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    Weird Spots on the BotW map
    • Okay, so here I am, picking spots the Hero's Path says I haven't been to yet, when I come across the place name "Spool Bight" on the map. It's visible from the mid-range map, not just one of those little places you have to zoom in on. It's off the eastern coast, south of Davdi Island.

      So, thinking there must be a little island out thwre or something, maybe a Korok seed, I go to take a look. Jump off the mountainside, just gliding out to sea ...

      There's nothing there, except for a lone, swimming lizardfos. No land at all.

      So weird that they'd bother giving a place such a prominent name, then put nothing there.

      What do you guys think? DLC stuff that's yet to be added? Some forgotten place lost in development?

      So, have you guys come across any seemingly important spots on the map, only to find nothing much, or other mysterious places?
      "Breath of the Wild: "Zelda's Redemption"

      After Calamity Ganon's defeat, a devastated Zelda must come to terms with her ruined kingdom, dead friends, and the resentment of the Hero who had saved her, but lost his fiancee. When all hope for a better future seems lost, she comes across a legend of a holy relic that can set things right, if she can find the ancient keys to access it. With the help of new friends, and without Link, can Zelda finally become a legend, on her own terms?

      Chapter 2: Crescendo of Regret -- A night at Dueling Peaks Stable helps Zelda to see just how much the world has changed in 100 years. The more she thinks about her role in the Calamity's defeat, the more guilt she feels.