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  • (I’m on mobile so quoting isn’t an option for poor lil me :(... )

    To answer linkle’s question... I don’t think a night vig shot is necessary on day1 since little to less reads are made but if I had to come up with an answer to that question just for the heck of it my bullet goes no noworry

    I am also voting for noworry Rn now based on gut feeling. Almost 90% a newbie would be randomly assigned as scum, this happens a lot of times so that’s my first second. Second reason for voting noworry was already pointed out by DLR and Linkle. Saying not voting just because you feel there’s not enough content generated is just like saying you’re too lazy to read te previous threads.

    [vote] no worry [\vote]

    Crap this mobile shit!
  • Final Day 1 Vote Count:

    [Bolero of Fire: 6] Ruki, Xenovent, Pennington, Don Saltine, noworry, HarmonicalHero

    [Xenovent: 5] Dark Link Reigns, Mordred, PrinnyOfTime, Linkle, Tri Force
    [Froyo: 4] Kaylin, Kodachrome, Pavlova, Bolero of Fire
    [Don Saltine: 1] Mr.Miyamoto
    [Ruki: 1] Elias
    [Pavlova: 1] Froyo
    [HarmonicalHero: 1] Sabbo
    [noworry: 1] Chloroform

    [No Vote (Counts as Self-Vote)]: AstroNinja

    You all dance to our whimsical desires
  • The group of 21 were unsure where to go from here. They were shoved into a tiny manse by their Lord, and told to "find the resistance". Well.. how the hell would they do that? The Dark Lord didn't bother to tell them who the other people were- they were going in blind! They were supposed to figure out the members of, supposedly, a well-organized resistance without anything to go off of?

    Apparently, yes. They gathered one day and all began to talk. It was peaceful at first. But, as the day wore on, things got tense. Fingers were pointed. The Dark Lord said "find the Resistance," and if they didn't.. what then?

    It was decided that they would kill someone if enough people decided it was a good idea. Some said, "wait." They said, "Shouldn't we wait and kill someone until we have more information? Or like.. lynch one of those lazy guys who are just in their rooms sleeping right now?"

    And then they all turned, at once, and formed a circle around him. Some agreed with him, but not many; drowned out by a chorus of those saying "you're wrong!", and without the energy or the time to defend himself, he was hoisted up, blindfolded, and put in the saddle.

    Then he was sent to the Dark Lord's palace.

    "Orion, look!" Sol turned to Orion who was now eating ramen and complaining loudly about his lack of real food, "Someone's go-"

    "Yeah yeah Sol, I'm just glad this day is over. I'm hun-" he stopped. "Wait. Isn't that?" Orion blinked a few times, looking down from his cloud. "Fuck, I'm gonna lose this bet, aren't I?"

    Bolero of Fire was sent to Ganondorf. Ganondorf knew what this meant.

    He did not live long.

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    @Bolero of Fire was the Town Tracker

    The pup that worked so hard to please his master was not long for this world.

    You all dance to our whimsical desires
  • You hear a wolf cry out in the night.. or was that a person?

    Regardless, it seems that things were eventful. Despite orders from the Lord to remain in your remains throughout periods where the sun is not out, there was activity. Those of you who did stay in heard it, and those who were apart of it. Well, you didn't need to be told others were doing things to know that it happened.

    "Hey, Orio- what are you doing." Sol turned to Orion on his cloud, and he was laughing maniacally.

    "Look Sol! I noticed a little bug who needs a reckoning! Hahahahaha! This is wonderful! Wonderful!! WONDERFUL!" He then stuck his finger out, pointed out her, and a bolt of lightning snaked it's way from his finger to her body.

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    @Kaylin was a Town 2-Shot Weak Mason Recruiter!

    Solsetur closed his eyes and turned away from the crazy yellow-haired god sitting next to him. Thank themselves that they were of equal strength, because apparently Orion was crazy.

    Turning his attention to other, matters though...

    Mordred sat on her bed praying, to them he supposed, eyes closed, whispering throughout the night. She was putting forth effort-- almost as if she were trying to discern something? And then, she had her answer. She turned around and was face-to-face with someone who entered her room.

    "Who are you?" She looked on with fear, wondering why this had to happen. Certainly, the gods were looking out for her right?

    No, we are making a bet on whether you win or lose.

    "I am your worst nightmare," a dark voice said, right before taking her life.

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    @Mordred was the Town Schizophrenic Oracle!

    You all awake to two bodies lying in the foyer of the manse-- one burnt to a crisp, and another headless.

    You have a long day ahead of you.

    Day 2 begins

    You all dance to our whimsical desires
  • Well this is all around a god damn mess. I’ll have more thoughts after I get out of work, but I’m going to PRAY Kaylin died trying to convert scum. If there is a Mason in her chat previously, please let us know who she tried to bring on board.

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  • Ooh boy. We've got a lot of catching up to do.

    I know I was quite the target yesterday, right below Froyo. We can't afford any more town lynches so what do I have to say or do to convince people I'm town?

    @Ruki - Did Boleo coming up town help solidify anything for you?

    @Linkle - You were right with Mordred at least, but you're wrong on me. Mordred was quite right to point out my foible, but I assure you it was an accident. All the same, whose lynch are you looking to pursue today?

    @Froyo - You've been pretty quiet since the spotlight fell off you. What are you thoughts about what has transpired with me and my wagon?
  • Fucking hell.

    For the sake of transparency, my post right before I sent it was the following, it thankfully got saved.

    Effff, I don't have much time atm to respond to much in-depth, sorry >>

    My mind's all over the place right now, but basically 1) Pav's still suspicious to me for the same reasons I voted for him, he might be at school or asleep or something because timezone though :/

    2) Triforce is, as usual, playing it low and following the crowd, which also strikes me as scummy. I'm keeping an eye on you as well.

    3) Kodachrome: This is the most direct I've been on a game this far, even in games where I've also been town, so I'm not sure what you mean by me avoiding things lol.

    4) Re: Xeno, that was admittedly a pretty strong slip up :B Gut feeling is making me concerned that it might be legitimate confusion though - even though people slipping up was what I wanted. He'd be my target of investigation if possible to confirm my suspicion.

    5) Bolero quickly going from not voting, then voting for me when everyone started voting for me struck me pretty badly as well :v I will of course be suspicious of everyone who jumps around from not compromising to voting for an easy target - also not compromising.



    this absolutely does not mean my eyes are off Pavlova, either.

    Given I also suspected Kaylin of trying to intentionally misinterpret my posts, two of the people I've suspected of were Town >>

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  • I would argue that bandwagoning for no clear reason just to kill someone is hardly getting the game rolling...

    In any case. I thought I could trust more people today than yesterday but... It seems that wasn't the case. I'm fairly certain we have a roleblocker or otherwise someone who can cancel investigation powers now, at least.

    @Linkle your questions plus two players dying yesterday made me (and most definitely others) fairly sure you have an ability to kill. Could you confirm if you do and explain which one you shot if that's the case?

    @Ruki what are your thoughts on Xenovent, Linkle and Kodachrome currently? Anything from them drawing you as scummy? Suspicion on them?

    @HarmonicalHero looking forward to your Harmonical notes :B

    Credit to TruEdge for the banners :3
    And credit to @Oracle between Worlds for the avatar :33