themselves in this time. Bonus points/eternal bragging rights if you guess correctly!
    • On the last day of December, we will open up the thread for the people who wish to reveal themselves as gift givers.
    • If you have to pull out for whatever reason, that's fine! Just ensure that you notify myself or Lady Sunshine ASAP so that we can sort out alternate arrangements.

    Happy Holidays ZU!

    ✧ Signups ✧

    Lady Sunshine
    Moonlight Seer

    :yeppers: Join our signature cult :yeppers:

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  • First! Sign me up Kaylee! Hyped. I'll edit in a list later.

    <3 List of likes: <3

    <3 Legend of Zelda (But preferably relating to the Shadow Temple/my related theory/my story Within Shadows, though anything at all is appreciated. ^-^ Please note: Less interested in BotW stuff compared to other Zelda games). I love Hyrule Historia and the Akira Himekawa Zelda manga, too.

    <3 Ace Attorney (Dual Destinies stuff is my fave though).

    <3 Bungou Stray Dogs (Dazai Osamu and Oda Sakunosuke are my fave characters, but Chuuya and the others are all cool too.)

    <3 Doctor Who (excluding anything relating to things newer than the 2016 Christmas Episode.)

    <3 Artwork! Sketches, paintings, drawings, whatevs. I love them.

    <3 Signatures and avatars for ZU.

    <3 Writing! I love little stories and stuff.

    But I'm not fussy. I'm sure I'll love whatever it is you do for me! And rest assured I'll do my best to make you happy, too! After all, this is all about fun and giving! I'm happy to do my part! <3

    Celebrating 3 whole years of ZU membership -- 8/22/2015 - 8/22/2018

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  • Hey guys,

    I'm locking this thread now. If anyone didn't receive a gift, or didn't find out who their Secret Santa was, please shoot me a PM so we can get that sorted.

    Otherwise, I hope everyone who participated had fun and enjoyed their gifts, and had a great holiday season.

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