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  • Zachie wrote:

    Pavlova wrote:

    Holy crap Zachie. What are you trying to accomplish by saying stuff like that?
    You're gonna have to be more specific, I've apparently said a lot of bad things.
    Exactly :cookiemonster:

    More specifically though; your 'theory' and role claim. Also, just because people share/agree with one's statements and vote for you it doesn't necessarily mean they are following them and their 'ego'.
  • What the heck did I wake up to?

    To those curious about my shot counter @Froyo et al., I must decline a precise answer. I still have options, but what those options are will reveal themselves when the time is appropriate.

    Zachie wants me to bowl with him. Did anyone else request a hit that I missed?

    Thoughts so far: Claiming to a vanilla in a 5/5 game is ballsy. Really ballsy. Not initially believable.

    The only thing that troubles me about Ruki right now is how we've both been forwarding Town lynches. I can see why we've voted the way we have, but so far it's not been a good track record. Not enough for me to turn against Ruki against such a claim, Zachie, but if you actually do flip Town, I will remember this.

  • Time for sleep for me! One last reminder that I have not lied about anything I've said & Ruki still has not answered any of the questions I have asked her. I expect someone to ask them to her again during the next day phase if she doesn't answer them today. :)

    You guys are really going to kick yourselves when I flip, and I can't wait to see reactions! :D

    Also I really don't understand how anything I've done is really bad, minus me forgetting Nathan's role.

    Anywho, goodnight! :D I'm still down for a potential bowling match so you guys can focus on someone else worth lynching.. like Ruki!
  • lol, wow.

    The Ruki and Zachie argument gave me little to work off of. Revenge voting, vanilla townie claim.. alright.
    While I believe Zachie to be suspicious, I'll echo Saboo and say I'm not ready to vote for him, as I have higher scum reads on other players.

    @Xenovent - totally not my job to tell you what to do, but uh, I think right now it would be a waste to hit Zachie - at least, not at this time in the day.

    with that said, I will yet again place my vote here. [vote] Pavlova [/vote]
    I've explained my reasoning before, and as Froyo stated today, he's just jumping onto another wagon.

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  • Alright catching up so my thoughts might be a little scattered. I want to draw attention to the final votes for Kodachrome (I think this might be a little wrong)

    Kodachrome: Lady Sunshine, DLR, Ruki, Tri Force, Pennington
    With Xenovent making the killing blow.

    I don't think Xenovent would waste a daykill on bussing a fellow mafioso, unless he had some kind of revive the next day ability, which apparnetly he has not. With that in mind, the only people I completely trust currently are Lady Sunshine and Xenovent.

    What strikes me the most scummy is Linkle's play. She votes for Kodachrome when it doesn't look like he'll beat out the Froyo vote, and when it gets too big she jumps ship back to Froyo. Koda dies very soon afterwards.

    This makes the Froyo vote after this claim: [Froyo: 5] Zachie, Pavlova, Elias, Mr.Miyamoto, Linkle

    Four people who have either been under constant suspicion and that I personally don't trust. Only one I don't know how to make out is Elias.

    Additionally, Linkle's vote hopping is exactly what I do when I'm scum and have to choose between jumping on a bandwagon between a team-mate and wanting to get another wagon to be larger.

    Unless Linkle can explain this behavior, this is who I believe should be lynched or otherwise taken care of after Pavlova, who's had it coming for a while now. I don't want to try to change the bandwagon unless other people agree with this more than Pavlova.


    @Lady Sunshine Thoughts on Linkle?
  • Zachie: why am I suspicious?
    Ruki: *gives list several times*
    Zachie: Guyssss Ruki isn’t answering my questionssss. Also I didn’t revenge vote when I did. Also I’m totally a vanilla townie in a 5/5 game. Also Ruki’s ego makes me mad because I realized trying to lynch her is the craziest thing I’ve ever done.

    But enough of that! Heckling Mafia gets in the way of progress. Like asking questions. I can piss off Mafia AND find more at the same time, no problem.

    So let’s find more.

