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    Anyone else thought the English voice acting was terrible?
    • Do you think the English version of BoTW has bad voice acting? 39

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      I saw a video where it showed all different languages of the trailer for BoTW, and I saw how terrible the voice acting was for the English version. So, I made this poll to get some opinion. Just keep in mind this is my first ever post, sorry if it's bad or whatever.
    • h8ight wrote:

      Reign wrote:

      Only one I didn't like was Zelda. Well, Mihpa was so-so. Otherwise I think everyone else was fine.

      I loved Daruk and Revali in particular.
      Yes, I definitely agree with you there. Zelda had the worst voice acting.
      I have to disagree, I think this characterisation of Zelda is one of the strongest in the series because of her voice acting.
      At the beginning she seems a bit dull with the first memory in particular, but to be fair, she's supposed to sound disinterested in that scene.

      The "Silent Princess" is one where her voice stands out to me a lot:

      She's so playful & there's so much expression in her voice.
      The final memory where she speaks to the Deku Tree is also a standout both for her & the Deku Tree.

      There are some highlights, it just takes some getting used to. There's nothing wrong with the voice itself, just the lack of direction from the voice director in a couple scenes in my personal opinion.
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    • The voice acting in the game is generally not very impressive in my opinion, but some of the characters sound good, or good enough. It has been a while since I last played Breath of the Wild, but I remember Urbosa, Daruk and Revali's voices as good, and King Rhoam's as underwhelming. The reason I don't like Rhoam's voice is because you can clearly tell that he faking the accent.

      The other characters sound ok I suppose.
    • No for the most part. A lot of the writing was shallow, not really much showing in each character except what meets the eye. Zelda is the one exception, but for her Nintendo had the wrong idea for her voice. The acting wasn't bad, just the voice didn't fit her character. Mainly just felt a little too emotional, more than a person generally would be and felt much older than she actually was in-game. I would place her age just by her voice somewhere between 27-35, not 16-17. It also felt like each voice was more fit for a live stage like watching a Shakespeare play, not a cinematic scene.

      I hope they learn from it for the next game, I don't want to see VA go away. Just hopefully they didn't take the reviews to mean everything about the game was perfect.
    • Sometimes it sounded a bit off to me, but a lot of times it was very stellar. I am on the other hand very tolerant when it comes to VA. I usually think people in general are very ridiculous in their constant dismay to almost every sound that is in English.

      It feels like most people (English-speakers) just don't like how English sounds in video games, that is my only guess. And to be honest, to me personally it would sound very strange if Zelda suddenly started to talk Swedish. This is probably why a large part of the community wants a Hylian language instead of actual English.

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    • I hate voice acting in games under most circumstances. I can tolerate partial voice acting so long as it's not intrusive. BotW's voice acting was especially bad, even by my standards of most voice acting being terrible. I'm mad I can't disable it altogether, but I've settled for it in Russian. All the voices are better done except Yunobo's, who deserves an annoying voice anyway.

      What I don't understand is... why do voice actors not talk how normal people talk? They always have unneccesary force and drama in their voice. People don't talk like that. If they can't emulate the natural dynamic of humn speech, they really shouldn't make a living off of their voice.

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    • ^
      I think its because what they were going for. In the interview with Zelda's VA, they were saying they were looking for someone with an accent in order to make her sound more regal. Add that with the fact that everyone sounded overly emotional and dramatic makes me think that's what the team behind it wanted. That's not a fault of the actors/actresses, just what their employers wanted them to do.
    • I enjoyed Urbosa's lines, and didn't really mind Mipha- in fact, credit must be given to how well she was able to sell the idea of her and Link having a relationship. I was genuinely intrigued and invested in the idea of them being a couple, or at least her pursuing that, after only a single cutscene, and that's no small feat.

      But in general, I really didn't care for the voice acting- with the aforementioned exceptions, a lot of the lines seemed either very forced and wooden (looking at you, Rhoam), or else so over the top expressive that it went into overkill and killed what could have otherwise made for decent atmosphere (read, almost every one of Zelda's scenes).

      To be fair, it isn't entirely the fault of the voice actors themselves. I think the more pressing issues are that the voice acting felt redundant (as we still get the traditional dialogue boxes and fully VA'd scenes were infrequent and sporadic, with the rest of the game going for the typical "occasional grunt or noise while you're reading the text" aesthetic, thus making the voiceovers pretty functionally pointless), and the writing leaves a lot to be desired. Still, a phenomenal voice actor can take complete drivel and make it at least sound incredible, and unfortunately none of the BotW performances are really at such a level, so the point ultimately stands.

