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    What are you guys looking forward to? (Dates, releases, anything)
    • I'm getting excited about the events of November 21. That's my last exam, and my plan, after I finish it, is to walk down to the nearby supermarket, buy a bunch of food and drinks and stuff, then walk down to the mall and buy Mario Odyssey. I've been planning this in my head for at least a month now, and I even have a rough goal of how much money I'll have saved by then.
      I. Am.

    • Christmas!!!

      All the family coming around mine for the first time this year and I am making the MOST spectacular Christmas dinner and I will shower my niece and nephew with presents. :D First time we've all been around to my place since we usually go back to family house but more of us are near me so I'm hostess this year!
      :: makes the :3 face a lot ::

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    • In about another two weeks, more details on Vermintide 2, the sequel to one of my biggest time sinks. I don't do much for Halloween so I haven't given it much thought besides an avatar.

      Next month is a bit exciting for new novel releases. On the 14th, I'll be getting Wolf & Parchment Vol.1, the sequel series to Spice & Wolf.

      That same day also has the release of Forbidden Scrollery Vol. 1, one of the official Touhou Project manga spinoffs. I never thought I'd see the day of an official English release for pretty much anything to do with the series besides fangames. It's certainly come some way from just a lone alcoholic dude making shoot em ups. Ok well that still holds true, but he's certainly had a turnaround on international audiences.

      Later in the month also has Nekomonogatari Vol. 1 out, which even if it's far from my favourite entry in the that series, the translations have been top notch and I wanna keep supporting them.

      Other than that, just waiting for any news on possible game localizations, especially Trails of Cold Steel 3.
    • Video game wise? Odyssey and Xenoblade, and I know that I will not be finished with Odyssey before Xenoblade comes out. I will probably put as much time (or at least close to) as I have with BotW, especially Xenoblade 2. And that is kind of scary. When I am satisfied with the trinity (BotW, Odyssey and Xenoblade), the next Nintendo console is probably on its way out lol.

      In general? I look forward to the spring already, and the winter hasn't even begun yet lol. The winter can be nice though, it depends... but for now I am not overly excited for it.

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    • Right now, there aren't really any games coming out that I'm hyped for except the Zelda DLC if that counts. I was expecting Nintendo to make some sort of announcement about Animal Crossing mobile by now, but no such luck.

      I'm pretty excited about all the holidays coming up though. Haloween, thanksgiving, Christmas, new years... we're getting close! I am also secretly hoping Ty and Sólsetur announce another clan Jackbox <3
    • I am looking forward to "turning my life around," as cliché as that sounds.

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      I have been feeling depressed this past week, broken-hearted and disheartened by many things that were thrown at me, but I decided (and with the help of others and their motivation, certainly) to stop feeling sorry for myself as that is easily the worst thing I could do for myself at this point.

      I want to be happy and feel happy, I joined a club that many of my friends are also participating in, I hope to make new friends in this club as well. I want to get serious about working out and eating healthier again, I am tired of feeling sluggish and not well because of the poor eating habits I currently retain, and I want to look good as well. I will hopefully be able to start playing football again as well. I am going to start taking voice lessons! I never considered myself much for singing, but anything to get me out of the box and out there would be good for me. I am going to start playing guitar and piano/keyboard again, I stopped for a while, but I really do want to get good at those things. Maybe if I get good enough, I will be willing to post videos on here. I am going to read more, replace the internet and TV and video game time with something I find more productive (unfortunately that most likely will mean less time on here, but I will still visit!). Overall fixing things that I consider problems in my life, I feel I don't currently do enough to make me happy or try something different, and now I am going to.

      I am looking forward to these things! This time, I will not base my happiness on other individuals and their actions, however I will use my own performance and how I handle everything to elevate my mood and my quality of life.
      "Go on your path, even if you live for a day." - Park Jimin

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