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      Something earth-shattering had just happened. Something far-reaching, which would change the fate of the world forever. But at this point, no one but a select few knew that Queen Cymbeline had died, least of all those who it wouls affect the most, those who would risk life and limb to find her successor.

      The sun, the source of all life on Earth was fading, but Aurelia didn't know this, and even if she had, it wouldn't have deterred her from her current task. She had forgotten there was a festival, and was sprinting back to her house. Of all times to fall asleep, why now? People would be arriving soon, and this was the perfect time to sell flowers! She didn't need to, but she enjoyed it. After a few minutes of frantically searching through her entire home, she was situated in the center of town with a cart of flowers and a grin on her face.
    • The man was tall with broad shoulders and brown hair. He asked about medicine for his sick wife. Fjord was happy to help and make a little money in the process. After the man left Fjord spotted a nymph passing by the girl selling flowers on the other side of the square. Thank the heavens. He thought. There are nymphs around here.
    • "Magical Artifacts of Earth and Sky, by E. Starrius. I found this ring inside the cover, so I thought maybe the book said something about it." Michael nodded to Aurelia's book "I see you're reading Kingdom of Clockwork. I must warn you, the ending is a bit of a cliffhanger."

      Once they made their way back to the flower booth, Michael began reading his book. He had noticed a Tacet selling things as he had struggled in the sea of people, and Aurelia would probably be interested in that. But there was no way Michael was going back out into the crowd if he didn't have to. "I'll tell her later. That is, assuming she hasn't already seen it." he thought as he flipped through the book in his hand.

      "The WindSong is one of three elemental stones. It was used in a final battle to free a certain land from the clutches of an evil emperor. The girl using this particular stone was killed by the inaction of one of her allies, and it is said that after the defeat of the emperor, this ally used the emperor's dark weapon to seal the girl's soul inside of her sword. The location of the sword, which is said to still have the WindSong in it, is unknown."

      "Interesting." Michael gasped. Each artifact's story was so detailed, he might read every single one, just for fun.

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    • Fjord fidgeted in the crowd. It was getting larger and it didn't seem like there was gonna be a way out of it. I knew I should have set up near the exit of the town. He thought. Not in the middle of this square where the town entrance is as far away as it can be. While he thought Fjord noticed a boy at the flower stand across from him looking at him. The boy then went back to reading and fjord decided it was nothing.
    • Evening had come, and the crowd had cleared a little bit. Michael closed his book and took in the cool air. The sky had turned to a pink-orange, and people were starting to head their different directions. Through the crowd, Michael spotted the Tacet again. He didn't look like he was doing a lot, and business had gotten a little slower at the flower booth as well.

      Michael tapped Aurelia's shoulder and pointed to the Tacet quietly.
    • Aurelia was thankful that she had woken up right before the festival began. She had managed to sell plenty of flowers, and had began to close up shop, when Michael tapped her on the shoulder. She glanced over to where he was pointing, and saw a man who seemed to be a Tacet. She strolled towards him, awestruck, and tapped him on the shoulder. "Excuse me, well, this might seem strange, but are you a Tacet? And can I draw you?" she asked him, and smiled.
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    • Well that was... Weird. Fjord wasn't used too so much attention.he supposed being drawn couldn't hurt. But how to communicate with the girl. Fjord decided to try sign language. Hopefully if the girl couldn't translate it the boy with her could. Yes I am a Tacet. He signed. And yes you may draw me, I guess. But may I pack up my shop while you do this. It is getting dark. Also, who are you? His body language clearly indicated that he wasn't really that comfortable with people and he had been fidgeting all day.
    • Michael walked over part of the way, but one of his friends spotted him. The boy walked towards the pair, and Michael had to stop following Aurelia. It was Samuel, his co-worker and best friend. "Hey Michael! We're heading down to the tavern! Do you want to come?" He asked in his usual energetic voice. Before Michael could respond, he was being dragged towards the Four Seasons.

      At the tavern, the pair of librarians met up with Eric, who worked at the smithy across the road from Michael and Sam, and Ellie, Sam's girlfriend. All of them got chilled juice except for Eric, who got beer. Sam usually would have had a little beer as well, but he never did when Ellie was around. The four engaged in some light hearted talking until Eric decided to take the conversation in a new direction.

      "You know, Terry told me that one of the Oracles was staying here, on the top story." At this statement, Michael rolled his eyes. "That's the beer talking, I think." Ellie shook her head "No, I've heard it from a few different people. It's Mars, and he's here with an apprentice. They assumed he was here for the festival, but we would have heard more if he had come." Sam nodded his head. "And seen it, too. Someone that important can't expect to walk into a crowd that big and not get a fair amount of attention."

      As he finished saying this, Sam's eyes grew wide. Everyone else looked in the direction that Sam was and gasped (except for Eric, who just looked confused). Down the stairs had walked a girl about twelve years old and wore a white robe and a pink, shiny cape. "Who's that?" whispered Eric into Michael's ear.

      "It's Eris, Mars's apprentice."

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    • Strange, Middlemist thought. A Tacet, with a human? Might as well join in, She joked. Turning away from the window, she reached out to the potted plant on the night stand, and upon realizing it was too far away, she walked to it, sat down on her bed, and immediately felt much more refreshed. She sighed, picking up her quill, and heard footsteps. No, those weren't footsteps, more like a bag clunking on the ground, which meant whoever was carrying it was either very quiet, or was floating. An Aether! Her face lit up as she thought so. I'll find out in the morning, She sleepily said to herself as tiredness washed over her.
    • Eris scanned the room, watching for someone with a strange ring. Mars said that the boy who wore the ring would be able to lead her to the other ones who could help. She stood in the middle of the room, observing each person carefully. Her eyes eventually fell on a boy with black hair sitting next to some friends.

      Michael felt Eric's hand on his shoulder, and Sam shot him a quick glance before turning back to Eris. She gestured to Michael's ring, which he gave her. After several moments of holding it up to the light, she gave it back and gestured that he follow her. The now worried youth stood and trailed her out the door.

      The evening light was still fading away, reminding Michael that it hadn't been more then fifteen minutes since he was over at the flower booth. Eris tried to make a few gestures with her hands, but then shrugged when Michael didn't understand. She pulled out a small notebook and began to write I am a mute. I apologize for any inconvenience. "It's no problem. It can't be your fault. What did you want me for?" Michael asked. Eris smiled a little, and wrote Master Mars told me to find the boy with the ring, and that he would lead me to an Aether and a Tacet. I was supposed to bring them back to Master Mars. Michael began to think about the Tacet that he had seen earlier at the festival. He didn't know an Aether.


      "I think I know what you're talking about! They might still be at the festival, but we have to hurry!" Michael said as he began running back to the festival with Eris on his heels. Luckily, the festival wasn't that far away from the Four Seasons.
    • Aurelia sighed. She had been so delighted that she had forgotten that Tacet couldn't speak, and she couldn't understand sign language. She dug her sketchbook and pen out of her bag, and handed them to him. As soon as the book had left her hands, she heard running. She glanced around her, and saw Michael dashing towards her with a girl who seemed to be a couple of years younger. I like her cape, she mused.