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    Why Zelda's Legend?
    • This is something I wrote a while ago but until recently never shared. I know a number of people who have questioned why the series is named after Zelda instead of Link, so I came up with what I believe to be a narrative-based explanation as to why the games are named after her.

      Is this how other fans see it? I always thought this made sense, but I don't hear it talked about much. Let me know what you all think.

      Also, I haven't posted to ZU in a very long time, so if this is the wrong place or if linking to other sites is not allowed (I didn't think I should just copy and paste, but maybe I that is preferred), please let me know.
    • You don't need an in game justification for the title of the series as the words "Legend of Zelda" never appear in any of the games.

      The out of game explanation is pretty simple. When the game was first ported to English systems the translation of the japanese title game out something like this: The Hyrule Fantasy: The Legend of Zelda. Legend of Zelda was meant to be the name only for the first game and that makes sense as that game was primarily about Zelda and the recovery of her divine power, even if it was done through a third part (Link). However as some point the Hyrule Fantasy got dropped from the title leaving it as it is now. When they made a sequel it wasn't called Legend of Zelda anything. It was called Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. This also made sense as while Zelda was still central to the game and they had to make it clear it was a sequel to LoZ, the game was primarily about Link achieving his own divine power and proving himself worthy as Hyrule's champion.

      I can't imagine that they knew at the time how big Zelda was going to be or how many games it would include, even ones that didn't feature Zelda in any form. When they made the third Zelda game, as Nintendo has always been prone to using series tags instead of numbers to denote sequels they didn't make Zelda III, they made the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. By the time they got to making Zelda games that didn't feature Zelda in any function it was far too late to stop calling them Legend of Zelda.

      That's basically the reason it's called Legend of Zelda even though Zelda doesn't feature as the lead character in any of the games. A combination of circumstance, convenience and the prime focus of the first few games.
      "The Oathkeeper's Dawn"

      Game In Progress - It has been thirty years since the Dawn of the New Day when without a hero to rescue them champions of the people were forced to rise up and save themselves. Now, on the eve of the 130th Carnival of Time strange rumours circulate the land. Will your wits be enough to discover what has taken hold of the land?

      Any help on this project would be appreciated. I want to make it in Solarus which means a 2D ALttP style. However if you don't want to provide technical help there are a range of pieces to work on. Sprites and artwork, music, level design or if you like simply brainstorming and suggesting alterations to the ideas I have currently compiled would be more than welcome.
    • A reason or justification for why it is called Legend of Zelda is not needed in or out of game, to be honest. It is just interesting that they decided to give a narrative-focused reason for the title twenty-five years after the fact.

      My main point is not so much about the exact name and the what-ifs of development history, but rather why Zelda can continue to clearly take precedence over Link. Up until Skyward Sword, it was just a simple translation issue, like with the naming of Donkey Kong.