      Honestly, I don't really want VA to happen again in the future, and if it absolutely must appear again, they should include an option to turn it off. It feels so much more like a cheap gimmick than something the series actually needs going forward.
    • What I've never understood about 'English VA sounds terrible' comments in general are the people who compare English VA to other languages and claim the other languages are better.

      Take this from someone who's had to pick up a second language (Portuguese) and has experienced what a movie 'sounded like' both before and after I understood what was being said- if you don't speak the language, then you have absolutely no idea whether or not the VA is 'good', because you're unable to pick up the 'flow' of the language, the implications given by word choice, the impact of individual accents on characterization, etc. At best you can pick up emotion... maybe. Even claims that the voice doesn't 'fit' the character are dubious. For example, what teenage girls sound like in the US can often times be vastly different from what teenage girls sound like in Brazil- not just because of obvious differences in culture and language, but because Portuguese contains nasalized vowel sounds that, to an English speaker, can often make it sound like you're speaking through your nose. It's weird for Americans, but it's what qualifies as normal in Brazil. Thus, a Zelda with a Brazilian VA would likely sound far more nasalized than her English or Japanese counterparts, but unless you spoke Portuguese, you wouldn't understand why that was and might say it sounded 'off''.

      The point I'm trying to make here is, if you don't speak Japanese, or French, or German, or whatever, then you're not exactly qualified to declare with objectivity whether one VA was 'better' than another.

      (...though for my money, only Revali sounded great. Urbosa and Daruk had their moments. Zelda has grown on me a bit, but overall I found her performance underwhelming. I also can't stand Mipha, but that's because I have this issue with English VA working on Japanese material who feel the need to voice younger female characters with that obnoxious high-pitched breathy voice that you see all the time in anime. People don't talk that way, stop doing it. It doesn't make them sound cute, it sounds like they have a deformity in their throat.)
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    • I look at the voice acting in Breath of the Wild for what it is: a good first attempt. Aside from a couple of "zelda games" that shall remain nameless, no other game in the series has had any extensive voice acting outside of the typical yells and verbalization.

      The problem with BoTW is that, while I am sure the VAs are good in their own right, but like in a movie, it takes a rare and extremely gifted actor to survive bad direction and bad editing. Even in some of the better characters dialogue there are awkwardly paced pauses and sometimes tone seems to be a foreign concept. For examples of both, I'd point out the scene where Daruk congratulates Link on becoming a champion / Zelda's Chosen Knight and saves his life from an avalanche.

      On the whole, I did generally like the voice acting. But, there is a lot of room for improvement at the same time. I guess I'll just have to wait another 4 - 6 years to see if they can nail it in the next game. *Shrug*
    • Daruk, for me, had the most glaring sign of "I have too many words to cramp into this animation".
      Didn't get much breathing space to let his lines flow naturally.

      I didn't really mind the others at all; I actually wish they were a lot more dramatic at times, really drop some "wham" lines.

      Of course, the biggest shame is there were no villains worth a voice.

      Imagine the line "YOUR GODS DESTROYED YOU" from Wind Waker, voice acted. Mmmmm tasty.

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    • I don't get what's bad about the voices. Zelda's voice is perfect imo, she has a british accent. She's supposed to be a royal princess of a kingdom so her british accent fits.

      It sounds better than the grunts in all the other games or Zelda's weird singing at the beginning of Skyward Sword. I'm glad they got english voice actors for the english version. The only Zelda game that had pretty good voices was Ocarina of Time, Navi surprisingly spoke almost perfect english... Ocarina was on the right track, now with Breath of the Wild we finally have english voice actors speaking english, as Ocarina tried to do a bit.
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    • I think the voice acting was pretty reasonable, though the pacing and emotion was a bit awkward at times. Mipha’s voice was very ‘compressed’ at times (if that makes any sense) but everyone else was pretty good.

      My biggest issue though is with Daruk on Death Mountain. After the avalanche he says “Now where were we?” And then immediately says “That was strange...” and continues on.

      It is the first game with voice acting though so at least it’s not that bad. I do hope that Nintendo follows on with the voice acting in future Zelda games.