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    Why we should change the Canon policy, and consider Hyrule Warriors as Canon.
    • The only logic surrounding timelines that applies to The Legend of Zelda is the logic put forth by the developers (which is simply that there are three equivalent branches existing simultaneously). While you have struck upon one understanding, there are several interpretations of multiple universes, timelines, and dimensions, none of which can necessarily be applied to this series.
    • The developers have also showcased timelines outside of those main three, such as the one in which Lorule existed.

      Notably, the three timelines they seem to consider the main canon are all the ones that result from choices made during OoT. Lorule, which doesn't result from one of those choices, is not a main canon timeline despite existing and playing a heavy role in a main canon game.

      So, the problem of "only these three timelines are canon" is that ALBW then ends up simultaneously canon and noncanon at the same time.
    • A Link Between Worlds is a story of two concurrent worlds meeting, not two timelines. Different worlds don't affect the canonicity of the timeline, especially considering that connections to other worlds is a key factor in at least 13 of the main series titles.

      To put things simply, the canon is the set of stories that the developers (of the main series) want to focus on, which is why we have a set of connected stories that are constantly referenced time and again. This forms the foundation of the canon and this aligns with the stories involved in the timeline. That's all that needs to be considered.
    • That is almost, but not quite, exactly what canon doesn't mean. "Stories they want to focus on" means absolutely nothing about what is canon given how often throughout the history of media that focus has been put on side canons for lengthy periods of time. Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Star Trek, and so on have all been guilty of this. Nintendo has numerous franchises that are guilty of this.

      Lorule is an alternate version of Hyrule. It's a different world only in the sense that the timeline in question has diverged massively from the timeline that led to Hyrule; even just comparing maps between Hyrule and Lorule shows that they're the same world as far as geography (giving some leeway due to Lorule coming apart at the seems). This is different from the Sacred Realm/Dark World, since that is simply a different dimension of the same timeline.
    • It is only an assumption that Lorule is an offshoot of Hyrule. We know nothing of its creation or its history other than they happened to have their own legendary heroes and their own Triforce at one period of time. There is a great deal of room for speculation as to why Lorule mirrors Hyrule in as many ways as it does, but there is no factual basis. It simply can't be used as evidence of an alternate timeline with the resources we have at this time.
    • I had misread something. I had edited it without checking if anyone replied.

      The problem I'm finding with the idea that Lorule is not an alternative of Hyrule: There's too many coincidences. Sacred Realm, Triforce, layout of the land, counterparts to the main characters from Hyrule...

      At the end of the day, arguing it's a completely different world is going to be a tough sell without official word simply because it's too similar. Far too similar for it to be coincidence.
    • I'm wondering if this discussion might be better suited to elsewhere- Theorizing, perhaps- but for now...

      The Lorulean Triforce is fundamentally different from the Hyrulean one, in that it has the opposite orientation and points "down". This might seem trivial, but even so, time and time and time again, we have seen that the Hyrulean Triforce points "up" when complete, and Hyrulean Triforce iconography consistently displays it likewise. We have zero indication that the Triforce ever can or will change its orientation while complete, either- the individual pieces can swivel around when not in hosts, but the full relic always orients itself the same way. Thus, the Lorulean Triforce's orientation is a pretty major indicator that it's entirely different.

      While less concrete, Hilda also takes the time to note that Hyrule's Triforce is "A Triforce based on such virtues as Power, Wisdom, and Courage." Though not itself confirmation of anything, if Lorule's Triforce embodies the same virtues, then noting this is odd and unnecessary, and the phrasing is peculiar. This opens up the possibility that the Lorulean Triforce is based on entirely different virtues and made by a different set of Golden deities, in which case it would most definitely not be an AU of Hyrule.

      In any event, correlation is not causation or direct relation in and of itself, so the passing similarities between the two worlds doesn't itself confirm they're alternates of each other, any more than having a snowy dormant volcano in their northern regions makes Termina and Lorule AU's of each other (which is another hypothesis on the subject).
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    • The pieces of the Triforce do flip upside-down when free of a wielder, and there's really nothing within the games to indicate they must be in a particular orientation. We really don't have enough information on how the Triforce actually works to determine if orientation is important beyond tradition. It could be more reflective of how the Lorulians view the Triforce as opposed to the Hyrulians. And the Triforce, being an item of wishes, could just conform to how someone imagines it since it's doubtful physical appearance really matters that much to something that can alter the fabric of reality.

      Hilda could have just been confirming that Hyrule's Triforce matched the qualities of Lorule's Triforce. After all, if you're going to steal something like that, you at least want a match to the one you're replacing so you don't risk making things worse for your world.

      And enough correlation is indicative of a shared causation. Plus, there are far more than just passing similarities; Lorule is a closer match to Hyrule than the Dark World was and we can confirm the Dark World had a direct relation to Hyrule.

      Also, an additional item of connection: The Triforce of Hyrule was able to directly alter the fabric of reality in Lorule. If Lorule's Triforce was different than Hyrule's, it would bring up questions of how that was possible.

      Finally, the impact of this on the topic: If Lorule is a different timeline than the main three, then we have a timeline outside of the main three that is canon, which means that Hyrule Warriors should also be canon (as a side-canon). If Lorule is canon and an alternate timeline, leaving the definition of just the main three as canon policy for here means that ALBW is both canon and noncanon at the same time and that Hyrule Warriors is definitely not canon.

      Edit: And I might have been arguing for nothing. This is relevant:

      Aunoma wrote:

      Within the Zelda canon, there is the timeline, but there has always been the sense of the main story and kind of a side story. Like, Majora's Mask might be considered part of that, though it does exist as part of the timeline. With Hyrule Warriors, there is a link between the two, but it exists as a separate dimension, so it doesn't exist as part of the main canon. Lately I have been thinking of it similar to The Avengers.

      Each of the characters has their own timeline, so there shouldn't be any crossover there, but maybe they've been brought together as part of that story?

      ...Maybe if you force it in somewhere, but that's not something we want to do. The universe of Hyrule Warriors really is sort of a different universe and it is connected to the timeline of the Zelda series, but it is connected to several different games throughout the series. If you try and force this into it here [Aonuma places his hands in the air indicating different levels of the timeline], then…that information might not be complete. We really don't want to put it in the timeline because it has links to the different parts of the timeline.
      They could place it on the timeline, but they don't want to.

      This suggests Aunoma considers Hyrule Warriors as canon, just something completely separate from the timeline. Not the "not canon" that this has been interpreted as.

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