    @Mr.Miyamoto so why shouldn’t we vote you? What have you brought the town? You randomly voted, you haven’t been participating. What gives?

    @PavlovaWhy shouldn’t you be the lynch target?

    @noworry Hey look at that! Same question!

    Edit 2: Edited it to be less of an asshole

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  • Lady Sunshine you jump on a vote for me because (I'm assuming) you share opinions that Froyo and others have stated, though when I do the same you refer to it as "jumping on another wagon".

    (I forgot to answer this earlier):

    Froyo wrote:

    Pavlova: In which way? A serial killer?
    It's close enough, though I was referring to something different on my agenda.

    Ruki wrote:

    @Pavlova Why shouldn’t you be the lynch target?
    Because I personally think the reasons are flimsy and nobody really knows how my actions may negatively or positively affect the town or mafia.

    I might be awake for another hour or so but it's nearly midnight here and I'm close to falling asleep at my desk again. :p
  • Ruki wrote:

    @Mr.Miyamoto so why shouldn’t we vote you? What have you brought the town? You randomly voted, you haven’t been participating. What gives?
    I think I answered the same question already.

    Also, @Ruki how many vanilla townies can there be in a 5/5 game? You along with @Xenovent cannot say that it is very ballsy to have one vanilla in a 5 rating game. Whatever your experience may be, this time you're wrong cause I am one.

    Don't know about @Zachie .

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  • Essentially no vanillas would be in a 5/5 game because it is role madness and plays with the concept of what Mafia means. Claiming vanilla also goes against LITERALLY everything that a vanilla townie should be doing, and that's drawing the Mafia kill to save the power roles. Vanilla townies are found in less bastard games, true, but this isn't one. Even without the changes of what Mafia means, it is still about a 3.5, 4ish, which is pretty fucking high. This fact can go further is that he claimed without literally ANY pressure at all. I didn't ask for his role, and at the time, only one voting. Younger Mafia tend to freak out under slight pressure because they aren't used to it at all. They make mistakes that are very anti-town. We saw that with the revenge voting (which is literally defined as voting right after someone that has voted for you - which he did), claiming a role when not asked.

    The reason I pressured him to begin with was because I noticed that he had been on townie wagons, and continued to throw shade at Froyo, our alignment cop saying that he was a role cop. Something that koda flipped yesterday and someone should have remembered, and even if they didn't, they should have gone back and checked the thread before making any accusations of what sort of role they had. Reading back for further information is the #1 thing you should be doing as town. And besides HH and myself, people haven't really been doing that, which is a shame and frustrating because I am desperately trying to encourage good Mafia plays, but nobody seems to be taking these on board.

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    Rakshael: if I know one thing about Ruki, it's that she'll prove you wrong just for the sake of saying she did it
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  • Sorry for the inactivity. (I'm setting up stuff to work at home just incase any hurricanes come lashing out of New Orleans tomorrow)

    I would rather not focus on the heated argument between Ruki and Zachie. Although, I trust neither of them, I think it's a waste to lynch one of them today, well... at least for now anyway. What I'm worried about was that yesterday Mr.Miyamoto was the top lynch but simply got away due to last minute vote changes? Don't you think it's odd that for someone who's barely posting at all got away with a death sentence that easily...and worse, the rope went to Tri Force who has since been breadcrumbing that he is the bodyguard. I know most of us here ain't that stupid to shrug off Tri Force's soft claim.. but still some voted for him anyway Like...whyyy? Maybe because jump voting the last minute is the only way to save ScuMiyamoto off the hook.

    After re reading the whole thread, my scumradar tells me these are the most sus of the bunch (this is also based mostly on their voting patterns) :

    1. Miyamoto
    2. Pavlova
    3. Linkle
    4. Elias
    5. Ruki

    Town or 3rd Party:

    1. Lady Sunshine
    2. Xenovent
    3. Sabbo
    4. Froyo

    Also, to @Lady Sunshine @Froyo @Xenovent can you list at least 3 people you are 90-100% confident are town?