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    Why does pulling out a master sword kill you?
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      Ok, I got it.

      The Master Sword drains Link of his energy BECAUSE it is damaged. If it was all prestine and perfect like it was in TP, no problem. But its rusty and messed up, so it needs extra energy to function without snapping in half.

      (so, um, quick question: if I buy a Wii U and BotW and download all the available DLC first before playing it, can I do the Trial of the Sword as soon as I remove it from the pedestal?)
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      Evran_Speer wrote:

      The Master Sword repulses darkness. Remember Twilight Princess, when Link was cursed and just approaching the Master Sword was enough to shed the curse (and Midna) because it could not exist in the Master Sword's presence. BotW Link probably just has some sort of spiritual darkness within him. Not much, but enough that touching the blade drains him for the first few seconds.
      Interesting. So you think Link got a little darkness when he lost against Ganon and their Gardians.Maybe that explains his amnesia because Link is curse.
      But how explain in TP, the curse of Link was shedded but not in BotW ?
      Ganon or Ganondorf was the responsible of the Link's curse, moreover the Master Sword is, according to the legend, " The Sword that Seals the Darkness".

      Why doesn't she seal the little darkness into Link ? Does she think that Link is a corrupted person and must die ?

      I don't think so because she spoke to Zelda to put her in the Great Forrest Hyrule and wait the return of his master.
      I don't think it's a magic curse like the one in Twilight Princess, but rather something in his character. The trauma of almost being killed, of seeing his friends die and the kingdom he was sworn to protect burn, then losing his memory and being tasked with saving the world he barely knows... that has to have a psychological toll.

      "Sword that Seals the Darkness" is probably a description of its role in the recurring battles with Ganon/dorf that something that it does on its own. In BotW, it's Zelda who does the literal sealing. The only time I can think of it sealing something on its own is Skyward Sword, when Demise's residual consciousness is sealed within the blade.

      I think what's more relevant here is that evil ones cannot touch the Master Sword.

      "The Master Sword is a sacred blade which evil ones may never touch...."
      — Rauru

      Obviously, Link isn't evil in the traditional sense, but he isn't necessarily pure good, either. Midna wasn't really evil but she still got thrown aside. OoT Zelda wasn't really evil but she didn't even try to pick up the Master Sword and give it back to Link after Ganon knocked it away. That's what I mean when talking about the curse being repelled in Twilight Princess. When good and evil and mixed, the evil has to be cast out before that Master Sword can be used. So if BotW Link has accumulated that darkness of spirit during all the terrible experiences he's lived through, that will be purged as he is attempting to draw the sword. Having the hearts is just a matter of having the fortitude to survive the process.

      (And just to cover my bases here, the curse in TP isn't a person, and so probably doesn't have evil intentions in itself, but because it an effect of evil and made from dark magic, it still counts as evil.

      "The Master Sword is a sacred blade that evil can never touch. Evil cloaks you like a dark veil... and that blade is the only thing that can cleave it."
      — Zelda (Twilight Princess))
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    • "Good luck baning the evil!", Revali cackled in Japanese.

      DLC#1 Theory: Considering the Master Sword is connected to a Sheikah Trial and hearts are obtained through Sheikah Trials, maybe this is just a special Sheikah pedestal.

      Heck, if the old men and women who live in caves are retconned into being Sheikah, that could explain the heart requirement for wielding certain swords.

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    • I like to think of it as something akin to the Thor-Mjolnir dynamic. "Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor."

      Basically, the Master Sword acts like Mjolnir. It is a sacred entity that only chosen humans (i.e. Hylians) can wield. And the Master Sword was reforged in the Sacred Fires, though at that time it was a powered down blade and called the Goddess Sword, which was still a holy relic.

      All those trials do prove that each time, Link becomes worthy enough to possess the Blade of Evil's Bane. Before BotW however, he had already become worthy, and was sworn to serve the King and protect the Princess Zelda. However! When we see that he fails in his task, and nearly dies, he is placed in the Shrine of Ressurrection and loses all of that. The price for such a restoration is the loss of his memories. When you encounter the Master Sword with less than the requirement, it's not just a game mechanic. It means that Link has not regained his worth in the eyes of the Master Sword. He lost all of his strengths and was severely weakened. You start the game with him in this weakened, lesser state, and it is up to you to regain what you lost.

      The fact that Zelda can carry the Master Sword to Korok Forest to place it in the pedestal is proof she is worthy enough to hold it, but not only that, she heard Fi speak to her. She's no swordswoman though, so actually wielding it is beyond her capability. (added spoiler to play it safe!)