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    Breath of the Wild secrets revealed!
    • Hello everyone,

      I have not, as of yet, played BotW. Though, it is not always a necessity to play a game in order to learn from it; especially when there are so many books, videos, and other resources made available.

      I do hope to play the game eventually; even though I have not, I believe that what I will show here will be found to be interesting by many viewers.

      I have noticed that The Guardians that are in the game (the walking ones) are, in part modeled after Octoroks.

      I believe that there is something else that the designers have done regarding their design of Guardians. Though, I cannot prove this to be the case; just look at what I have here for evidence:

      His name is: Doctor Octopus (Otto Octavius). He is a Marvel character, a villain. I am not going in to much detail regarding him, because I only desire (currently) to point out the similarities in his name with Octorok and the mechanical legs that he has crafted that are rather similar to The Guardians of Breath of the Wild.

      Look at the images; first the image of Dr. Octavius:

      Now one of The BotW Guardian Amiibo:

      There are some slight differences in the legs (The Guardian's feet each have four claws), but for the most part, they are nearly identical.

      I believe that these two points are more than mere coincidence, and that Nintendo did actually use these factors when designing the BotW Guardians.

      What do you all believe? Is this just mere coincidence, or do you think that this was done by Nintendo deliberately?

      I thought that this GIF is awesome so I will share it with everyone on Zelda Universe!

      What interesting secrets have you found from Breath of the Wild? Please share them here, so that we can discuss them!

      See you here,

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    • It's a cool connection, but when you're making a robot squid, that's typically how it's handled.

      Take these "sentinels" from the Matrix series, for instance.

      In general, the concept of robotic limbs being a series of joints that allow them to bend freely anywhere, tipped with a few-fingered claw of sorts, is the typical robot look.

      Nevertheless, the Doc Oc material matches up much more beautifully.
      Good thread!
    • Cuccos may attack enemies now.

      While shieldsurfing, jump and hold a direction to do simple snowboard grabs. Press Y to do a spinning move that can combine with a jump and can lightly damage enemies.

      Bears are tough and hit like a truck, but even after they spot you, you can run up to them and mount them at any time. They'll run away as soon as you demount them.
      You won't have to run and you won't have to kill a bear. Win-win.

      By placing a bomb strategically, you can stasis-launch an object with precision because the launch trajectory is determined by the last hit. This is how stasis elevators can be achieved, by hitting an object to maximum momentum and then detonating the bomb directly underneath the object.

      The Oman Au shrine is an anagram of Aonuma.

      When you stand a distance away from a Bokoblin or Moblin, it will dig up and throw rocks. You can deflect these rocks with a shield parry but also by hitting them back with weapons like Boko Clubs or a torch.
      Octoroks rocks can also be deflected with a shield, and will return quicker with a shield parry.
      However, it's also possible to return these to sender with a two-handed club like a Moblin Club or a Lynel Crusher.
      The unofficial name (dubbed by yours truly) for this is "Octoball Derby" after ALBW's similar minigame and it's pretty challenging getting the timing right.

      Arrows will stick to your shield. When you stop holding your shield, all those arrows will be added to your inventory.

      This one is hardly a secret but I never found out myself until a later playthrough:
      There are giant barrels in the game, and if you pick them up they will cover up Link's body allowing him to sneak past enemies, Wind Waker style.

      Lizalfos arms from Stallizalfos can be used as boomerangs.

      Lizalfos are capable of catching boomerangs you throw at them. Not sure if they can catch other weapons like this.

      Unarmed Moblins will pick up and throw nearby Bokoblins at you.

      Not a secret and not useful, but you can avoid a Molduga by using Revali's Gale right before it attacks, which gives you an awesome scene of the Molduga chasing after you in the air and clamping its gaping mouth shut right beneath your feet before gravity reclaims the beast.
      Combine with using the bomb rune while rising to rub salt in the wound.

      It is possible, though highly ineffective and difficult, to create ranged AoE blasts of fire, ice or electricity by stasis-launching an elemental piece of chu-jelly and then shooting that jelly with an arrow. Of course this is way easier if you draw your bow while Link is in the air and has the slow-mo effect.
      Try this on a flock of seagulls and see how many you can freeze out of the sky this way.

      Korok Leaves and weapons like Fire Rods can't be thrown, but you can aim the projectiles they shoot in any direction with R.
    • I know other attacks have that. But in my hundreds of Lynel fights where I regularly back-flipped that attack, I never got a perfect dodge.
      And I boot up the game for the first time in months and I get it twice in the same fight.

      That was my Master Mode file; did they perhaps add this?
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    • There is Hylian text on the Knight's Claymore that reads
      A sign of Shuteye Inn reads
      The sign outside of your home reads
      "MASTER LINK".
      The sign outside of Rollin' Inn reads

      Gerudo text at the bottom of the heroine statues reads "SEVEN SAGES"
      Other Gerudo script in the game is mostly about how the Gerudo are proud and beautiful desert flowers.

      Sheikah text sometimes translates to classic Zelda lines:
    • They actually remind me more of the robot from the Incredibles.

      I personally think that the Guardians are unfitting to The Legend of Zelda. Nintendo could have gone the fantasy route with their design, but Nintendo went full on sci fi giving them laser pointers. Magitech doesn't have a magical vibe when there's blatant laser pointers :P
      You may disagree with me on this thread, but I can guarantee you'll agree with me on another :3nod

      "That knight was none other than you, Link."