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    My Thoughts on Breath of the Wild- Past and Current
    • Hello everyone! Gabby here with my current and past thoughts on Breath of the Wild. Before I begin, I'd like to point out that before last week, the last time I played Breath of the Wild was on the release of DLC Pack One. Now that my little pre-rant rant is over, I guess I'll get started.

      So, on my first playthrough... I kept trying to play it like the old 3D Zelda games which kept me from enjoying it. I was bitter because Twilight Princess is one of my favorite games but even when I got past that, I just wasn't having fun. This was probably due to the fact that I was speeding through the game just trying to get to the True Ending and get it over with. The issue with this though is that it kept me from really being able to explore or take in the scenery or any of the things this game excels in. All I got was the decent at best story. So I just was telling myself that I hated this game for the longest time.

      So, I have been recently working on a second playthrough that I started about a week ago and now I see why so many people love this game. In retrospect, the somewhat simple story works, because this game's focus is not story...

      It is gameplay. Thanks for sticking around until the end of my reflection/rant!

      ~ Gabby :mastahsword:
    • Hello, personally i find that all the Zelda games fall in that category of games. Meaning if you really want to enjoy them you have to take your time and explore, interact with npc etc, not just rush with a checklist in hand just to get the major things and then end the game.

      This is mostly because in all Zelda games the main story is fairly simple and it has a very differend approach from other modern games which draw a lot of inspiration from "movie storytelling". They use major plot twists, scandals, conspiracies and what not in the story writing that keeps the player involved. But not Zelda.

      The beauty of storytelling in Zelda is in the details. Its things that you may not come across if you speedrun the game. The same goes for Botw imo. If you explore and interact with the world you find out things that make this world complicated and deep and will give you the sence that Link has a connection.

      I found the first hours of botw if you "follow" the hints in the game excellent story wise (up until you defeat the Vah Ruta). You get the backstory after the prologue, you meet impa, you learn more about Zelda, Ganon. And when you go to the Zora domain some people actually remember you, some even blame you cause of the death of mipha, but you are not exactly sure why at this point or how. All this connects and creates a mystery and a feeling of "shit i should really feel connected to these people, they know me, they know what happened 100years ago and..they blame me?" but at the same time you dont feel exactly connected (you just met them) which i find amazing, because its exactly how someone who lost his memories would feel. Sadly this pattern doesnt continue that strong to the rest of the game and thats the only downside with the game in my opinion.

      After such a strong start you are eager to explore more and learn about the rest of the champions and what happened to you. But in the end you get some memories here and there and the only character you get info for, that makes you "care", is Zelda. The rest of the champions are nothing to you pretty much other than "champions of their people" and also the main just there. Pretty much no development apart from what you get in the prologue and some dialoge in the Gerudo area about his past.

      The only saving grace for Ganon is that we know him from other Zelda games. If he wasnt called Ganon it would be just a game with no villian pretty much, which i find strange because Nintendo doesnt operate like that usually. For example in TWW and TP you get some developement for Ganondorf (again not much) in the game which is further amplified by the stories and legends you know from the other games as a backstory. In BoTW you get the second part (legends etc) but zero character in game (obviously cause of his mindless state, but then again no explanation of why he is like that)

      Other than these main story flaws (imo), i think the sidestories in the world are amazing. All the world feels alive, random people you meet have motives, their own needs and a place in the world that gets terrorized by Ganon the last 100 years (Which means that for most of them its just how they know the world, they werent even born before). All very well written and detailed.

      I agree with you that Nintendo's focus was the gameplay. I actually believe the same goes for all modern Zelda's at least (by modern i mean starting with OOT and after). But i have nothing to say about gameplay. In my eyes its simply amazing and excided every expectation i had for this game. Especially the physics.

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