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Mafiarina of Time - Nobody Expects Sabbo

  • Day 0

    Ganondorf stomps around his palace, in a frenzy after some petty guard - a petty guard! - challenged his authority today. The nerve. He was immediately detained, tortured, questioned.. but nothing was revealed about his intentions, his loyalties. It did not matter. Through all his years of life; from the bloody, sandy homeland out west, to the conquest of the peaceful, rolling plains of Hyrule mere months ago, Ganondorf had known one thing: Unquestioning obedience. Power. The ability to control those who were weaker than him. The fat pigs in Hyrule were weaker than the Gerudo - a people forced to live off nothing in the desert, a people who could not birth males normally, a people who struggled to procreate, with no farms, no ready water, nothing - so Ganondorf took matters into his own hands. And subjugated them.

    "Don't you find this amusing?" Solsetur looked over to Orion, sitting on a cloud next to him in the heavens, playing Super Smash Brothers. His blonde hair glistened in the radiant light of the sun, which they created. The fools below knew nothing of their existence.

    "Everything amuses me." Orion looked down for a moment - saw Ganondorf sitting idly on his throne, as the guard from the day prior was brought forth - and then turned his attention back to Smash. "More importantly, are you ready for DnD next week? I-"

    "Shh. Look. Something's happening!"

    Below, the guard was brought to his knees. Pleading for forgiveness. Pleading his innocence - his loyalty, his gratitude, his servitude. It was too late. If you cross a man that has never been crossed before, he will go to great lengths to ensure that you are brought down.

    A few minutes later, the guards head rolled...

    Display Spoiler

    Random Guard was a Mafia Goon!

    "Oh boy, it looks like the Resistance has been found.. this should be fun," Sol looked on from his cloud, envisioning what might happen. Ganondorf had consolidated his power over the Kingdom of Hyrule, but those who wished to oppose him would surely remain; now, after searching the guards quarters, their existence was revealed to the man in charge.

    Ganondorf motioned to one of his advisors, whispered in his ear, and a few hours later people around the country were moving to counter this rebellion.

    Player List

    1. Xenovent - Town 2-Shot Vigilante
    2. Kodachrome - Mafia Reflexive Role Cop
    3. Don Saltine
    4. Pavlova - Mafia Disguiser
    5. Kaylin - Town 2-Shot Weak Mason Recruiter
    6. Ruki
    7. Froyo
    8. Bolero of Fire - Town Tracker
    9. Zachie
    10. Sabbo
    11. Mr. Miyamoto - Vanilla Townie
    12. HarmonicalHero
    13. Chloroform
    14. Mordred - Town Schizophrenic Oracle
    15. DarkLinkReigns - Mafia 2-Shot Silencer
    16. Tri Force - Town Bodyguard
    17. noworry - Town Jailkeeper
    18. Pennington - Hidden Miller
    19. Linkle
    20. Lady Sunshine
    21. EliasThompson - Ascetic Townie

    You all dance to our whimsical desires

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  • Six months later...

    21 suspects. All gathered into one area for the Lord Ganondorf himself to.. investigate, per se. He has his own agents in the vicinity - of course, those who were in favor of him were in the majority, certainly - but he cannot be sure of everyone's loyalties. They must decide among themselves who did it. They must figure things out.

    It would be too dangerous for him to be in the room himself, of course, so it's only natural he'd have trusted proxies. Proxies that aren't known to the group as a whole, but proxies none the less..

    This small rebellion would be crushed. One person at a time. You find yourself sitting in a large mansion, one capable of housing twenty-one people, and you have one directive from the Lord Ganondorf: Pick one person to kill. And then kill them.

    "Well, this is a nice twi-" Sol started, turned, and saw Orion eating a corn dog. "Wow, really?"

    "What, I got hungry," he said, turning his attention to his laptop. Then he pulled up our PM and saw who everyone was and snickered to himself. "Hey, Sol, you wanna make a bet on who wins?"

    "Sure." Then, it was on.

    Day One Begins

    You all dance to our whimsical desires

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  • OK so first thing we should note this is a 5/5 game. We should be considerate of that going forward and for those who are new, please ask any questions you may have as we discuss how this deviates from a traditional Mafia game as we go forward. In general, I'll be pressing for people to talk and ask questions instead of coasting by. Just because this is a high bastard game doesn't mean we can't teach and foster more basic types of Mafia strategy such as going back and reading the thread to see what people wrote and what they say.

    And for the newbies, just so I don't have to give this stupid speech later in the day, we should lynch someone day 1 to find the Mafia - or whatever, the fact it was a Mafia goon instead of a town vanilla in the opening post causes some eyebrows and questions to be raised. The reason we lynch Day 1 is so we can hold people accountable for their actions, and we can go back and look at who voted for who. Mafia overall isn't going to have the most stellar voting records, so the sooner we can establish that, the better. Going into Day 2 without lynching on Day 1 is just going to result in a Day 1 again where we don't have much day thread data to go on.


    For people who have played with me before, this will come as no surprise. For those who haven't, you have been warned. Also for new players; I can be vicious and a bit of a sarcastic asshole who abuses memes and gifs when I play. Don't take it personally lol. Also I use swear words as adjectives, so don't think I'm angry at you. Frustrated maybe.

    So to begin with, let's ask a general question.

    What does everyone think about the fact we had a mafia goon instead of a town vanilla die in the opening post?

    What are everyone's plans for Day 1?

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  • I'm gonna start putting pressure on @`Dark Link Reigns` because how dare you have the name of a character that has yet to reappear in canon, HEATHEN.

    And to imply someone reigns over Ganon. BLASPHEMY.

    And also for the relatively more sane reason that you, along with Ruki, are some of the more active Mafia players as of late, and I'd like to avoid putting too much pressure on newbies or people I don't know how they'll react to me being me, lol.

    So, tell me, is there anything you have or do that is beneficial to OUR LORD AND SAVIOR GANON? Whatever you respond with, at least justify your response.
  • speak a one who might be, oh, I dunno..inclined towards Ganon's favor. Just kinda...a vibe I'm getting.

    Ganondorf runs a tight ship, sure, but his ghost buddy always harasses me when I go to sell him poes.

    EDIT: This is my third game. Second one didn't go too well, so I stepped away from the game for a long time.

    How like Froyo said, that flavor is amazing.

    RPGs are pretty awesome. Compelling plots, explosive reveals. Persona 5 is one such game. Have I mentioned Persona 5. cause I think it's pretty neat. (I also keep wanting I am Setsuna, but I haven't seen it for a price I'm willing to buy yet)

    But also COOP. I'll play almost any game that has a coop focus to it. Love cooperating rather than competing. Which makes me kinda bad a Mafia xD

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