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    Nintendo doesn't care about the timeline, and didn't consider it when writing BoTW
    • Mr. Aonuma himself doesn't know where Breath of the Wild would fit in the timeline, and didn't consider the timeline placement at all when writing the story for Breath of the Wild, saying:

      "Actually, those timeline-related questions are difficult because we’ve never designed any Zelda games by saying “hey, we’re going to put that game here, we need to have it fit into this period or that one, etc.” That’s not what comes first for us. But indeed, once the game is released and we’ve been able to develop our story, we can tell each other “oh yes, we can make it fit here”, but that’s not important to us. Especially since there could be contradictions in every new game if we tried to follow the timeline. If we can put a game in the timeline, that’s great, but as for Breath of the Wild, we haven’t really decided where it belongs for now.", Eiji Aonuma

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    • Thanks for sharing this. >__>

      Kinda miffed about it, honestly. If you're gonna write a book that details Zelda lore, and proceed to make a huge deal about said book, then why deliberately disregard all that was established in it?

      Though, I guess it means free-for-all timeline theorising still very much has a place within today's fandom. I'm sure some of the veteran fans would be glad to hear that. :p
    • I'm a bit disappointed, but I'm not a hardcore timeline theorist like many other Zelda fans I know. So I'm personally not too bothered.

      On the flip side though, fans who are really dedicated to the timeline and who are really invested in the lore are going to be PISSED. And I don't blame them :/
      You may disagree with me on this thread, but I can guarantee you'll agree with me on another :3nod

      "That knight was none other than you, Link."
    • This has been known about for a while now (and suspected by many long before the actual announcement, for that matter).

      My rebuttal (to Aonuma) would be that they might not care, and fair enough, but a significant chunk of the fanbase does care, and the longer they procrastinate on this issue, the more irritated those fans are going to get. It'd be best for everyone's peace of mind for them to just pick somewhere and settle on it. If they really need help picking out a place in particular, I seem to recall that Aonuma scours forums every now and again, in which case he'd have to either know or find out soon what the most likely candidates have been whittled down to. So, from there, make a list, then flip a coin, or throw darts at a board, or roll dice, or something, and just make a firm decision and announce it. Then everyone, for better or worse, will be free to move on with their lives.

      If they don't want the timeline to be a factor anymore, they have to canonically get rid of it; and unless they do that, it's a factor they're going to need to at least keep in mind going forward and treat with some modicum of validity. Continuously shrugging it off isn't ultimately going to make anyone happy.
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    • JPineapple wrote:

      Honestly, the people that care are a very subset of the fanbase. How many of those eight million(was it eight million you get the drift) who bought TP cared about the timeline

      As a thought experiment, let's assume that eight million people bought TP. Now, let's assume that of those eight million, only 1% of them- a statistically tiny percentage, at least for our purposes- cared about the timeline. That's still 80,000 people, and I think we can safely agree that this is severely lowballing it.

      Now, let's look at BotW. I have no idea what the current sales figures are, but as of June, it sold 3.2 million copies. Assuming every copy went to one individual, and again lowballing it with our "only 1% care about the timeline" idea, that still leaves 32,000 people- again, not a big deal statistically, but a fairly large number of actual human beings, no?

      At the end of the day, regardless of if timeline enthusiasts and theorists are the minority, Nintendo is still actively screwing over literal thousands by just sitting on the issue, and it'd literally take the bare minimum of effort on their part to just pick a point and publicly announce it. It may not be an important issue in the grand scheme by anyone's estimation, least of all Nintendo's, but it's still a dick move to let all of these people stew over it for no good reason.
    • Hahaha I LOVE it. Great news. Hopefully people will give the endless timeline discussions a rest now once and for all.
      I for one really dont care about the timeline. Its nice that some Zelda's have some reference to other games but for me they dont need to have a specific timeline placement. It also makes the game and the story harder to develop for the Zelda team.

      So ya! :heavy: Hasta la vista theorists! :lol:
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    • Fine. I never cared about the "timeline". To me Zelda, Hyrule and its universe is just constantly expanding as the games release. Simple as that. And BotW is the perfect mix of the last 20 years of 3D Zelda for a perfect new start. That's how I see it, and I'm glad to be free of the theorists war haha :XD:

      Plus Nintendo always said they made these timeline theories a thing by making an "official" one in Hyrule Historia just so fans finally leave them alone. But they never should have done that, it's even worse since haha :lol:

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    • I'm absolutely invested in the Lore, I love the timelines. But could care less if Nintendo put any effort into making the games fit. That's never stopped us theorists before. I for one enjoy the challenge.

      Likely, and I suspect HH came about in this same manner. The Timelines were a result of the fans of the game coming up with a clever idea and Nintendo saying, "Hey!, That's pretty cool. Let's say we meant it to be like that all along and make official merchandise for it so we can continue to make money."
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    • Isn't that what some fans wanted, as they felt that HH pretty much ruined theorizing by giving clear answers? Perhaps Nintendo can't please everyone, because I suspect some fans don't want the clear answers, and yet some do.

      I suppose what some theorizers may want is all the evidence to not be so conflicting and to lead to a clear timeline placement, allowing them to figure it out for themselves without official statements? Basically, for Nintendo to take an extra step. But maybe they don't have to, gameplay comes first for Nintendo and maybe that philosophy shouldn't be messed with?

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    • Feranel wrote:

      ^But... there is no challenge..
      Y'all are trying to convince eachother of something that does not exist. There is no true timeline to figure out. :B
      This ^
      If Nintendo says the timeline doesn't matter, there's no point in theorizing anymore.
      It basically reduces all theories to headcanons and fan fiction, but if you find that fun, more power too you.
      You may disagree with me on this thread, but I can guarantee you'll agree with me on another :3nod

      "That knight was none other than you, Link."
    • Feranel wrote:

      ^But... there is no challenge..
      Y'all are trying to convince eachother of something that does not exist. There is no true timeline to figure out.

      So? It's a game (Games are by definition meant to be challenging, and engaging) the story itself isn't real. However, for me, to enjoy the game more authentically and immerse myself into the world that Miyamoto has created, If I want to peace together it's history through each game, Then I'll do that. Especially for a game that encourages its players to think outside the box.

      Gamers themselves exploit the mechanics to better suit their liking all the time. Finding glitches and work-arounds to play the game in a way that the devs never intended.

      Respectfully, by the end of the day, Theorizing the timelines are just as much a part of the game play as the mechanics of the game itself in my eyes. Regardless of devs intent or lack thereof.

      In response to OP though. My take away is this.

      The creators of the game are walking a very thin line to ensure they please as many people as possible, this is why they focus so much on game play but also take time to make a coherent story. In time, through popular vote of the fans, they will place BOTW in whatever timeline they feel will satisfy said fan base the best. Aounuma's neutral position on the subject matter is in of itself an intelligent move on Nintendos part. It's called marketing strategy.
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